Projection, Class Warfare, the Left, and Governor Palin

By Ted Belman

Liberals believe they are compassionate and the conservatives, heartless. Neither aspect of this is correct.

I recently on one of my posts asked a Jewish liberal why he hated Palin and had said “She isn’t fit to be a dog catcher.” Aside from spouting some ill informed prejudice he had this to say,

    I really dislike her brand of social conservatism. You may think that American Jews are in love with abortions. I don’t think so. I think that I am pro choice because I don’t believe the government should be involved in this most personal decision. It should be a family matter and should the family choose to do so, to include their clergy. Also, I think her fiscal conservatism is all wrong. I don’t necessarily want to pay more taxes, but I am willing to do so to have the kind of country that takes some basic level of care of its people. I’m not for a welfare state, but where I live in Chicago, there are way too many homeless people and that is simply tragic.

While Palin definitely advocates the pro-life position, she has never campaigned on a party plank in which she would work to outlaw abortion and she is not about to do it. She wants to defund abortion and she wants to advocate against it.

He implies that Palin would not support “some basic level of care or its people”. In this respect he cloaks himself with the mantle of superiority as all leftists do. They assume they have more heart than conservatives.

    She nominally leads the Tea Party and I still don’t know how these people look themselves in the mirror. They protest for smaller government, but if you try to take away their Social Security or Medicare, you’ll have a revolt. They want smaller government, but really they just want to pay less in taxes. The funny thing is that most industrialized countries actually pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes, but I know we are better than everyone else so the laws of economics don’t have to hold true here.

Once again there’s that moral superiority. Palin and the Tea Party do not want “to take away Social Security and Medicare.” They want to make it more affordable so it is sustainable. Most people in the country believe that reform is necessary. What they want is not to be taxed for wasteful spending. Who does? They also don’t want the liberal left to dictate what is acceptable spending and what isn’t.

Conservatives4palin is my favorite pro-Palin site. It recently posted a great article by Whitney Pitcher, titled as my post is titled.

As Stacy mentioned earlier, a vile, depraved post on Leftist blog regarding Trig Palin’s recent birthday was rightfully lambasted throughout the conservative blogosphere yesterday from Gateway Pundit to Big Journalism and beyond (even the liberal Mediaite). Blog postings, in addition to tweets, led to a massive new media effort, #trigscrew, to call advertisers at this Leftist blog to remove their ads. Due to a blast of tweets alerting them to their product being advertised on the Leftist blog, several companies have indeed lifted their advertising. It has revealed the Left for who they are, and it’s all the more sweet that the fusion of the free market and social media has made such an impact on the Left’s transparent agenda.

The Left claims to be for the proverbial little guy, but obviously not when it is this little guy. They are not only ideologically progressive, they are also projectionists– attacking conservatives for what they themselves are exhibiting. Actions speak louder than words, so the saying goes, but for many of these projectionists, they only have words. Such is the case here. However, this misplaced projection and false accusations extend beyond the Left-to-Right blogosphere. Politicians on the Left and progressive pundits have accused Governor Palin of being a puppet for big corporation–and have played the class warfare card. Progressives should learn from history (even from across the Pond) about what happens when you play the class warfare card with a strong conservative woman:

In her Madison Tea Party rally speech on Saturday, Governor Palin called out the Left for engaging in “class warfare and fearmongering”:

    And when Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan presented a plan for fiscal reform, what was Obama’s response? He demonized the voices of responsibility with class warfare and with fearmongering. And I say personally to our president: Hey, parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the commonsense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with Down syndrome, to harm those most in need. No, see, in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help. The only way we do that is to be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities.

These are the words of a woman whose actions have matched her words. As Governor, Palin budgeted wisely, prudently,and according to the right priorities.Her prudent budgeting has been well documented. She vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in unneeded spending, rejected stimulus funding that would not be effective in Alaska’s climate, and removed duplicated federal/state funding from her budgets. At the same time, Governor Palin’s tenure included implementing a Senior Benefits program for low income elders. She also increased funding for students with disabilities in rural schools and increased funding for special needs education. Overall, she increased special needs funding by 175%. The very things that Governor Palin called for are the very things that she has done during her political career. She prioritized and budgeted accordingly.

