Poll favours new elections and no negotiations with Unity Government

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 15 February 2007

Telephone poll of a representative sample of 530 adult Israelis (including Arab Israelis) carried out by Geocartographia for Israel Radio’s “Its all Talk” on 14 February 2007

In light of the disturbances that took place in the Old City of Jerusalem in the wake of construction at the Mugrabi Gate do you support the proposal to halt the construction at the Mugrabi Gate?

    Total: Yes 34.1% No 52.0% Other replies 13.9%
    Voted Kadima: Yes 39.9% No 48.2% Other replies 11.9%
    Voted Likud: Yes 14.8% No 82.9% Other replies 2.2%
    Voted Labor: Yes 39.1% No 31.3% Other replies 29.6%
    Voted Yisrael Beiteinu: Yes 5.4% No 94.6%

Should Israel cooperate with the Palestinian unity government that is expected to form in accordance with an agreement signed in Mecca between Hamas and Abu Mazen ?

    Total: Yes 39.9% No 51.7% Other replies 8.4%
    Voted Kadima: Yes 41.8% No 43.5% Other replies 14.7%
    Voted Likud: Yes 19.3% No 80.7%
    Voted Labor: Yes 69.8% No 24.8% Other replies 5.4%
    Voted Yisrael Beiteinu: Yes 12.0% No 82.6% Other replies 5.4%

Do you support dispersing the Knesset and holding new elections?

    Total: Yes 74.4% No 36.2% Other replies 16.4%
    Voted Kadima: Yes 42.3% No 47.0% Other replies 10.7%
    Voted Likud: Yes 72.1% No 23.4% Other replies 4.5%
    Voted Labor: Yes 20.3% No 63.0% Other replies 16.7%
    Voted Yisrael Beiteinu: Yes 88.0% No 12.0%
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  1. Re: “Do you support dispersing the Knesset and holding new elections?” “Total” does not add up to 100%, but to 127%. Is this a Geocartigraphia error, an “It’s All Talk” error, or a typo? What are the “true” percentages?

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