The Bloodletting and Wilding Is Part of An Agenda To Tear Down The Country

T. Belman. Mr Jacobsen is a law professer at Cornell U.  He writes,

There’s an effort to get me fired at Cornell for criticizing the Black Lives Matter Movement

Similarily there is an effort to get Tucker Carson shut down for also telling the truth about BLM.

By William A. Jacobson. LEGAL INSURRECTION Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 9:05pm

The fury vented on the streets is not about George Floyd, his death was the spark but the fire has been planned for two generations.

I haven’t had much time to reflect on the looting and riots that swept mostly (but not exclusively) large Democrat cities. It was a wilding on a scale we’ve never seen. It was a bloodletting and release of criminal fury.

We should be clear what is happening. It is not protest over the death of George Floyd. That is the spark, but not the fire.

This has been a long time coming. At least a generation, maybe two. The left methodically has taken control of key institutions to implement an anti-American, anti-Capitalist agenda.

You send your kids to public schools and college, where they are taught from their earliest years that America and capitalism are the sources of evil in the world, that we are a systemically racist society that consumes ‘black and brown bodies,’ while socialist and communist systems are more equal and fair. It’s all a lie, but it’s a lie told by the teachers, professors, and administrators with power. The real racists are the people who obsess about race, and who judge people based on the color of their skin.

When your kids emerge from the social justice warfare meat grinder, you don’t recognize them anymore. Oh well, you shrug.

There is a concerted effort funded by leftist billionaires and high tech companies to control what you can say, and to silence you through mob action or social media throttling if you get out of line. The large corporate media, with only a couple of exceptions, is thoroughly corrupt and works every day to elect their preferred candidates, always Democrats.

The law enforcement system is being undermined by district attorneys funded by George Soros whose agenda is to prevent enforcement of laws, and politicians whose goal is to see those arrested released immediately without bail. We’re seeing that right now with rioters and looters almost immediately released. The next push is to defund the police.

Hollywood, The music industry. Television. Gone.

We still have the vote and can win elections, despite the disadvantage. But it’s not a guarantee. Which is why the left wants to subvert voting integrity.

All this time, you have seen bits and pieces, and figured that while you might not agree, it wasn’t a threat to our existence.

The wilding and looting should be your wake up call. When seconds counted, the police were pulled back by the policitians.

The goal is to destroy capitalism, and to seek revenge. The Black Lives Matter movement, founded based on fraudulent narratives of the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases, is led by anti-American, anti-capitalist activists. They have concocted a false narrative of mass murder of Blacks at the hands of police, when the statistics show otherwise. They will exploit George Floyd’s death mercilessly to drive that agenda. And they will have some success, because all the institutions listed above are behind them.

There are short term things that can be done, but it depends on the federal government because in the Democrat states where most of the violence took place, the politicians are part of the problem. There needs to be a massive and relentless tracking down of the people who helped coordinate the violence. It needs to start right now. Of course, it will stop on a dime if Joe Biden is elected, but it needs to be started. It should not take more than 2-3 months to accomplish this, and it will take the key criminals off the street in the federal system where activist District Attorney’s can’t interfere.

Democrat states and cities are in a bad way financially due to their own mismanagement of their economies and their tolerance of rioters and looters. They all will be seeking federal bailouts. Just say no, unless there is structural change.

But these are just a short term actions that will not change the rot in our institutions. I wish I had a long-term solution. That’s something that needs to be discussed in the coming weeks.

Amidst all this gloom, there is a ray of light. Most of the country didn’t riot and loot. Most of the people in the country don’t hate capitalism and want a Marxist revolution. Most of the country still loves the country. Don’t lose sight of that. If after two generations the radical left were not able to beat patriotism out of most Americans, there is a chance.

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  1. Professor Jacobson has said it exactly as it is; so it is not surprising that our enemies want to get rid of him. Ditto for Tucker Carlson.

