Iran believes it could destroy Israel with a single nuke

Monday, January 22, 2007

JERUSALEM — Iran’s nuclear program seeks first-strike capability against Israel, a leading strategist said.

The Israeli strategist and former intelligence officer said Iran believes it could destroy the Jewish state with one nuclear weapon.

“Iranians believe that it holds, may hold, a first strike capability against Israel once it has a nuclear capability,” said Shmuel Bar, director of studies at the Institute of Police and Strategy.

Iran believes “that Israel is a one-bomb country, one bomb from the point-of-view of the receiving side; that the U.S. would not intervene against Iran under such conditions; and all of that with apocalyptic zeal may result in actual use of nuclear weapons,” he said.

Bar, who for years worked in the Israeli intelligence community, told a conference on Jan. 9 that Iran was prepared to destroy Muslim cities as the price for firing nuclear missiles toward Israel. He said the ruling Islamic clergy would support a nuclear attack on Israel even at the risk of killing millions of Palestinian Muslims.

“They’re developing weapons both as deterrents and that part of the Iranian regime — the more revolutionary part — has all of the components for developing a doctrine of use of nuclear weapons, as opposed to adoption of using nuclear weapons as deterrents,” Bar said. “I think that it’s a religious background which brings them to this sort of a doctrine.”

Bar said Iran has studied the U.S. wars against the former Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. The chief Iranian lesson was that only nuclear weapons could deter a U.S. attack.

“Nuclear weapons are strategic necessity for deterring the West and Israel and for achieving their strategic goals,” Bar said. “Until they arrive at nuclear weapons, Iran’s strategic deterrence must rely on terrorism and subversive potential.”

Bar said Iran has scored its sole foreign success in the operation of the Hizbullah militia in Lebanon. Hizbullah lost 800 fighters in the war against Israel in the summer of 2006. Bar cited funerals in Lebanon for those termed “holy warriors.”

“Whatever they may say, they lost somewhere around 800 men who we can account for,” Bar said. “You count the funerals and the names, and you count the names of the people in the documents in south Lebanon.”

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  1. Aut Pax Aut Bellum
    Let there be Peace or War..and there cannot be peace.

    It is the most possible case that after the first strike on Israel, which is now obviously inevitable, that the USA and Europe esp with Germany will destroy Iran. Pakistan being so dangerous could not be left standing either, not in any way shape or form. Also the instability of the North Korean Government would force a first strike against them made all the more urgent for they would know that they are targeted and may have their own missiles in the air once Tel Aivv is hit. The whole war might be measured critically in seconds though it might take a few hours for all the missiles to hit. The fastest and most devsating war in history. Israel with it’s 200-400 missiles will probably take out all the the Islamic countries surrounding Isreal (not Iran) in order to protect the survivors including Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and naturally the chief threat Saudi Arabia along with its’ rallying center of Mecca. Those countries will have to simply to be wasted in order to protect the survivors in Israel. Killing the enemy will not bring back our dead. But if America remains unscathed we can burn the middle east forever and build on the ashes of the Islamics and plough ther bones into oblivion. The human mind cannot simple face the unfaceable horror of war and think the unthinkable of what needs to be done. Therefore joint command from America and Israel should put all the facts thorugh rigorous computer modeling and they would discover that the best possible option right now is a first strike against all the Islamic countries immediately. Let us rejoice in our coming deliverance and embrace what is unstoppable. We will see a glimmer of hope for the human race in the fires of the next nuclear bombs. This is our best hope and only hope. If we have learned to confront evil and destroy it then we will have deserved to survive othewise the earth must wait for a tougher and smarter species to evolve here. Fac Fortia et Patere Do brave deeds and Endure

    Ron Rosenbaum

    Most probably, in the nuked-Israel scenario, it will likely be in the hands of the commanders of Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear armed missiles. Probably those three Dolphin Class subs the Israelis bought from the Germans (!) in the late 90s. Whose job would be to insure that no first strike on the land of Israel could deter massive retaliation from under the sea.

    But what would such sub-launched nuclear missiles target? What would be purpose of their second strike capability.

    One of the commenters to the “Footnote 55” post argues (with what degree of authority I know not) that “It is well known but not officially admitted that Israeli second strike tactic is to strike against anyone who could be a threat to the survivors and not only the [initial] attackers”.

    This implies a degree of precision and control, intelligence and long term second strike survivability I’m not sure is attainable from the likely submarine-launched second strike missiles, or even surviving land based missiles in hardened underground silos, say. Second strike weapons are designed for indiscriminate deterrence since precision in a post nuclear environment is unrealistic.

    Still one must credit the commenter who brought the subject up: protecting the survivors. Could there be anything more grim, devastating, heartbreaking to contemplate.

    The sword though unwilling has been thrust in our hands. The enemy is at our gates.
    Deus Vult.
    God wills it.

  2. A sure sign that a society has gone mad is civil war. Iraq is the model that most Islamic terror leaders want more than life itself. The sub-humans get ecstatic gratification from killing hundreds of people daily. We know that the storm is gathering and the green light has been given to the Iran consortium from the non-action by lazy European leaders, Russians, Chinese and others whose business with rich Islamic oil (terror) states means more than peace itself and more important than keeping the world safe from ideological, environmental, biological and nuclear pollution. The Iranians don’t even care if they wipe out their fellow Muslims in the process of nuking Israel. The fallout from a direct hit will likely wipe out the Palestinians too. Islam remains silent and I doubt that the hundreds of millions of “good” Muslims are praying five times a day for peace in the world – instead they pray for dominance over the infidels.

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