San Remo Conference Centenial Talks in Hebrew and in English

T. Belman. For those who do not know, the San Remo Resolution on the partition of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 gave binding international recognition to the right of the Jews to Palestine as it was then described. 78% of  which  lay east of the Jordan River. 

Before the Palestine Mandate was signed by the League of Nation in 1922,  Winston Churchill deleted the east bank lands from the lands the Mandate would include as Israel’s national home and it became known as Jordan.  But he also declared that the Jewish right to the land was a matter of right and not of sufferance. The Jews were given the right to “reconstitute” what was, in recognition of their historic right to the land, save for the lands to the east.

Nevertheless the San Remo Resolution stands as predcedent  for the right of the Jews to all of Jordan.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. The international pressure by the left not to apply sovereignty has started. All Jews and friends of Jews and Israel who care about Israel and want it to apply its civil law to Judea/Samaria Jewish Towns plus the Jordan Valley will hopefully back Israel in Social Media wherever they may comment.

    Provide support for Israel and the Trump Administration in its support of the so called annexation of Jewish Settlements in Judea & Samaria plus the Jordan Valley/North Dead Sea Area.

    call on Israelis non Israelis, Jews and non-Jews to call on the government of Israel –WITH ONE VOICE to declare SAN REMO a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. add your call, through SM, shout it from every rooftop!!!

  3. Good News Israeli officials expect 100,000 Jews to make aliyah

    Anti-semitism & corona virus influence. Included in these estimates are many returning Israelis. The Jews are coming from the US, UK, France & Russia.

  4. So will any of the current and incoming MK’s have knowledge of this conference? Including the pres. and high court judges, these are the bods whom total ignorance prevails.
    Time anyone using the word west bank is fined, any e u or u n bod using violation of international law, west bank, occupied sodomite land should be sent packing.
    Wonder not knowing Israel school coriculem is such items as San remo, British violation of international law, mandate taught? If not why?

  5. It’s midnight pacific time or 3am east coast time. Nothing opens, but lots of donation ads.

  6. Ted-I wasn’t able to watch the live broadcast of the video this morning and afternoon because I had a lot of unavoidable errands outside my apartment. Could you obtain a video of the broadcast to show on this site, so I can view it this or some later evening here in NYS?

  7. Nutunyahoo does not need Trump nor u s approval re J-S, Jordan valley its all Israel under international law. The e u, the u n cannot change the law. There is no legal document stating the sodomites have even the time of day on Jewish land. The only rights the sodomites have is regarding the families who lived on the land prior to 1922. 1922 document denied them political, citizenship rights. The only right they have is the right to pay taxes.

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