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T. Belman. I love these ladies but fear they have left out the most important thing. Antifa is not a grassroots movement. It is no different from the Nazi Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts or Obama’s/Soros’ Occupy Wall Steet and ACORN. The focus should be on the people or political forces that instigate them or finance them or support them. The Left and not just the extreme left are complicit. The Democratic Party and the mainstream media supports these anarchist movements and shields them. You could see this in Charlottesville when Antifa came to our attention.

June 4, 2020 | 1 Comment » | 335 views

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  1. Joan Swirsky writes:\

    What followed is the anarchy and chaos of the last several days and nights with the brazenly anti-American, anti-Semitic and racist Antifa and Black Lives Matter rampaging through American cities and suburbs, destroying businesses, stealing multimillions of dollars of goods, burning cars, defacing monuments, shooting people, throwing the Molotov cocktails and bricks left for them in strategic spots by their fellow thugs, and generally giving the world an up-close, three-dimensional picture of what clinicians call sociopaths and psychopaths.

    To me, the entire spectacle has the distinctly noxious whiff of Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action, as spelled out by writer Scott S. Powell, who explains that, “The modus operandi of OFA comes right out of Obama’s support and sympathy for Marxism and his background as a left-wing community organizer. It’s a combination of agitation and propaganda––much like old-style Soviet agitprop, and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. For Alinsky, the rules start with an ends-justifies-the- means quest for power, which can entail lawbreaking, deception, and concealing the true revolutionary agenda…”

    Powell quotes Paul Sperry who presciently wrote in the New York Post: “Obama has an army of agitators––numbering more than 30,000––who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency…and command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.”

    “His OFA Washington HQ is now the nerve center that coordinates 250 offices nationwide,” Sperry continued, “which together with its Chicago-based sister organization, the Community Organizing Institute (COI), are planning to facilitate the “training [of] more than 2 million youths in Alinsky street tactics” and carry out plans “to stage 400 rallies across 42 states to attack Trump and Republicans over ObamaCare’s repeal.”

    From the looks of things today, it’s clear that they put Obamacare aside for the bigger fish of national chaos and destruction.

    It took a few days to coordinate pushback from the White House, but now it is apparent that the rampant thuggery is almost under control––except in the epicenter of horrific leadership, New York City and New York State. In most other places, people are exulting as more and more stores and restaurants open for business, as neighbors pitch in to repair the anarchists’ damage, and as the Stock Market continues a steady climb.

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