Report: Trump criticizes Israel’s decision to let in Omar, Tlaib

Trump says that if Omar and Tlaib want to boycott Israel, ‘then Israel should boycott them.’


US President Donald Trump told advisers that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should ban Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) from entering Israel through its anti-BDS laws, an Axios report said on Saturday night.

Trump said that if Omar and Tlaib want to boycott Israel, “then Israel should boycott them.”

Trump said he disagreed with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer’s explanation of why Israel is allowing Omar and Tlaib in. “Out of respect for the US Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel,” Dermer said last month.

Israeli leaders say that Democratic politicians pressured Dermer into allowing the two congresswomen into Israel and said that if Israel didn’t allow them in, other Democratic politicians would cancel a planned, AIPAC-sponsored Israel trip in solidarity,

According to Axios, Israeli leaders are aware of Trump’s view on the issue but White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham denied that Trump told the Israelis what to do. “The Israeli government can do what they want. It’s fake news,” Grisham said on Saturday.

Omar announced last month that she will be visiting Israel and the Palestinian Authority and would be accompanied by Tlaib. Their visit is scheduled for August 18.

Israel could have prevented their entry in light of a 2017 law which allows Israeli officials to ban supporters of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Before the announcement of their visit to Israel, Omar and Tlaib introduced a pro-BDS resolution in the US House of Representatives.

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  1. @ Ted Belman:
    The proof will be in the pudding, Ted. Let’s see what happens. I think that if they were barred it’s predictable what they would have done.

  2. These two Israel haters coming to Israel is a NO WIN for Israel. Israel loses if they keep out two congressional reps. They will likely make anti-Israel claims once they get to Israel.

    The big danger is if they create a huge scene that goes International, as they will likely get a lot of press coverage.

    Hopefully the government is prepared to counter their potential to create a scene.

  3. @ Buzz of the Orient:

    I don’t exactly agree. They will have planned out their own actions, and may rely on their positions in the US to malign Israel, and magnify and distort otherwise innocuous events….like a roadblock after a terrorist shooting, for instance…even one which they might have deliberately arranged. They are Arabs and Jew-Haters to the core, and will do what is the worst for Israel during their visit.

    Just my opinion. Of course they could be very clever, and behave like angels, putting themselves into compromising situations, and pleading ignorance, and then co-operating fully with the authorities. They are Muslims so who knows what goes on in their minds other than what I have mentioned above. I’m speculating of course, but have lods of examples to direct me.

    They keep inventing new ways to do the same old thing…….which always has the same old result.

    Thinking about it that way, one could be reminded of Einstein’s definition of Insanity….!!

    Israel should have huge notices and flashing billboards all over the airports saying…”Anti-Semites and Missionaries are not allowed in…Keep out hungry police dogs roaming around.” ….. No Muslim can be “converted” away from his inbred feeling about Jews and those who believe in reasoned arguments with them are just wasting their time, although they may get a dose of takhiyya and believe they have made headway. That’s the way the earlier Jews to come to Israel were originally. They learnt better. The lefties are still to really learn their lesson, which P.G. will come soon.

    This post started out to be no more than about 4 lines, but one thing leads to another just as relevant. It could have been quintupled from what it now is, and I would only have begun. So I’ll stop here.

  4. If Israel bars them entry, they will simply use that as “proof” of their accusation of Israeli apartheid. If they take part in anti-Israel demonstrations and do not behave themselves in Israel it will be further proof of their antisemitism and unworthiness to represent their American constituents, especially Minnesota Jews.

  5. Wonder why the bitches did not join the current democrat party members tour? Guess they’d have to behave. Surprised not here today (sunday ) for Important T.M visit could have rioted with the rest of the trash.

  6. Let’s just wait and see what happens. A positive experience might bend their views and entry defuses one victimization argument they could make. The visit gives them cover to modify their views and if they retrench, they become anathema to other Democrat leaders. Entry denial to Chomsky is one thing but they will be in Congress regardless.

  7. The government of Israel and Netanyahu are foolish cowards by allowing these
    anti-Semites into Israel. Israel needs a prime minister like President Trump. Thank you President Trump for sticking to what you believe in and not being afraid to speak up.

  8. So, the real heading should be “Democrats Blackmail Israel” unfortunately, I doubt that many American Jews would have spoken out against the Democrats.

  9. Propaganda opportunity. The sole purpose of their visit is to participate in various Arab demos/riots to provoke the Israeli government into arresting them, thus causing a diplomatic incident because they are Congresswomen. Then their LibNazi acolytes in the US and worldwide will have an excuse to protest with as much violence as possible, attacking conservative counter-demonstrators in the process. This jolly course of ‘Aktion’ will spread to the UK and Europe, where their ‘peaceful supporters’ will plant the usual bombs, hijack the usual aircraft, and need I bother saying any more?

  10. As someone said ‘put them on the no fly list. ‘ takes it out of both govs and gives the prob. to airport sec. dept.