Rabbi: Next Time, Just Shoot to Kill

Terrorists should be given the death penalty, whether formally or quietly, says former chief IDF rabbi.

By Maayana Miskin

Terrorists who spill blood should get the death penalty, former chief IDF rabbi Avichai Ronsky said Monday. Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Rabbi Ronsky suggested that if necessary, terrorist murderers could be killed “in the field.”

“In many cases, it doesn’t need to reach a court,” he said. Soldiers could simply shoot to kill instead of doing their utmost to bring terrorists in alive, “without giving the matter too much publicity,” he explained. “It happened in the past,” he added.

The Supreme Court has ruled that IDF soldiers must bring terrorists in alive whenever possible, saying that to do otherwise is illegal assassination.

If terrorists do make it to court alive, the court should apply the death penalty, he said. The Biblical verse, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed” applies to all of humanity, he noted.

By failing to apply the death penalty, courts are actually increasing the chances of bloodshed, Rabbi Ronsky warned. For one thing, he said, the release of terrorist killers provides Hamas and other terrorists with additional manpower, making future attacks more likely to succeed.

In addition, those whose loved ones died in attacks could be driven to vigilantism if they see killers walk free, he said. The rabbi noted that he does not personally support vigilante acts, but can understand those who turn to extrajudicial action out of despair.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Simple solution IDF put bullet in head on the spot or more than one in the head to make sure terrorists are dead, no courts involved let IDF execute the terrorists on spot

  2. A sane army run by sane patriots has a general rule in combat: Shoot to kill and kill as many as you can shoot. The policy of trying to capture terrorist alive at the expense of our soldiers is a policy of treason. It places the lives of a blood thirsty, savage enemy above the lives of our own people. It exists only to demoralize the population and the security forces.

    It is long past time to seek logical or even ideological reasons for the Great Oslo treason and all its secondary minor treasons. It was conceived in treason and has continued that way ever since. Once the unJews realized that they had lost the demographic battle with the Jews of Israel, they have been trying to destroy its Jewish character in order to continue in power. They believe that in a State Of All It Citizens they will be able to continue to control the economy and security systems with the help of their Arab partners. That is the psychotic fantasy they hold onto with all their might. It is just an updated version of the old Labor Zionist delusion that Israel could be some sort of autonomous colony within the British Empire or whatever. Maybe today they look forward to being part of the new Universal Caliphate. Who knows?

  3. I love to be the first Israeli sharp shooter to carry out G_d’s vengeance in this manner!! Where do I sign up?!!!! If no one else will do it, I’ll do it gladly as David took out goliath!!

    May those that carry out this vengeance be Strong and of Good Courage and in the Spirit of King David and his Mighty Men of old!!!

    Right–ON Rabbi!! And may the Alm_ghty, blessed be he, Bless YOU!!

  4. Bravo Rabbi.

    All’s fair in love and war as they say. One of Australia’s greatest heroes is Breaker Morant. He fought in the Boer war in South Africa. Where he is regarded as a war criminal. The boers were using guerilla tactics such as blowing up train lines, so he tied boers to trains. They soon stopped doing that and he knocked them off one by one. At his court marshall he did’t apologise, he said we used rule 303.

    I disagree with you about capital punishment. Its never worked and never will. It costs too much in the endless appeals.

    I also disagree about vigilantism. All around the world people say Israel should act “proportionate”. Okay. Lets give the good people of Sderot the means to make 10,000 missiles to fire into Gaza. And Israel can say TA DA! We are being proportionate.

  5. This event is a real turning point in the conflict and will lead to more violence. I was stunned by Shar’s comment on the thread below:

    Observation: Soldiers know: if captured Israel will trade for them only if fail to kill them first

    Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 16 October 2011

    Will the culmination of the Shalit deal serve to instill confidence in IDF soldiers that the nation will stand behind them in their time of need?

    Let’s be blunt about it:

    Thanks to the very lopsided prisoner swaps, the IDF policy today is to do everything possible to kill IDF soldiers who appear to be in the process of being captured by terrorists.

    That’s right. Kill.

    A prisoner trade would only take place if the IDF failed to kill the captured IDF soldiers first.

    This is what every IDF soldier knows today when he is ordered to advance and engage the enemy.

    Does this knowledge have a positive or negative impact on the performance of the IDF in battle?

    One thing is certain: knowing that your own comrades will try to kill you if you get in trouble is a far cry from having confidence that the nation will stand behind you in your time of need.

    The Israeli officials and media talking heads commenting on the Shalit deal in the coming days should not insult our intelligence by claiming otherwise.” Ahlam Tamimi: Poster Child for Rule 303