Ted Belman sounds off on the UN and Islam tonight

Ted Belman is a talking head on the Michael Coren Show tonight at 8:00 PM, EST. Channel 9

The segment was tapped this morning and the hot topics for me at least were the United Nations and Islam. I pulled no punches and stood alone.


July 17, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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  1. I would have loved to watch the program. It is not carried in Florida. I will search how I might obtain a copy of the tape. I Googled on the descripter term “Michael Corin” and You Tube had one episode on a session titled : “Hate” so I understand now the format of his program.

  2. I found the debate very revealing when Ted Belman pointed out that Islam is not a religion of peace but of conquest and when offered democracy they (Islamists) choose Islamic fundamentalism and jihad over secularism, terrorism over humanitarianism, and maintain a world view shaped by violence rather than business and law and order (sharia instead). His point was backed up by his mention of a number of Muslim countries where free choice (or general chaos as in Iraq) has led to more jihad rather than less. The people in the street usually opt for jihad over peace and prosperity.

    Several others on the panel, including Michael Coren, jumped on Ted and basically called him a bigot, simplistic and arrogant. Coren stills holds fast to the notion that a small minority of Muslims are the culprits and, the strangest thing he said was that these Islamists just want Islam for their own countries; they are not tied to a collective effort to establish Islam worldwide and their campaign is merely a series of unrelated and separate terror initiatives that have nothing to do with world conquest.

    I am not sure how one can view the individual terror groups and terror states as being disconnected and not part of a larger unified plan to take over. They are connected by dogma and their cultish violent beliefs, by financial backing from the usual suspects, and by close coordination among them. Even the Sunni-Shia split is not enough to stop their work as one unified global terrorist force. We see it happening in North Africa, in Europe, and in every arena where Muslims are in charge or in high numbers. Not to mention Hamas, Hezbollah and the others who surely don’t just want Gaza, The West Bank and Southern Lebanon for themselves, but who also want all of Israel (and Egypt and Jordan too). If the terror movement is not viewed as international in scope by the Michael Coren guests, then they must have had their heads buried in the sand for last 50 years.

    It will not be possible to stop terrorism until we admit that the Islamic assault on Israel is one and the same as the assault on Iraq and the assault on Pakistan, etc, by the armies of Islam. Poverty is not what unites them, because we know that they reject prosperity when it is offered to them on a sliver platter. Terrorism against Israel is the same as terrorism against anyone else. There is no justification for terrorism anywhere and nothing in the history and politics of Israel that grants the right of the pigs of terror to attack and destroy Israel.

    The idea that some terrorism is justified and isolated due to an unresolved need for the Arabs and Islamists to dominate the ME is absurd, bigoted and simplistic: criticisms leveled at Ted for suggesting the opposite.

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