    These riots have indeed been in planning for two generations — which is to say that it was I and my generation who planned them. During the anti-Vietnam War movement, I was involved with activists, Irish-American second-generation communists, in concert with American Jews and some black organizers, who exploited the race card to stir up trouble. They stirred up black riots on the base I was attached to, and championed the cause of a black GI being tried for killing his seargent. The goal of these activists was, of course, the overthrow of the US government; but this was channeled through resistance to the Vietnam War, black grievances and other “liberation” ideologies. The biggest recruiting tool was, of course, resistance to the war, which was generated by the MSM and quisling politicians (just like today). The weakness of this strategy, was that the Antiwar movement was driven entirely by self-interest: When President Nixon abolished the draft, it completely petered out; and the Bolshevik dreamers had to wait for another opportunity.

    That opportunity, it seems they believe, is 2020.

    These things go back a long way. Two of my friends were sons of fathers who had been imprisoned by the McCarthy investigations; and of course, their ideology goes back generations to Marx and Engels, and then back to the ideologues who stirred up the masses in the French Revolution.

    The motivation is and always has been RELIGIOUS — specifically, ATHEIST. Even the US Revolution was agitated by Thomas Paine, a Deist from the days when it wasn’t socially acceptable to be an out-and-out atheist. After the war, he returned to Britain to agitate there, being a primary founder of British atheism.

    Prof. Jacobson claims to know of no long-term solution to this problem. I suggest that he and the readers consider the root of the problem. The problem did not arise with the Trump administration, with the US government, nor with the US itself — which, after all, didn’t exist when this “movement” was being conceived. The problem is rebellion, not against any government nor any man; it is rebellion against the authority of God in Torah. Turn THAT problem around, and you will solve the other one.

  2. “Police fatally shoot a black man in Atlanta, leading to the chief’s resignation.

    Atlanta’s police chief resigned on Saturday, less than 24 hours after a police officer shot and killed a man at a Wendy’s drive-through who had run from the police after failing a sobriety check and taking an officer’s Taser, the authorities said.
    Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta said that security footage appeared to show that the man, Rayshard Brooks, 27, who is black, had fired the Taser toward the officer, who was chasing him before he was killed.

    “While there may be debate as to whether this was an appropriate use of deadly force, I firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do,” Ms. Bottoms said. “I do not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force.”

    In addition to the resignation of the police chief, Erika Shields, who just weeks earlier had engaged with demonstrators protesting the killing of George Floyd, Ms. Bottoms said that she had also called for the immediate firing of the police officer who killed Mr. Brooks.

    Ms. Shields, who is white and took over the department in 2017, will be replaced by Rodney Bryant, a black man who has served as a top police deputy and recently took over as the interim head of the city’s jails, Ms. Bottoms said, adding that the city will launch a national search for a permanent replacement.

    The encounter in the Wendy’s drive-through began on Friday night when police officers arrived on the scene and found that Mr. Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle, causing other customers to drive around him, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

    Mr. Brooks failed a sobriety test, the bureau said, and then struggled with officers as he was being arrested. Videos posted on social media showed him grappling with the two officers who were trying to arrest him. One officer appeared to try to stun him after Mr. Brooks threw a punch at him.
    As Mr. Brooks ran away, appearing to hold the Taser, one officer chased after him, holding another stun gun. Then, in one of the videos, several gunshots can be heard.

    On Saturday afternoon, after obtaining surveillance video from the restaurant and reviewing videos on social media, the bureau revised its initial account of what had happened, saying its earlier statement — which claimed that Mr. Brooks was killed during the struggle with officers — “was based on the officer’s body cam which was knocked off during the physical struggle, preventing the capture of the entire shooting incident.” From today’s New York Times.

    Here we go again. Soon there will be very few whites or middle-class blacks living in or anywhere near the main American cities. THey will all be burnt out wastelands, as Detroit has already been for many years. New York, Washington, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Los Angeles–all just a few months or a few years from becoming Mogadishu.

    With all Israel’s other tsuris, it must begin to prepare for a post-American future.

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