Rep. Allen West Stands Up To CAIR Official

The New American
by Raven Clabough

Newly elected Republican Congressman Allen West of Florida is not one to pander to his audience, nor does he adhere to doctrines of political correctness. At a Monday town hall meeting held in Pompano Beach, Florida, he exhibited these very qualities during the Question & Answer segment.

During the Q&A session at the town hall meeting, Nezar Hamze, a Koran-wielding Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), confronted the Congressman and asked him to point out where in the Koran instructions can be found “to carry out attacks against Americans and innocent people.”Hamze said:

    You recently told a Marine that the terrorists that attacked the United States, the people that attack America, are following Islam, are following the instructions of the Koran. So, a very simple question…can you show me one verse in this Koran where it says to attack America, attack Americans, attack innocent people?

Naturally, West replied that the Koran was written long before the founding of America, but that the Koran does in fact instruct its followers to kill infidels. West followed this by outlining a long list of historical examples of Muslim acts of aggression:

    Well of course it doesn’t say to attack America… the book was written in the 8th or 9th century so America wasn’t even around… but you do have verses that talk about killing infidels. From 622 A.D. on, the Nakhla Raid, 628-the Battle of the Trojans — 3,000 Jewish people were slaughtered…

Much of West’s response, which went continued to list a number of other examples of Muslim aggression throughout history, could not be deciphered over the tremendous applause it provoked from the crowd.

West went on to cite recent examples of Muslim violence in the name of Allah, including the September 11th attacks. West added,

    “I’ve been on the battlefield, my friend. Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt and tell me otherwise.”

Hamze then accused West of attacking Islam, to which West responded, “You attacked us!… I went to Muslim countries to defend the freedom of Muslim people, don’t come up here and try to criticize me.”

The entire encounter between West and Hamze was prompted by statements made by West in December 2010, when Representative West responded to a Marine who asked, “How do you answer people who say that terrorists are following a ‘warped’ version of Islam?”

West replied:

    Let me say this … and I don’t care about being popular … what you’ve got to do is study and understand what you’re up against. This is not a religion that you are fighting against. You’re fighting against a theo-political belief system and construct. You’re fighting against something that’s been doing this thing since 622 A.D. — the 7th century — 1,388 years. You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in 732? You want to ask the Venetian fleet at LePonto why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571? You want to ask the Germanic and Austrian knights why they were fighting at the Gates of Vienna in 1683? You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it’s called Istanbul because they lost that fight in 1453? You need to get into the Koran, understand their precepts, you need to understand the Sura, you need to read the Hadith, and then you can really understand this is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book says.

West then took the opportunity to criticize the current administration for its unwilling to confront the enemy:

Until you get principle leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we are going to be chasing our tail because we will never clearly define who this enemy is and then understand their goals and objectives, which is on any Jihadist website, and then come up with the right and proper goals and objectives to not only secure our Republic but to secure Western civilization.

West appears to be the most potent kind of critic, both of the administration and the enemy: a knowledgeable one. Perhaps that explains West’s November victory, with 55 percent of the vote.

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18 Comments / 18 Comments

  1. Allen West would have been more in alignment with Martin Luther King Junior’s Dream than this NIGHTMARE pile of poo poo that sits in the president’s seat like a stool sample!

  2. lol I was there …to say the guy was wielding the koran was not really true . He was holding it …no matter Allen West is not the guy to challenge on this issue or most others. Allen took care of it //made me cry actually. The truth PC…and strength in his delivery of the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWSOME!
    CAIR….what morons. Don’t try and Blow SUNSHINE UP MY CONGRESMAN’S BUTT!!

  3. I had heard that the entire episode lasted better than a half hour. But also included several of those brave muslims beating her unmercifully with flag poles. Those bastards are very brave when there are 50 of them against one woman. Don’t anyone be fooled into thinking that these were crowds of eager young students just wanting to be free. They are also Jew and American haters. That’s all they’ve been brought up on all of their lives. You may feel sorry for them having lived under the Mubarak dictatorship all of their lives, but never forget that they also hate you.

  4. Members of the “religion of peace” just gang-raped an American female journalist in Cairo for two hours during its “peaceful protests”, while the crowd stood by, crying “Allah Hu Akbar”. “Jew”, and “Israeli bitch.” according to a researcher of Arabic sites on Google. The US press, always fond of circumlocution when its causes are involved, characteried it only as a “violent sexual assault”.

  5. My husband and I have supported Allen West since his campaign for congress. He is proof that non Jews can be the strongest supporters of Israel and to KNOW the enemy
    We are fighting against. He is a wonderful public servant.

  6. How refreshing to hear an educated, intelligent and reasonable voice proclaiming truth without fear or favor of man. God, give us more bold and courageous voices like Rep West.

  7. More of our elected politicians need to drop the P.C. and speak out as Rep. Allen West has. Good for him shutting down the C.A.I.R. Executive Director and very happy about all the applause and comments from the audience. Well done. You have my vote too. Keep it up.

  8. Get an authorized version of the Qur’an in your own native language and read it yourself. The eternal and perfect and unalterable word of Allah states that Jesus was not born via a virgin birth and he was certainly not crucified. The Trinity concept is “shirk”, the worst possible sin for a Muslim. It also states that Jews worship Ezra as a deity. There is lots more as to what can be done to a kafir (or kufar) – a non-believer. Nothing like reading the foundational text yourself. And while you are doing research, look up the Pact of Umar and ask which Islamic authority says it is no longer in force in modern times. See if you can find one.