Ted Cruz Leaves the entire Democrats in Congress speechless with this fiery speech!

June 9, 2020 | 18 Comments » | 931 views

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  1. Sorry Ted, I wrote the above before I saw your post. Let it be the last. I just want him to leave me alone. It all developed from his original unwarranted-out of the blue- attack, on you and Israpundit.

    So, assuming that the above is the last shot fired. There will be no more.

  2. @ Michael S:

    Why Hello, my dear old anti-tut-tut-esis of life itself. Certainly I trust you, why should I not. A sturdy, only 3/4 crazy strong shoulder for de lawd……. That you haven’t yet transformed your lunacy into the nearest herd of wild swine, on their way to destroy themselves, is a drawback, But I don’t hold it against you, just as I ignore that the “original” (and it was “original” in the true sense, since there was no cliff within many miles) piggie-wiggies never existed-except in the fevered minds of fairy-tale manufacturers…your buzzum buddies..

    Just “Hak mir nisht a tschenik”… (or continue decorating public toilet walls)

    Clever only in your own wobbly cranium. Anyway why are you blathering on about “white people”… You gave us all to understand that you were half Chinese.

    My advice to you is to unbolt and unbar your door, after pulling away all the piled up furniture, and take a good deep clean breath of pure COVID-19. Then………hold it for 20 minutes…at least.

    In simple words…don’t bother me any more. !!

  3. @ Edgar G.:
    Trust me, Edgar — you’re as “straight” as a coiled serpent.

    Enough of that. Meanwhile, I found a post you might like, because you’re quite the purist for words and definitions:

    “Merriam-Webster To Change Dictionary Definition of “Racism” to Show Only White People are Racist”

    Wed Jun 10, 2020 Daniel Greenfield 43

    Of course, now Black Lies Matter will be telling the truth “by definition”. Isn’t that clever?

  4. @ Michael S:

    I don’t recall “insinuating” anything. I believe that whatever I said , it was straight to the point, and of course, the truth always hurts, or at least is uncomfortable. Your prolonged isolation is driving you even more crazy. Why don’t you pray to jesus to banish the virus into the pigs you are so fond of, and have them rush over a cliff…which isn’t there. And you could follow them.

    I really wish you no harm -as you surely know- I really have rachmonas on you, but I fight fire with WATER, then I light up a dry patch myself. You are Chutzapadik to the extreme. You take advantage of the all-welcome policy on this eclectic site, to spew your hateful christian magic dribble, and mysterious “miracles”. and quote reams of pure unadultrated drek. . And you whine like a milk fed puppy when you are called for it. I do NOT believe in that stupid practice of “political correctness” nor yet, “Tikkun Olam”, an even worse concept of “Nudniks Incorporated”…!!.

    Why don’t you damned well go to….. to China. pork is their most favourite pleasure. you could wallow in it.

  5. And the word is “antithesis” not ant”o”thesis………Maybe you have an affinity for “zero” being more or less what you are, and represent.

  6. @ Michael S:

    For unloading noxious crap, (the most polite term) and religious mania, you are unbeatable. One can even see the spittle coming from your fish-like mouth, and the crazy glare in your little eyes. But when you “upgrade” to ad hominem attacks-like this one, you are a complete failure. To be called a pig by a crazy loon, is like water off a duck’s back, except that I am not a duck, and if I seriously get down to telling you exactly what you are, what you represent, and where you’re likely to end, You would have NO breath to even try to answer.

    You refer to us as “you Jews”..a stereotyped Anti-Semitic trope, and drear away in your self loving, vicariously felt “Servant of the Lord” character, like a rotten actor.
    filling these pages with your rotten references from early (mythical) Christian Jew-Hating fanatics, and expect us, I mean ME, not to protest about it.. Dream on. I will always protest. about such drek.

    ***It’s interesting (to a psychologist I;m sure)that you immediately likened me to that abhorrent to Jews, PIG.
    Deliberate of course, as one would expect from such as you. ***

  7. @ Reader:

    I’m sorry I pulled a discussion about the anarchist program to dismantle America’s police force over to this thread about Ted Cruz’s very cogent comments. At the time I posted here initially, after coming from a pleasant vacation in the real America, only to read on the Internet that rioters and their sponsors in government were busy trying to send us all to hell i a handbasket, I was so upset that I wanted SOMEONE, anyone, to talk to about it that was in the least interested. At that moment, it seemed like even Israpundit was not interested, and I blew a fuse. That said, I imagine some OPs more on the subject will, by and by, appear here. I’ll keep your comment in mind, but respond to it elsewhere.

