PA still clinging to “right of return”

YNET reports

    According to the New York Times, the key principles on which the plan will be based are: A Palestinian state without the right of return, Jerusalem as the capital of both states, and an emphasis on Israel’s security needs.

    “We oppose any US peace plan which wants us to waive one of our most basic rights and that is the right of return for refugees,” Fatah Central Committee Member Nabil Shaath said.

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  1. Two can play that game. Why isn’t Israel banging on about compensation for the Jewish refugees expelled in 1948. Some put the figure at $300 billion in todays value of property left behind.

  2. How much am I bid for Judea, Samaria and Gaza?

    “I offer you nothing, as long as you throw in all the rest of Israel as well.”

    Going once, going twice, SOLD! to the terrorist with the napkin on his head!

    “I will accept, if you throw in 3000 Arab prisoners”

    The property’s already yours. Take it!

    “I will accept, only if you throw in 4000 Arab prisoners and 72 virgins.”

    Need I say, that it’s hard to bargain rationally with an Arab?