Professor Hillel Weiss and the Curse of this Government

By Sultan Knish

It’s funny in a grim sort of way. You can evict thousands of people from their homes. You can break the bones of grandfathers and children. You can put them in concussions so severe they wind up in a coma. You can deprive them of their property and leave them virtually penniless. But if one of those people should curse back, then the outrage of the same press which had stigmatized them and ignored their suffering, comes down on their heads.

Thus the campaign against Professor Hillel Weiss which parallels the previous campaign against a Hevron woman who was caught cursing an Arab on camera which parallels the obsession with the supposed curses against Rabin. It seems that the secular leftists in the Israeli media and government are oddly petrified of curses, almost as if they believe that they will come true. And somehow in the warped moral compass of the media, to curse has become worse than to evict, to degrade, to beat and abuse.

Now Defense Minister Ehud Barak took a break from planning the creation of a Palestinian Terrorist state on 100 percent of the territory of the West Bank and a fantastic scheme to somehow defend all of Israel from rocket attacks to call for Professor Weiss’ suspension from Bar Ilan University. In a Democratic country that would be somewhat inappropriate behavior for a Cabinet Minister. In Israel the left has spent so long trafficking in “incitement hysteria” that it has been somehow decided that words are the same as a bullet– so long as those words come from the politically incorrect right.

IDF Chief of Staff >Gabi Ashkenazi said, “There is nothing left to say but to express contempt at these words. Woe to a society that doesn’t cherish its fighters, and woe to those who curse their protectors.”

Yes woe indeed to such a society. Or rather to a government that sends out soldiers against its own citizens, pitting brother against brother. Woe to a government that shortchanges the equipment of its own soldiers while stealing money under the table. Woe to a government whose own Prime Minister’s sons flouted the IDF and whose own wife and daughter demonstrates against them and calls them, baby-killers.

But Gabi Ashkenazi does not say woe to these, only to the outburst of Professor Hillel Weiss.

Perhaps we should suspend Barak until he apologizes for his incompetent withdrawal from Lebanon which brought on the current crisis with Hizbullah. Perhaps we should suspend Olmert until he apologizes for his grotesque incompetence that has already brought the dismissal of the former Defense Minister and IDF head.

But no we instead hear a call for the dismissal of Professor Hillel Weiss whose words did not cost a single life while the Olmert government and Barak whose incompetence has cost the lives of numerous soldiers remain in power.

The real curse here does not come from Professor Hillel Weiss, it is this curse of a government we are burdened by. May it and its Knesset allies be lifted from us soon. May the MK’s who have upheld this government be banished from the Knesset. May the parties who have upheld this government, both religious and secular, be weakened and scattered and their names spoken of no more. May the figures, both religious and secular, who have allied with it, wither and fall away and be heard from no more.

No the above is not a curse. It is the sincere hope that the curse which is their presence will be lifted from us soon. Omein.

August 12, 2007 | Comments Off on Professor Hillel Weiss and the Curse of this Government

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