Meanwhile,the Obama administration’s health care “reform” legislation caps families’ use of flexible spending accounts (which is the family’s own money) for special needs education. He also employs a health care adviser who believes in that health care should be distributed by their “productivity in society” and their “potential to live a complete life”. Additionally, President Obama and the liberals in Washington D.C. support spending money that we don’t have to fund Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, ignoring the fact Planned Parenthood turned a more than billion profit as a non-profit entity in 2008. Governor Palin, of course, is opposed to such funding stating in part:

    We recognize that not only is our country buried under Mt. McKinley-sized debt, but that the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves.

What does this say about our society? The Left uses Trig Palin as a prop for their hatred of Governor Palin, while wrongly accusing Governor Palin of using Trig as a political prop. They try to fear monger and accuse conservatives of destroying entitlement programs, when it is their mindsets that contribute to policies supportive of rationing of care by panels like the Independent Payment Advisory Board that affects Medicare reimbursement and treatment. They accuse conservatives of not caring for the elderly and those with special needs, when it’s their rhetoric and policies that are uncaring.They are progressive projectionists. Period. I think I’ll stick with the ideas and character of the woman not only has her political rhetoric match her policies, but who also had the courage and compassion to do something 90% of mothers in her situation don’t do.

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  1. Ted

    I called Palin a bitch because I really mean it. Palin is part of the NATO war machine on Gadhafi and that is the bottom line. Last night NATO tried to ASSASINATE Gadhafi. Palin is part of the jingoist “Take Him Out” uS and British jingoism

    Strip away the flannel, that is the reality

  2. Ted, you said,

    “Bland (said):…’but not of a real redistribution of the wealth so the lower classes can get out of poverty.’ How does that help them get out of poverty on a permanent basis?”
    You asked how a TRUE redistribution of the wealth, in which every citizen is given — on a one time basis, every fifty years — an equal share of the nation’s wealth, gets people out of “poverty on a permanent basis”.

    How can it HELP but do so? As it stands, both communist and capitalist systems produce a perpetually poor underclass. If the total wealth of a country is equally redistributed every fifty years, this is no longer the case, because fifty years does not equal forever! What is so difficult to understand about that? The concept is extremely simple and is, in fact, explicitly spelled out in Torah. IMPLEMENTING it has never come about, because the wealthy are also the powerful and the powerful have prevented it from happening; but the concept is simplicity itself.

  3. Opinions,,,,,,G-d let’s us know it is HIS Opinion that counts, not ours. He is NOT UP THERE To MAKE A DEAL WITH ANYONE…Instead HE let’s us KNOW,,,THAT HIS IS THE DEAL ! He tells us DISCIPLINE is LOVE…and tells us a man that doesn’t work doesn’t eat..Socialism is communisum, where everntually one or ten nations will dictate if you live or die, the Robin hood effect, robbing from one to give to another. Think Hitler.. To look around and see G-d Trashed is exactly why we crumble here in America..He told us the end from the beginning and attacking Israel or trying to lift the land to give to enemies, should open some eyes..I guess people think HE IS KIDDING !,, AMerica is willing it seems to kill the babies in the womb and call it choice but will except ilegals and their babies crissubg tge borders most enemies of ours, some want to take land and the others to kill. Most come to get free handouts, and see no reason not to come for a free life on our backs..G-d tells us to follow the laws of the land, vote in G-dly people, HOLD them accountable. I wonder each day, how many more have to die, loose their homes, their jobs, their medical, and are being taxed to death on top of all that. How many fools know seven of our states have more oil than Saudi. can be drilled clean, yet we let BP and enemies drill in our waters over a volcano which oil is still leaking. We need to drill on land or in Alaska, one hondred feet down in water, which would not hurt land or animals or people and cut off the middle east, bring back jobs, build fractories, put our troops on the borders, and how about a real Citizen in our WH, get rid of evil and do it quickly before we cannot turn it back. Stand with Israel like GEnesis tells us to avoid being cursed, quit believing lies about HER..Bottom line, if anyone disagree’s, go talk to G-d about it, HE WON’t Be Mocked..war is money, money is war, billions die while the rich gov and fed get rich. Kinda like a Hitler game. One you let them have all power, they will take all they gave..with our tax dollors and labor..then what,,for those who do not believe in the Holocaust..both Jews and Christians and even Hitlers men. died, horrible death, after all gov thinks too many people on the earth..How much evil and blood is spilled before you know you are next…think of that

  4. Felix. You don’t appear to have noticed that I have been consistently against undermining Mubarek and Gadaffi.That’s why I was critical of Palin’s first position on Gadaffi. I would like to see her get elected. I want her to state her positions in a way that gets the most support. She is her own person. She is patriotic and will not give up US sovereignyty for a NWO.

