Russia and China prepared to take down the World Economic Forum

by Micha Gefen, ISRAEL UNWIRED     

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been pushing the reorganization of global society for a number of years. Their main tool to do this has been their “climate change” policy.

This is also why they keep on pushing sanctions on the Russian energy sector. By driving the prices pf oil and gas up and thus destroying the Western economy, the WEF believe they can actually force the transition away from fossil fuels. Obviously the direct out come of that is their control over our movements.

So while it seems the WEF’s push towards increased sanctions on Russia is failing, the reality is that the goal is not necessarily to defeat Russia with sanctions, but rather use the sanctions as a catalyst to further their own goals.

Meanwhile Russia and China have the ability to bring the West to its knees. How? Through uranium enrichment. As part of the WEF’s agenda, uranium enrichment on Western soil has been all but frozen, not so in Russia and China. So while sanctions exist on all other Russian energy sources – not so on Uranium. If Russia and China freeze Uranium enrichment for the West, the Western countries would become completely energy starved. If that happens the WEF’s plans will be destroyed.

January 27, 2023 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. B. Poster,

    I’m amazed at your omniscience! With your ability to accurately predict the future, it’s a wonder that Hashem cruelly causes us mere humans to actually LIVE life, instead of simply watching it go by in your futuristic visions! Perhaps you can partner with Mark Zuckerberg, so he can program you thoghts into a Metaverse headset so we can dial up any future time and live there.


  2. Obviously Russia is going to win in Ukraine and China is going to take Taiwan. This has been obvious for a long, long time. I anticipate Russia and their allies remaking the world order. I wish they would provide some clarity on exactly what they plan to do. It seems unlikely that the United States will be allowed to continue to exist, at least not in its current form. I think the US leadership is aware of all of this hence we fight on in a futile fight!! The problem is I don’t see why my loved ones need to die for the US leadership class!!

  3. Nuclear is a Tiny share of Global Energy Generation and is Mostly Electricity
    Liquid Fuels are the most critical…
    As such..
    I think this premise.. in this article has some serious holes…