Supreme Contemptuousness in the Supreme Court

by Martin Wasserman, INN

The Supreme Court is a supreme threat.

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch’s recent statement that she wants to turn the court system into a completely independent authority, with no administrative or financial dependence on the Justice Ministry, is a grave challenge to all those who want Israel to be a Jewish state in the full sense of the term.

The Supreme Court is a small, self-perpetuating oligarchy, unelected by the people and accountable to no one, that has arrogated to itself the right to be the final authority on all matters of state. It has done so by granting itself the right to reject any law, passed by the democratically elected Knesset, of which it disapproves. Now, Beinisch wants to make the court even less accountable, by making it financially independent of the other branches of government, so it can continue to issue its dictatorial decrees with no restraints at all.

Why should loyal Jews feel threatened by this? Because the Supreme Court is openly contemptuous of Judaism, gives short shrift to those who stand up for God, the Torah and the Covenant, and instead exalts man-made theories and foreign ideologies that are alien to our faith.

Chief among these alien ideologies is the golden idol of “human rights.” The Torah has a very well-developed concept of justice, one that places more emphasis on responsibilities than on rights. But modern theories of human rights have little to do with Torah concepts. Human rights are, at best, a nebulous doctrine of enormous elasticity that can be used to justify almost any kind of human behavior, even that which Judaism explicitly forbids. Even more dangerously, it can also be used to protect evildoers from retribution. For example, the Supreme Court has issued many rulings that cripple the ability of the IDF to capture or kill terrorists, on the grounds that such actions could violate the “human rights” of Arab bystanders. CONTINUE

March 20, 2007 | Comments Off on Supreme Contemptuousness in the Supreme Court

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