President Biden Must Stop Caving to Far Left Ceasefire Calls and Instead Stand Firm With Israel

As Israel resumed its offensive in Gaza this week, calls for a long-term ceasefire from inside the United States – particularly within the Democrat Party – have remained strong.  Indeed, many had pushed for the previous short-term pause in fighting, which allowed the release of hostages held by Hamas, to remain in place indefinitely.  While we should celebrate the return of innocent Israeli civilians being reunited with their families and loved ones, we must recognize that a long-term ceasefire would play right into Hamas’ hands.  Such a ceasefire would not remove Hamas from Gaza, and it would only encourage future attacks on Israel.

Make no mistake: A long-term ceasefire is exactly what Hamas wants.  In the immediate aftermath of  Hamas’ barbaric acts on October 7, Israeli leaders pledged to wipe out the terrorist organization and the Israeli military has since begun an effective campaign to do just that.  In the face of utter annihilation, Hamas decided to use the hostages it took to ensure its own survival, helped especially by the Biden Administration’s pressure on the Israeli government to allow for a ceasefire. With the vast majority of Hamas’ forces still intact, there are signs that the Biden Administration is now pushing Israel to accept a long-term ceasefire.

Think, for a moment, of the long-term consequences of such a decision.  The attacks on Hamas were the worst acts of antisemitic violence perpetrated since the Holocaust.  Pressuring Israel to now sign a long-term ceasefire would only encourage future attacks like those we saw on October 7.  It would be a green light to Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies that America will not have Israel’s back, making the region far less safe for Israelis and Americans alike.

Yet this would be perfectly in step with Team Biden’s broader approach to the region.  Its weak, ineffectual responses to the attacks on our own military bases in the region – now totaling over 70 – have further emboldened the Iranian regime.  Biden’s decision to issue a sanctions waiver earlier this month, granting the regime in Tehran access to more than $10 billion, will only fuel more attacks on America and raise the risk faced by Israel and our other allies and partners in the region.

Despite an encouraging response in the immediate aftermath of Hamas’ attacks, the Biden Administration is now going back to its old playbook of appeasement and undermining Israel.  President Biden stated earlier this week that “continu[ing] down the path of terror, violence, killing, and war is to give Hamas what they seek.”  No, Mr. President – what Hamas wants is the destruction of Israel, and it will use a ceasefire to rearm and regroup.  What Hamas wants is to avoid its own destruction, which is exactly what Israel’s leaders have promised.  To deliver a long-term ceasefire now, after Israel has been forced to exchange Hamas terrorists held prisoner in exchange for innocent civilians – some of them children – would be giving Hamas exactly what it wants.

We know why the Biden Administration is now pushing for a long-term ceasefire.  It is not because it has the least interest in helping Israel now or in the future; rather, it is an attempt to placate its political base, which is increasingly dominated by antisemitic, anti-Israel activists.  A recent poll conducted by NBC showed that among Democratic voters between ages 18 and 34, nearly 70% disapprove of how the President has handled the war, thinking instead that he should have called for an immediate ceasefire and not expressed support for Israel.  These numbers should alarm all Americans.

As I have written here previously, it is absolutely right for America to back Israel in its war against the barbaric Hamas terrorists who committed the worst massacre against Jews since the Holocaust. Supporting Israel right now isn’t about politics. It’s about enabling the triumph of good over true evil.

By caving to this extreme wing of the Democrat Party in the interests of political expediency, President Biden is failing to act in the vital interests of the United States, which involve a strong, secure Israel and an isolated Iran.  Crucially, President Biden and his team are failing to lead their own party as it careens down a path lined with antisemitism and bigotry.

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  1. So Pompeo thinks Biden should stop caving to the far Left? That implies some reluctance on Biden’s part. The truth is that Biden never gives it a second thought. The Left runs him, and he will do their bidding, implicitly. Pompeo should know that as well as anyone.

  2. Yes there is a movement in the US started by Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan to abandon Biden in 2024. The #AbandonBiden campaign has spread to other swing states.

    But Biden’s policy to ditch Israel is neither recent nor solely based upon his bad poll numbers. His policy has been an Iran First policy since Day 1 of his presidency, as it was for Obama’s two presidencies.

    Here you can read about how Obama unleashed the power of global jihad during his presidency:

    We have had now 3 terms of presidential administrations who have funded and nurtured Islamic terrorism throughout the Middle East. This is one reason the Arab leaders of Sunni states would not even meet with Biden when he came to Israel.

    It is my understanding that if Israel destroys Hamas, Egypt would be willing to take refugees from Gaza, but Israel first has to destroy Hamas before they would be willing to do so.

    The reason why Obama had General Flynn taken out at the start of Trump’s presidency was that General Flynn, who was then in the most senior position inside military intelligence, when he found out Obama was funding ISIS, Flynn called him out. For that Obama had him fired. Then when Trump chose him as his national security advisor, Obama, just before leaving the presidency, had the FBI entrap him. When the DOJ told judge Emmet Sullivan, an Obama appointee, that they were dropping the charges against Flynn, Judge Sullivan re-instated the charges! This is the ideological war Obama began against American citizens who were his political rivals, and against Jews and Israel. Obama engineered a split in the American Jewish community between his progressive Jewish supporters (J Street) and all other Jews. Now it is the democrat party itself that is split asunder as a result.

    The other thing that polls have been indicating is that a lot more young people are voting for Trump than in his previous campaigns.