Rocco Galati Constitutional Challenge Against the Canadian Government for Extreme Measures




September 2, 2020 | 4 Comments » | 464 views

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. The most I got from Galati’s interview was an insight into the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand (and British) constitutional system with regards to human rights. (Of course, Israel also has a similar system). All these systems have certain commonalities with the US system, but also notable differences. What is curious, is that in all these places, the response to the Wuhan coronavirus has been essentially the same, which I will try to roughly categorize:

    1. Enter virus.
    2. Draconian measures to counter the virus.
    3. Popular push-back against the draconian measures.

    Each of the above points offers opportunities for the amassing of power and wealth by governments, companies, other private institutions, idealogies, cults, etc. Rocco is essentially responding to point #2 by promoting point #3, collecting a comfortable profit as he goes. If one wants an illustration, he is substituting dread of microchips for dread of the virus.

    Please chew on that for a while. The common thread is “dread”.

  2. What, pray tell, is the comfortable profit that said lawyer is collecting as he goes? The point he’s making is that the draconian measures were unnecessary or if at first reasonable given the unknown nature of the virus the persistence and irrationality of these draconian measures are unconstitutional and cause serious harm as was self-evident from the very start. If he succeeds and is compensated for his efforts to defend those who have been harmed by the government, is that so wrong? There should be a popular push-back. I hope he succeeds

  3. My heart and my brain are with him. Problem is the courts are as partisan as the government or governments in this case. We have been operating on the basis of the suicidal precautionary principle which the courts give the utmost respect to. Given they started it all several decades ago. And they’re as liberal as the Liberal Government. This case is unfortunately DOA.

    That said, as regards the bizarre comment above regarding Rocco cashing big on this wish that were the case. I can think of easier ways to make a buck.

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