PM tweets the amazing rally

April 28, 2023 | 3 Comments »

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  1. This is a beautiful site to behold. Indeed, this is what an impassioned majority looks like, one which is motivated to wrest the power of sovereignty from the tyrants who hold such a disdain for the public’s voice but one which still holds a sense of national loyalty and personal responsibility with which such sovereignty requires. This govt will forego judicial reform at its peril, but it is neither a peril of personal security nor that of national security, rather it is only a threat of political peril they face. Indeed, amid this great demonstration of nearly one-tenth of the eligible voting public’s numbers, there was no cries for violence, no calls to harm, and no threats or demonstrations of national mutiny. This has been a call of judicious resolve to return justice to the people, a justice which is based upon the rule of law, not upon the rule of the internationalist whims of the Left. Indeed, these masses desire only a return of sovereignty from the libertine jurists who demonstrate both a disdain of the public over whom they rule and a complete incompetence for the power which they wield over public policy and military affairs. It must be the voice of the people which guides govt policy, personal prosperity and national justice, not a subset of elitist, remotely inspired or concerned with the public they serve. This is how justice might return to the public sphere, and how the reign of the High Court will be returned to the proper measure of obeisance to the nation it was always intended to serve.