Sickening humbug over Israeli massacre

The west’s liberal hypocrites have Jewish blood on their hands


Jubilant Palestinian Arabs celebrate their latest murder of Israeli Jews

Seven Israeli Jews were murdered outside a Jerusalem synagogue on Friday night, the start of the Jewish sabbath, in the working class orthodox neighbourhood of Neve Ya’akov. Several others who were wounded remain in hospital.

As is commonplace among Palestinian Arabs after they have murdered Israeli civilians, jubilant celebrations broke out in their communities with fireworks, celebratory gunfire, hooting car-horns and crowds chanting in support of the killing of Jews.

Celebrating the murder of Jews

Yesterday, another terror attack occurred when a 13-year-old Palestinian Arab opened fire at one of the entrances to Jerusalem’s Old City, seriously wounding an Israeli man and his son.

The two Arabs were guilty of these murders and attempted murders. But three other sets of people share responsibility for these latest atrocities in addition to the Palestinian Arabs.

The second set of the four consists of those in the west who have helped incentivise these killings for decades. Once again, we have witnessed the nauseating spectacle of western governments — which sanitise, fund and pump up the genocidal Palestinian Arab cause — expressing shock and sympathy with Israel over these attacks. And all this on the day marking the liberation of Auschwitz, provoking the habitual vacuous Holocaust pieties from these same western leaders about “never again”.

The Biden administration has form in the regard, as I wrote here. It continues to fund the Palestinian Authority despite the PA’s “pay-to-slay” policy of rewarding the families of terrorists for every Israeli Jew they murder, and despite its never-ending incitement to murder Jews and steal Israel’s land.

US President Joe Biden asserted that Friday’s Jerusalem terrorist had struck a blow “against the civilised world”. Wrong; and a telling error.

The murderer struck specifically at Jews because he wanted to kill Jews. The continual incitement from the Palestinian Authority incentivises its people to continue their century-old murderous jihad against the Jews of the holy land purely because they are Jews.

If you don’t believe that, visit the PMW website to access the medieval, neo-Nazi style demonisation of the Jewish people that pours out of the PA. Yet the US and the rest of the west refuse to acknowledge that the war against Israel is caused not by the absence of a Palestinian state but by Jew-hatred. Instead of pushing back against these genuine heirs to the Nazis, the west casts Israelis themselves as neo-Nazis for defending their people against exterminatory attack.

The EU never loses an opportunity to defame Israel and pour money and support into illegal Palestinian activity in colonising land — in the disputed territories and in the Negev — to which the Jews alone have a historic and legal claim.

Last December, the EU Parliament passed a resolution that “strongly condemns” the Palestinian Authority for teaching hatred, incitement to violence and antisemitism in EU-funded Palestinian textbooks. The resolution threatened that “EU funding will have to be suspended” if misuse of European taxpayer funds by the Palestinian Authority continues.

But the incitement has continued, along with the funding. And the results were seen once again over the past two days. …

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  1. Arab murder of Jews will continue as long as it costs them nothing. So here’s an idea. Every time a Jew dies in a terror attack, plant a new settlement, named for the victim, anywhere in Judea or Samaria, on land which the balestinians consider theirs. When the Arabs see that their hostile actions are actually helping the Jews, their behavior may change. (Maybe even make it retroactive.) Just an idea.