Pursuing “peace” is a fool’s errand

AP reports,

Israel should withdraw from Arab territory and allow the creation of a Palestinian state before Arabs recognize it, a Saudi official said Monday – the first Saudi statement on the issue since Prime Minister Ehud Olmert publicly invited Arab leaders to discuss their ideas for peace with him.

Unfortunately the Saudi official is not named or quoted verbatim. But let’s take this at face value, what does it tell us?

    1. The Arab “peace” initiative is not about peace, it is about eradicating the affects of the ’67 war.
    2. Once done the Arabs will focus on getting Israel to return to the Line of Partition.
    3. The Arabs, not just Hamas are not serious about peace.
    4. Their goal is the destruction of Israel.

Simply put, if the Arabs were interested in peace, a compromise solution would be offered. But no, they are only interested in victory, so no compromise is offered.

JPOST makes a similar point in its editorial Unserious Summit.

If only Israel could understand this and act on it. Israel should not pursue “peace”. It is a fool’s errand. It is fool’s gold.

Instead Israel should strengthen its position for the long haul and annex Judea and Samaria for starters.

April 2, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Israel is not so deemed as “Arab territory” but as territory of “Islam”. note how the Saudis use language for the benefit of misleading “secular westerners”.
    And Islam does not compromise: it is as immutable as the stone of the “Kaaba”. Truces. peace agreements are merely steps in the recovery to the belly of the Ummah.
    it really is as simple as that.
    Pursuing peace is indeed a fool’s errand and the fool is the western infidel not the islamist.

  2. The new U.N. Secretary General is no different then Koffi Anan whom he has succeeded:

    At the Arab summit in Riyadh on Wednesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reportedly said, “The Arab peace initiative is one of the pillars for the peace process… This initiative sends a signal that the Arabs are serious about achieving peace.”

    This Arab pillar of peace is a pillar of sand. The Arabs have always signalled they are serious, but not about any peace that could possibly be the kind of peace Israel must have to survive and thrive.

    The government should say that it is obvious that peace cannot be achieved by ultimatums, but only by negotiation, and that Israel remains committed to negotiating over all the final-status issues – such as refugees, borders and Jerusalem – and is ready to meet at any time in Jerusalem or any Arab capital.

    This quote from the editorial while grounded in the clouds of theory, is not grounded on the ground where it should be. Israel cannot and must not negotiate with Abbas who is powerless. Such talks for the Palestinians would serve to enhance Abbas’ stature. It also could afford the Palestinians yet another opportunity to use Israel’s words of wanting peace against them, by pointing out to the world so ready to accept that it is Israel’s intrasigence that belies their words of peace. In the process of course the world ignores that it is the Palestinian/Arab intransigent hatred of Jews and Israel and dream of Israel’s destruction, one way or another that is the reason there is no peace and there cannot be peace.

    It would be better that Israel refuses this initiative for talks with Abbas as promoted by America and insist they will be ready, willing and able to negotiate for peace with the Palestinians when the Palestinians, be they Abbas and Fatah and Haniyeh and Hamas stop talking and acting like….well just Palestinians who pray for Israel’s destruction and are committed to doing all they can to bring that about.

    As regards the much vaunted claim to a right of return by the Palestinians, Olmert showed strength and conviction in stating:

    “I will not agree to accept any kind of Israeli responsibility for the refugees…. It’s a moral issue of the highest order. I don’t think that we should accept any kind of responsibility for the creation of this problem.”

    Olmert, his government, all Israelis and indeed all pro-Israel advocacy must also begin to hammer home the point that there is no Palestinian right of return that exists in fact in the circumstances surrounding the Israel – Arab wars.

  3. Israel should withdraw from Arab territory and allow the creation of a Palestinian state before Arabs recognize it, a Saudi official said Monday

    ….and would the official likewise suggest that Israelis should commit suicide also before the Arabs commit genocide?

  4. ‘Israel should leave ‘Arab’ territory’ is an important statement. It must be brought up when arguing against the Tilliesque position that the idea of a “Jewish State” is racist.

    It also follows that SA must agree that Israel is non-Arab territory before any agreement. Bet they won’t.

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