    She is the farthest thing from a liar or a bitch. It was disgusting of you to say that.

  5. Ted

    The full context is better

    You ignored it when you got us into a third war for fuzzy and inconsistent reasons, a third war that we cannot afford.
    You ignore it when you apologize for America while you bow and kowtow to our enemies, and you snub our allies like Israel.

    No Ted Palin here is being duplicitous

    The reference to Israel may sound sweet but IN THIS CONTEXT is a pernicious evasion

    In this context the ally that the US has stabbed in the back is Gadhafi. If Palin is not prepared to accept that Gadhafi was an ally then she is a liar and a bitch!

    If Palin by sleight of hand hides that and does not shout it loud then all truth is lsot

  6. Ted

    I am not really convinced but my difference is with you and your method, not Palin. You have a history of promoting people of the US elite with disastrous results for Israel and ultimately for all Jews, ultimately therefore for all. But I need to study her total position on Israel and that takes time.

    My recent thinking is this:

    Srebrenica et al must be seen as the early moves towards a New World Order

    Alex Jones the conspiracist does not really understand the NWO. But the term is right.

    The thing which Jones leaves out is that the NWO is at this stage very much an alliance of Western elite with Islam. This is of course a hypothesis but is a hypothesis which I am watching and seems to be being confirmed. Jones leaves out this component…Islam, which according to my hypothesis is part of the alliance which is the NWO. Thus it is obvious US leaves intact Iran and Syria and that Obama attacks Mubarak and Gadhafi, the latter with arms, that is with the power of NATO.

    Srebrenica is past but not forgotten. The present though IS Libya

    I note Ted that you do not deal with the present. My article on my site led with a picture of the US drones which Obama has placed over Libya. THIS is the NOW. Jones is in advance of you in that he is recognising the way that Libya fits in with the NOW

    The position of Shirk (No dog in this fight) also even more the position of Julia Gorin (single issue merchant) is totally disgusting to me. The dog is “new World Order” with its US drones etc.

    That position reflected in Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs, despite their great work against Jihad in America, they cannot call for the defeat of Obama in Libya, and the consequent victory to Gadhafi in Libya. In that inability to call for the defeat of their own American Government in Libya lies the ties which they maintain to the apron of their own ruling elite

    In your grasping after Palin you are also located there, in that general indeterminate area, somewhere in the general area of neutrality, while the NOW is put in place, and as far as Jews are concerned that is the same as the tightening of the noose around the necks of Jews and Israel

    You as an anti Trotskyist miss the central point of Trotskyism which is a revolutionary theory and practice, and the consequent United Front.

    We do in fact make alliance with Palin on the issue of Israel which you refer to, and on other matters of her policy and programme, as we do with many others, for example John Hagee

    But we never abandon our own independence, specifically our independent programme. Sarah Palin represents definite interests, Palin may also change those positions as pressure of events intercede

    The watchword is to support Palin on areas of agreement, but to maintain your independence, and to be extremely watchful.

    You are doing the opposite.

    All of this goes to explain the relative silence of Israpundit on the total scandal of the intended “murder of Gadhafi” every bit as bad as the “murder of Milosevic”

    You were right about Milosevic but not as it happened, about 5 years later, and you are repeating the same mistake again.

    As for Laura on another thread, Laura is mystified by these events, Laura does not understand that defence of Gadhafi against Obama and Sharia, does not imply political agreement on programme with Gadhafi

    But then outside of a certain dogma Laura understands very little indeed!

  7. I replied

    I have not identified you and don’t intend to. So I wasn’t calling you names. It is a common theme that leftists claim moral superiority and I just pointed how your words reinforce that.

