Saudi Arabia’s Export of Radical Islam

I just came across an excellent three part review of Saudi Arabia’s Export Of Radical Islam by Adrian Morgan published by The Family Security Foundation, Inc on January 15, 2007. It was prefaced with this,

We read that Saudi Arabia is guilty of sponsoring terrorism but that America is working with them to end this. But how many more heinous crimes must they commit, finally, to be condemned by our government? In this truly shocking exposé, FSM Contributing Editor Adrian Morgan reveals just how mind-numbing Saudi Arabia’s many trespasses have been.

Part I

Over the last week, several items in the world news have highlighted the problem of Saudi Arabia, a supposed ally in the War on Terror, funding mosques which promote the same extremism and calls for jihad which create terror. There is a certain hypocrisy about the Saudis exporting any form of Islam abroad, as the undemocratic kingdom prohibits any symbols of other faiths from being imported. Crucifixes, Bibles are forbidden. Guest workers proliferate in the kingdom, but if any attempt to hold Christian prayer and worship, they are jailed.[..]

Part II

Part III

Another blog hot on the trail Wahaudi — the Wahhabi/Saudi watch recently was brought to my attention. We must keep the pressure on.

April 20, 2007 | Comments Off on Saudi Arabia’s Export of Radical Islam

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