Suella Braverman | Conservatism Didn’t Fail; Liberalism Did | NatCon 4

Peloni:  Braverman provides a thoroughly fair and honest post election analysis which demonstrates that the recent Tory bloodbath stands not as a condemnation of Conservativism and conservative values but of Liberalism and liberal values:  “My party governed as Liberals and we were defeated as Liberals”

July 10, 2024 | 2 Comments »

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  1. @Felix

    That definitely includes UK Labour.

    You must not have listened to the video or be responding to something other than what Braverman stated. Braverman is in no way excusing Labor, but rather chastising her own party as having played the part of Liberals.

  2. Not at all Peloni. The whole apple is a rotten mess, dark brown and so far gone you can hardly lift it up to throw in the bin. That definitely includes UK Labour.