    I stick by what I said about Palin’s position on abortion. She will not legislate against it. One example I can quote is her refusal to sign a bill into law that would deny equal benefits for gay unions into law. She said that the SC just ruled against it and she couldn’t go against them.

    The reason I passed over 1, 2, 3, 6 is because they were either wrong or irrelevant. but I will deal with them now.

    1. and 2. Yes she was ignorant then about national issues. She no longer is. Although she didn’t tell Couric what she reads, it is common knowledge amoung those that know her, that she is an avoricious reader and has been all her life. Couric interviewd her for 6 hours and selected the worse parts to discredit Palin. But what else didn’t she answer. She at least matched Biden in the VP debate.
    Can you refer to anything in particular to make your point. Charlie just asked her about the Bush Doctrine. But for those that commented after, there were many Bush Doctrines.

    Listen to any of the speeches she has given in the last year and tell me she is a know nothing.

    3. I totalled agreed with the reasons for her quitting. All the frivolous ethics complaints filed against her were consuming much of her time and that of her government. Her leagal fees which she had to pay herself amounted to over $500,000. These complaints had no merit and she won them all (over 20 of them I believe). They were all politically motivated to bring her down. I said at the time that the left should be careful as they will get what they wished for. She did exactly what she said she would do and has had enormous impact on the national scene since she quit.

    She accomplied more in her 2.5 years as governor than most Governors accomplish in four years. You chose to ignore her great record of accomplishment and her record in cutting expenses.

    Here’s a more comprehensive list.

    Obama isn’t even on the radar screen. He accomplished nothing.

    If you would have read the Pitcher article I posted you would understand why I said what I said.

    If you have an open mind, start reading all her policy papers on Facebook or listen to her speeches in the last year and then tell me she isn’t fit to be the President.

  8. The emailer wrote regarding my post

    I’m sorry you felt the need to use name calling as a response… I don’t believe that I have any ill formed prejudice, but your continued biased defense of Sarah Palin is obvious. She doesn’t just “advocate the pro-life position” she, as you said in a previous post, lives it. IF she were somehow nominated, she would have no choice but to come out forcefully in favor of the pro life plank. You don’t get elected by the republican base without this issue. I also note that you easily passed over my points 1,2, 3 and 6. I guess there’s just no way to refute all those interviews and public appearances where she had trouble answering questions.

    Look… you asked for my opinion and then again quoted (and misquoted) me in your blog. I don’t think I am morally superior to anyone nor do I believe I have more heart than conservatives, but hmm… another republican senator resigns yesterday because of a sex scandal. You actually got my point about the Tea party wrong. I know they don’t want to lose SS and Medicare. My point was that they’ll revolt against the Ryan plan if it ever really looks like it will have a chance of passing.

    Even your first sentence is off base. Everyone wants to believe that their party is compassionate. Liberals by definition appear more compassionate because they fight for social programs that help the needy, and republicans feel the need to add the “compassionate” label to themselves to soften their image. Not my words, but if I remember correctly, they were used by your beloved Bush.

  9. Bland.

    but not of a real redistribution of the wealth so the lower classes can get out of poverty.

    How does that help them get out of poverty on a permanent basis?

  10. Hi, Michael.

    Palin, Paul, Trump… It’s all the same to me. They all spell “Not Obama”, and that makes their names sound musical.

  11. I’m not for a welfare state, but where I live in Chicago, there are way too many homeless people and that is simply tragic.

    So why did not the Democratic machine in Chicago (let alone Illinois as a whole) fix this?

    And when Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan presented a plan for fiscal reform, what was Obama’s response? He demonized the voices of responsibility with class warfare and with fearmongering.

    The hypocrisy is staggering. These people blame Bush for inheriting a surplus and turning it into a deficit, while criticizing any efforts to reduce spending.

    I think I’ll stick with the ideas and character of the woman not only has her political rhetoric match her policies, but who also had the courage and compassion to do something 90% of mothers in her situation don’t do.

    I prefer Ron Paul.

  12. To many homeless in Chicago? Maybe not enough abortions to weed out those who would not have made in life. Maybe the most compassionate act a government can do is to “intrude” into the woman’s womb and insist on a pre-natal profile of the fetus (the unborn babe)to determine if such is worthy of life. A progressive use of abortion as a social justice tool to regulate the quality of life of the community may be the way to go. This would certainly prevent lots of grief – and the insult to our senses watching the homeless wonder up and down Chicago’s Miracle Mile.

