State of the Union Address

“The United Nations has imposed sanctions on Iran, and made it clear that the world will not allow the regime in Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons.”

At first I reported that the US won’t allow etc. It appears I was wrong. This is a very weak statement.

January 23, 2007 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Bush & co. didn’t approve of Israel launching a unilateral strike against Iran in mid 2004 as they heeded the so-called “advice” of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations that it would:

    “harm American interests in the region” (read: big corporate business interests) and that “Washington would be blamed for any unilateral strike” and that there would be too many civilian casualties because poor old Iran’s nuclear bomb making facilities are too close to “urban centers”:

    “The U.S. report, drafted by an independent task force sponsored by the council, said Washington should resolve concerns over Iran’s nuclear weapons program by coordinating with the European Union. But the council ruled out any military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    “An air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would incur civilian casualties, the report said. It pointed out that many of Iran’s nuclear facilities have been located in or near urban centers.

    In addition, any military effort to eliminate Iranian weapons capabilities runs the significant risk of reinforcing Teheran’s desire to acquire a nuclear deterrent and of provoking nationalist passions in defense of that very course,” the task force said. “It would most likely generate also hostile Iranian initiatives in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    “…there is much speculation that perhaps the US will attack Iran. However, President Bush is highly unpopular at home and abroad for launching a war against Iraq on a pretext that everybody now considers to have been a lie: the alleged presence of so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (WMDs). And “the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have stretched the military capability of the world’s only superpower to the limit,” [2] disgruntling the soldiers, so the general circumstances do not appear conducive to Bush launching a new war, on the same pretext, when the previous military engagements have not even been completed.

    30 months have elapsed since the most influential US elite foreign policy think tank succeeded in convincing Bush to not allow Israel to unilaterally strike against Iran, thus giving the mullahs a beadly needed respite and breather.

    30 additional months to fully develop their nuclear bomb making facilities.

    Olmert & co. look to Bush & co. and the “international community”(EU & UN) for approval for Israel’s unilateral right to self-defense in relation to the Iranian nuclear bomb facilities.

    Bush and co. look to the “international community” (EU & UN) for approval and to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations for so called “advice” on whether or not to attack Iran’s nuclear bomb facilities.

    Meanwhile as Judeo-Christian Western civilization is just about to burn in nuclear hellfire, Bush & co., and Olmert & co., do nothing but wring their hands and engage in UN & EU & CFR diplomatic internationalist globalist fiddle with Israel’s and the United States’ mortal enemies.

  2. I think you have “lasered-in” on one of our foundational cracks in the west

    ….”The events of hisory have moved too fast for the the psyche of the mild sensitive Western peoples to cope with. Westerners have been reared as a class of sheep for the shearing and protected against being exposed to the raw dynamics of human nature.”

    I agree with you, Max, that unless we confront the reality of good and evil we will continue to operate in the vacuum of naivite.

  3. It means nothing. The only thing that means anything now is an immediate strike on Iran flattening their facilities and their war machine. Action not words. It’s to late for sanctions. They are too far advanced and they may have already manufactured and sold the bomb. And they will play games with sanctions folowing Saddam’s successful example in stalling.
    As for anything Bush says here, please to remember his propaganda at the end of Lebanon 2, how it was a great victory over terrorism and Hezbollah and that Hezbollah would be disarmed forever and other crud lies blah blah blah. Except he says it again because no one can remember or peice it together, they have the public’s mind in a box.

    Bush is too weak, America is too weak,we are stuck with a nuclear Iran and a nuclear future.
    The events of hisory have moved too fast for the the psyche of the mild sensitive Western peoples to cope with. Westerners have been reared as a class of sheep for the shearing and protected against being exposed to the raw dynamics of human nature. Even as they wil be slaughtered they will be confused as to what to do about it.
    We will not perish because of the sins of the Islamics, we will perish because of our failure to produce an acutal human civilization of intelligence and personal freedom. That failure is embodied in the USA political elite and demonstrated in absurities such as the President’s SOU address.

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