PROF. MEARSHEIMER. Why Liberal Hegemony Fails and Nationalism Wins

July 30, 2022 | 1 Comment »

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  1. when I was a child, we would play “King of the Hill”. It was a lot of fun trying to take a hill for a moment, until someone knocked you off. But, only one big kid could stay there for more than just a few minutes. but one day my buddies and I put our heads together and we at 50 to 70lbs. all 6 or 8 strong took that 6-foot tub of blubber down and we took him down hard. We all loved you, Randy; we just wanted our chance to be King of the hill for a little while. Ukraine would not play, so look what Uncle sugar started and his funding. China won’t go along…… send polosi to poke the dragon in the eye.