Prigozhin SURRENDERS To Putin As Wagner Group Stop Escalation

June 25, 2023 | 13 Comments »

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  1. Something is not adding up. Prigozhin is biting the hand that feeds him. Putin and Prigozhin have been friends for years. A show, a retreat and pull back and Belarus opens a door for a safe place for the mutiny to safe harbor. Some like the CIA is reporting a planned false flag.

    Since we all are guessing as we read the tea leaves, Maybe, this move is to openly move the Wagner group, in a way that catches everyone off guard as the next Russian shoe is about to drop. Pay attention!!!!

  2. Hi, Honeybee.

    The snake is swallowing it’s own tail

    sounds like “The sound of one hand clapping”, a Zen Koan 🙂 If your “snake” is Putin, an expert on him said this,

    A former CIA analyst said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “staged” Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s march on Moscow to boost his political power, The National Pulse reported…

    …(Rebekah) Koffler said Prigozhin’s apparent mutiny also was used to send a message to the U.S. and President Joe Biden.

    “[To] demonstrate to President Biden that, no, Russia is not a threat,” Koffler said. “Russia is actually … involved in its own domestic turmoil. But this is all a classic distraction and classic Putin…

    Even as his fighters moved swiftly toward Moscow, Prigozhin did not criticize Putin directly, saying his aim was to oust the Russian defense establishment, which he has denounced as corrupt and incompetent, complaining that it undermined his forces fighting in Ukraine.

    Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said Monday that the country had faced “a challenge to its stability” and must remain united behind Putin after the abortive mutiny by heavily armed mercenary fighters.

    The Washington Post reported that the U.S. had intelligence weeks earlier that a Russian mercenary uprising was coming under Prigozhin’s Wagner Group and started preparations for potential scenarios, including the fear Russia’s nuclear arsenal would be at risk.

    The National Pulse reported that U.S. intelligence agencies believe Putin was aware of the Wagner rebellion before the event began Friday. However, the agencies have been confused by Putin’s lack of action and willingness to accept a deal with Prigozhin that was brokered by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko…”

    Remember that since the great coup of 1982 (which nobody has seemed to have noticed), four of the six Russian leaders (Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev and Putin) have been KGB or ex-KGB. Yeltsin was a placeholder, to fill in during a time when the KGB was discredited,

    as was Medvedev, a Putin subordinate. Russia and the rest of the USSR had decayed irreparably under Leonid Brezhnev; and members of the KGB were the only officials with a broad enough understanding to see how the pillars of their society were collapsing.

    What happened last weekend in Russia was not the 1917 Revolution. It was more like the 1991 coup against Gorbachev:

    There was an air of theatre about it all: the display of military force; the ominous TV announcements; the moment when Boris Yeltsin stood on a tank to defy the coup leaders and declare their action illegal; and the drama of ordinary people clutching briefcases and shopping bags, rushing to the White House to make a visible show of defiance.

    The present activities are also “theatre”; and in typical KGB fashion, the actors and producers remain anonymous.

  3. “I wasn’t around in those days, so I can’t comment; but thank you for your post.”

    Why we have a certain discipline called history Michael

  4. Felix, you’re undoubtedly the greatest expert on the Early Twentieth Century. I wasn’t around in those days, so I can’t comment; but thank you for your post.

  5. I have felt that Russia had to move as rapidly as possible and end this war – for some time now this was my stated opinion. To give the heirs of Stepan Bandera (not known and publicly expressed was his Nazi ally Haj Amin el Husseini) the slightest breathing space is fatal.

    The outstanding fighters of the Wagner, fighting on behalf of Russia and our whole world against Fascism, have given our world an opportunity to defeat Fascism. Some of these were taken from prison life. What matter! They have fought the Fascists bravely.

    And of course the great lesson of how Leon Trotsky, creator and commander of the Red Army, fought against the very same Fascists (Incidentally putting down definitively the widespread Pogroms of the Jews in 1918 to 1919). The same areas, the same progenitors of today’s Fascism in Ukraine.

    Russia does not wish to have an occupation but like Israel will be forced to because the Fascist entity of Ukraine must not be left able to rise again. And if not defeated will drag us into Nuclear War, actually visibly their intention.

    All of this unforgivably happening as the planet earth descends at unbelievable speed into global warming meltdown terror.

    The greatest problem we face is the marriage (forming closest bond) between traditional Imperialism in the form of America, Britain, all the EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, with the real Fascism of the Nazis in Ukraine.

    They in Ukraine are noticeably proud of their horror heritage and they state it publicly, with Nazi salutes, and Nazi insignia on their military uniforms, and this is what the imperialists in all these countries have lined up with, their media to the fore in this adulation of Nazism.

    Special note in this should be made of the role of revisionist leftists like AOC in the Democrats. And at the same time we have the spectacle of people who fight Global Warming of the planet, rightly so, but who are allied with the Fascists of Ukraine such as Azov. Nearly unbelievable.

    Who are such Climate People? Many but I can mention Greta Thunberg, who has had no hesitation in supporting this historical Fascism in Ukraine. This lady seems totally uneducated about the history of Fascism in the Second World War and it’s interconnected root to Ukronazis Fascism.

    And there are many more in the Climate Protesting Movement some quite enough aged to have a modicum of common sense. But whatever the reason they are doing our existential struggle to save our planet great disservice. They have become imbued with rank racism in this case Russophobia. Forever shame on them.

  6. Here’s an angle on Wagner’s “special homecoming celebration” that I haven’t noted before:

    By Mary Kay Linge, Dana Kennedy and Steven Nelson
    June 24, 2023

    …Earlier, Prigozhin accused Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu of ordering a rocket strike against Wagner’s war camp in Ukraine, killing 2,000 of his soldiers in a number of video and audio recordings posted online Friday.

    In response, Prigozhin said his forces would punish Shoigu, urging Russian forces not to resist and threatening to “destroy” anyone who tries to stop them…

    “killing 2,000” is not a trifling matter.

  7. Denys Davydov
    2 hours ago
    Thus, judging by the statements of the Russian authorities, Yevgeny Prigozhin actually agreed to the disbandment of his Wagner PMC and his voluntary exile to the territory of Belarus in exchange for the absence of criminal prosecution of himself and other rebels.

    Rumors about possible reshuffles in the upper echelons of the army leadership are not confirmed at the moment.

    Wagner was flushed to the toilet ?

  8. Now someone needs to do something about Prigozhin. Galina has posted several people who have been placed in prison for speaking out against the Russian govt and against the Russian invasion. In fact, these people broke the law, or at least this is so of those who I have looked into. Yet none of these people have made such brash calls for insurrection and mutiny as have been made by this lunatic mercenary with a fully veteraned military force at his back. Despite this fact, the lunatic has been left free to persist in violating the same laws as the other insurrectionists, while also having the means by which to make his objections, well, felt as well as heard. Despite the fact that Prigozhin receives his armaments from the very military structure to which he called to overthrow, his mutiny had a disturbing effect upon Russia’s supporters and an emboldening effect upon her enemies. This was in fact the very reason the law banning such calls for insurrection and govt criticisms was actually passed, and yet its most prominent and threatening violator was left free to persist in his calls for insurrection. Mind you, I am not a supporter of Russia having passed this law, but its purpose is fairly clear, even as its employment has been selectively prosecuted, at least with regards to Prigozhin. If anything, someone with a military force specifically bound to him should be held to greater scrutiny than the general public with regards to the law in question, not to a lesser degree. Hopefully the lax application of this law to the waiter with a battalion at his back will be more appropriately applied in the future.