  8. @ Michael S:
    Minneapolis is NOT eliminating the police, it is going to replace it with another public safety organization.
    Police brutality is at least partially caused by certain “norms” that the government establishes for the number of arrests, etc. and on the way the police is funded, supplied, and trained.
    For an eye-opening read (based on facts, not paranoia) I still recommend James Whitehead’s “Battlefield America” (borrow it at the library if you can).
    It explains really well what the police “funding” really is.
    Finally, police excesses are NOT limited to race, the protests are channeled into race-only/rioting/looting/leftists/conservatives for the same divide-and-conquer reasons.

  9. @ Edgar G.:

    You are the antothesis of anything good or civil. You’re like a pig in a dress with lipstick — doll yourself up all you want, but you’re still a pig. Your repeated insinuations of my “anti-Jewishness” do nothing but expose your own hatred of Christians, and of anyone different from your own poorly-nurtured self.

  10. @ Ted Belman:
    Ted, I’m sorry I just dumped on you. I read some testy, provocative comments with your name above them; and got so carried away by the insulting nature of them that I didn’t notice that the poster was actually that foul-mouthed “Edgar G.”

    I’m really sorry I insulted you because of him. You have actually been quite civil.

  11. @ Reader:
    Hi, Reader. I did calm down, until I just saw Ted’s slanderous post.

    You are correct, in that I have been bombarded with MSM BS. My wife and I were off on a very pleasant day at the coast, in the REAL world of nature and decent people; but when I checked in on the news, I saw that the US is being overrun by total insanity from the left — not just Antifa and some extremist groups, but supposed patriots like Mitt Romney, James Mattis, etc, and a “veto-proof majority” of the Minneapolis city council. That, and about 600 NYPD officers about to hand in their resignations.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I turned to Israpundit — where, out of desperation, I have actually turned not for commentary but for new, truth, fact — anything but the continual stream of propaganda on the rest of the web. I was disappointed, that there appeared to be NOTHING about what was going on here, but a whole bunch of opinions, banter and focus on Israel, as though Israel were an island eternally separated from the rest of the world. I blew a fuse and dumped, and am sorry I did. It gave Ted a chance to vent his own spleen against me and Christians in general.

  12. @ Edgar G.:
    Ted, you’re full of BS about “where I stand”. I forgive you, there, for your own “uncontrollable, Christian-hating urge.”

    I was going to apologize here. I really did dump, but not for the BS line you put across. I simply realize that this site is SUPPOSEDLY concerned with the well-being of Israel and of the Jews; yet both are here, and I saw nothing about the totally insane move by major US cities to defund and eliminate their police. Don’t you and the others here realize that this affects Israel??????

  13. @ Ted Belman:

    He gets uncontrollable urges…like “you Jews and Zionists” etc. which really shows us where HE stands. Like Animal Farm…..”Christians are good, Jews and Zionists are bad”…

    Give him a dose of Ezekiel’s “dry bones” and he’ll happily chomp at them. Or alternately stick a baby’s “soother” into his mouth.

  14. @ Michael S:
    Michael, calm down.
    You are being fed the usual liberals/conservatives, Democrats/Republicans, Trump/Biden, black/white, etc. divide-and-conquer slight of hand to make you look elsewhere while the con picks your pockets.
    Even better, to make you hurt your “enemies” while the con picks your pockets (and Ted’s, and everyone else’s).
    Take a deep breath and start thinking instead of getting set off by “fiery speeches”.

  15. Where you been. From day one I have posted articles about the corruption of the Democratic Party and the Obama Asministration. In the last three months while I was waiting for the incictments to come, other news stories filled the pages; covid 19, annexation and the settler opposition.,the deal between Gantz and Bibi., the myth of systemic Racism, and so on.

  16. There you have it! President Obama, VP Biden and the leadership of our nation’s law enforcement and intelligence were corrupt as hell when in office, and have been the leaders of an antigovernment conspiracy for the past 3 1/2 years. And from this Israpundit, so-called pro-Israel and pro-Jewish blog, I hear crickets. I also hear next to nothing about SERIOUS motions to destroy law enforcement in America’s largest cities.

    Do you Jews and Zionists think this is just a “gentile” problem, that you need not be concerned with? If you do, you are the biggest fools in the world.

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