    Abortion as a “family matter” – that the very definition of personhood is subject to its whim? Why not go all the way and say that abortion is really a “community matter”. (You thought I was going to say “state”, didn’t you!) Shouldn’t the “community” have a say on whose worthy of making a demand on its resources?

    Please, don’t reduce this to the individual rights of the woman. For once you bring that into the discussion – the very notion of the individual person – than we are focusing on the heart of the matter, the individual personhood the unborn babe. It is the sovereignty of the individual person that is the controlling premise, not “the family”, not “the community”, and certainly not “the state”.

    And the first duty of that sovereignty is the recognition (and the making room) of the sovereignty of other individual persons – as the woman must do towards the sovereignty of the unborn babe within. The primary sovereignty of personhood is the foundation of any community worthy of being a community. The sovereignty of personhood (down to the conceived unborn babe) is ultimate sword against the tyranny of the state against its citizens (let alone strangers), against the tyranny of the community (the ummah) overs its members, and against the family tyrant (male or female)exercising absolute (godlike) control over its composition.

    But then what the hell, eliminate abortion as a social justice tool and downtown Chicago would stuffed to overflowing with unwanted personhoods impinging upon the comfort of own own.

  13. She came out a few weeks before Obama attacked Libya and said we should limit our intervention to just getting rid of Gadaffi. I was not happy with this position and tried top get word to her to recalibrate her position. In her Madison speech , which by all accounts was one of her best, she said Obama got “us into a third war for fuzzy and inconsistent reasons, a third war that we cannot afford.”

    Here’s what I know about her foreign policy.
    1. She totally supports Israel and said the US shouldn’t tell her where to build and shouldn’t obstruct her self defense. She mentions “our ally, beloved Israel” in almost every speech she gives and she wears a huge Star of David on national television. She has been a life long friend of Israel.
    2. On oil, she wants to be independent of “third world countries that don’t like us”.
    3. She keeps accusing Obama of “coddling our enemies and alienating our friends”.
    4. She is against decreasing our defense budget.
    5. She understands the danger of Islam and is against PC. She totally supports free speech.

    That’s what comes to mind.
    Huffington Post did a post on her her Foreign Policy Manifesto

  14. Hi, Felix.

    I’ll let Ted work out his own “Right/Left” answer. In my book, the only pertinent divisions in America are “Pro Bible vs. Anti Bible”, and “Pro Obama” vs. “Anti Obama”. With few exceptions, both divisions seem to be along the same lines. I detailed my position on the “Left vs. Right” farce on another post. Both groups favor the eventual concentration of the world’s wealth in only a few hands. Whether those hands are those of business oligarchs, or of some party central committee makes little difference. Both also propose a “trickle down effect” of throwing crumbs to the needy, but not of a real redistribution of the wealth so the lower classes can get out of poverty. The Reps propose “trickle down” from tax cuts for the rich (though there is no evidence of such a trickle), and Obama proposes a trickle from government programs (though they only seem to trickle as far as the bureaucrats). I don’t see genuine compassion at the root of either system; and even if it were there in a measure, the systems are the wrong way to implement it. God’s judgment, on the other hand, will be both compassionate and effective.

    I just checked out the subhuman comments by probable Obama supporters about baby Trig. They were disgusting. I see vile comments from anti-Obama people too. People can be pretty cruel.

  15. Ted

    Of course you may say that this article only deals with US domestic affairs. All the same, as a person who supports Israel internationally, I still would like to know position of Mrs Palin on Libya

  16. Ted again

    You post this piece on Palin at a time when US tax dollars are sending drones into the skies above Libya, to line up alongside the Muslim brotherhood, and against Muammar Gadhafi.

    1. Where does Mrs Palin stand on this
    2. Since you omit same in relation to Mrs palin do you think it is unimportant, that is world Jihad?

  17. Ted

    I really could do with your help here. The article above, which you stand by claiming to be a “great article”, keeps on referring to “The Left” and “progressives” which are all general terms.

    To whom does the writer refer in specific terms?

    If we know better who they are we can be better armed to fight against them.