Scowcroft is a rat in rat’s clothing

The NYT has an op-ed by Brent Scowcroft, Getting the Middle East Back on Our Side. As a leading member of the CFR and long time enemy of Israel, he recommends that Israel be thrown to the Arab dogs.

First he argues “there is no “silver bullet” solution” which represents a failure to think big. “Victory” is out of the question. But he sure does like the ISG.

But the report accomplished a great deal. It brought together some of America’s best minds across party lines, and it outlined with clarity and precision the key factors at issue in Iraq. In doing so, it helped catalyze the debate about our Iraq policy and crystallize the choices we face. Above all, it emphasized the importance of focusing on American national interests, not only in Iraq but in the region.

He does recognize the dire consequences of withdrawal, and sets them out in great detail, but does so in order to make the case for putting pressure on Israel.

To avoid these dire consequences, we need to secure the support of the countries of the region themselves. It is greatly in their self-interest to give that support, just as they did in the 1991 Persian Gulf conflict. Unfortunately, in recent years they have come to see it as dangerous to identify with the United States, and so they have largely stood on the sidelines. [Either it is in their interests or is is not.]

A vigorously renewed effort to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict could fundamentally change both the dynamics in the region and the strategic calculus of key leaders. Real progress would push Iran into a more defensive posture. Hezbollah and Hamas would lose their rallying principle. American allies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the gulf states would be liberated to assist in stabilizing Iraq. And Iraq would finally be seen by all as a key country that had to be set right in the pursuit of regional security. [There is no basis for any of these conclusions or rationales. He is suggesting that if the US doesn’t sacrifice Israel the “moderates” will allow themselves to be destroyed.]

Arab leaders are now keen to resolve the 50-year-old dispute. [Really?] Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel may be as well. [He is not sure about Israel] His nation’s long-term security can only be assured by resolving this issue once and for all. However, only the American president can bring them to the same table.

But to show he is not an Israel basher,

Resuming the Arab-Israeli peace process is not a matter of forcing concessions from Israel [That’s worth a chuckle at least.] or dragooning the Palestinians into surrender [See he is even handed too.].

Then he recommends the Saudi Plan masquerading as the Roadmap.

Most of the elements of a settlement are already agreed as a result of the negotiations of 2000 and the “road map” of 2002.


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