The China virus is the new climate change

By Andrea Widburg, AM THINKER

Joe Biden is betting on the China virus to put him in the White House. It’s not just that whining about the virus is all he’s got to oppose Trump’s believable promises that he’ll repeat his extraordinary economic success, create peace in the Middle East, and continue stabilizing the border (which hugely benefits blacks and Hispanics). Instead, Biden is focusing on the China virus because it’s replaced climate change as a way to control Americans.

Up until February, leftists never stopped talking about climate change. They claimed it was and would be responsible for just about everything bad in the world. The following is a minute portion of climate change evils pulled from a list of hundreds of claimed climate horrors:

AcneLonger plane flightsagricultural land increaseAfghan poppies destroyedAfrica devastatedAfrica in conflictAfrican aid threatenedAfrican summer frostaggressive weedsMore Toxic Poison Ivyair pressure changesairport malariaAgulhas currentAlaska reshapedmovesallergy season longeralligators in the ThamesAlps meltingAmazon a desertAmerican dream endamphibians breeding earlier (or not)anaphylactic reactions to bee stingsancient forests dramatically changedanimals head for the hillsanimals shrinkAntarctic grass flourishesAntarctic ice growsAntarctic ice shrinks

Conservatives often ask, “Is there anything climate change can’t do?” The answer is “no,” because leftists need climate hysteria to achieve two goals: Less human activity and more government control. Naturally, neither goal involves clamping down on China, which accounts for a disproportionate amount of the world’s CO2 output.

The problem with climate change, though, is that the promised apocalypse never comes. The Competitive Enterprise Institute put together a list of apocalyptic predictions, none of which occurred. The world did not end in 1975, 1980, 2000, 2013, 2018, or any other year. With each failed prediction, the Climatistas find it harder to insist that Americans bake in the summer, freeze in the winter, pay $10 for a gallon of gas, and pay higher taxes for climate remediation and wealth redistribution to prevent imminent climate death.

For Democrats, the China virus came along just in time. It’s an even better deal than climate change. While climate predictions invariably fail, the China virus has already proven to kill people (although astute observers understand that the deaths are mostly clustered around the aged and sick).

Unsurprisingly, when Americans saw what looked like the beginning of mass death, they panicked. That panic saw people readily yield to government diktats, all of which were ostensibly to control the virus.

For leftists, who have spent decades cultivating climate change panic with limited success, the China virus was like a magic wand. Suddenly, it was a piece of cake to decrease greenhouse gases by confining people to their homes, well away from those dirty cars and factories.

Banging the drum about systematic racism was also simple when the numbers showed that the virus affected blacks and Hispanics more severely than whites. Nobody cared that this might be because of black and Hispanic lifestyle factors or that blacks and Hispanics are chronically Vitamin D deficient. (Vitamin D deficiency may be a significant factor in severe Covid infections.)

Blue state Democrats destroyed their economies, increasing the number of people dependent on the government. They wiped out Mom and Pop stores while enriching the big guys (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), most of which are generous Democrat party donors. They told people what they could buy and what they couldn’t.

The virus is also justifying ideological assaults. Leftists are currently trying to shut down the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford because they disagree with the Institution’s preferred approach to dealing with the virus.

For Democrats hungry for power, 2020 has been glorious – and now, Joe Biden promises more of the same:



For conservatives, the question is no longer “Is there anything climate change can’t do?” Instead, we now ask, “Is there anything the China virus can’t do?” And when it comes to increasing Democrats’ control over Americans, the answer is “no.”

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