The “Capitulation Plan”

The worse thing about the Riyadh summit is how Israel is treating it.

Israel Radio quoted Olmert as saying:

    “The Middle-East is going through a serious change, which has been sharpened since the Second Lebanon War. This process has brought about a change in the Arab frame of mind. Israel is no longer considered their biggest problem. This is a revolutionary thought.”

Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin said Israel sees the

    “initiative as interesting and as the possible basis for a dialogue. We’re not being more specific than that because we need to really sit down and study it.”

Instead Israel should rename the plan, the “Capitulation Plan”, and use the new name when referring to it

March 29, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. Day by day it appears that more and more of our leaders…the US, Israel, England, et al…are graduates of the University of Socialist Government. There can be no compromising with the islamofascists, communists or any other group were the lives of freedom loving peoples are placed in danger. If these characters really think that the Arab world is going stop at the line drawn in the sand they do not deserve to be called leaders of democratic governments and countries.

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