The Completely Fraudulent COVID-19 Fatality Timeline: From 40 Million… to 2 Million… to 200,000… to 81,766… to 60,415 Deaths

By Jim Hoft, GATEWAY PUNDIT April 8, 2020 at 12:09pm

Dr. Fauci pushing a narrative

** On March 16th, British “experts” at Imperial College in Great Britain warned of 40,000,000 global coronavirus deaths if the West did not act and shut down society.

The prediction included  1 million to 2 million deaths in the US.

** On Sunday March 29th the “experts” reduced their estimates to 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the United States.

** On Sunday April 5th the IHME “experts” again dropped their estimates to 81,766 coronavirus deaths in the United States by August.

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On Wednesday April 8th the IHME dropped their estimates again down to 60,415 deaths by August.


They are literally making it up as they go along.
Open the economy.

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  1. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Hi, Sebastian. That’s how exponential growth works. I expect another doubling in 3-4 days — which means exactly what you’re seeing: more deaths in the next few days than the total so far in the entire pandemic.

    Because people have been more compliant than expected (This is especially so here in Oregon, where we are going through isolation with neighborliness and good spirits), the curve has been starting to bend downward. Hopefully, it will flatten out in a month or so.

    The virus has hit Jewish communities especially hard, because you are such a social community; and the death rate is high because Jews in the US are older than average. “Patient Zero” of the Westchester-centered spread probably got the virus from his children who had recently returned from Israel. They, in turn, may have gotten infected via the Diamond Princess in Japan. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. However it began, the NY-NJ cases are the majority of US cases.

  2. @ Michael S:
    Yes, exactly. And, “Coming Attractions”/” Coming to a Theater [of war?] Near You:” “Russia sees its largest rise in new coronavirus case yet with 1,786 new infections bringing the total to 11,917
    Deaths also rose by 18 to 94, according to Moscow’s crisis response centre
    Doctors are treating all pneumonia patients for Covid-19 without waiting for test
    Russia has reported relatively low outbreak but this has been roundly questioned”


    “Coronavirus: New York has more cases than any country
    8 hours ago”

    and, ominously,

    “White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says
    The alert was sent to local police agencies by federal officials.
    Josh Margolin
    March 23, 2020, 1:41 PM
    4 min read


    and “Biological jihad? Turkey sending coronavirus infected migrants to Greece

    and “…Hamas Threatens: Rockets Will Force Israelis To Congregate In Shelters, Thus Increasing The Spread Of The Coronavirus Among Them…”

    and, I can’t find it, now, but, a video, from I forget which pro-Israel FB group, there are quite a few, popped up in my newsfeed of a NY mullah urging infected Muslims to spit on Jews.

    I found the reference to the MEMRI article in: “Hamas Wants Americans Dead of Coronavirus, Democrats Want to Send Hamas Aid”
    “They talk about 25 million infected people in just one of the 50 states. Allah be praised.”

    Tue Apr 7, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

  3. ” . . .even some so-called mild or common-cold-type coronaviruses that have been known for decades can have case fatality rates as high as 8% when they infect elderly people in nursing homes. In fact, such “mild” coronaviruses infect tens of millions of people every year, and account for 3% to 11% of those hospitalized in the U.S. with lower respiratory infections each winter.

    “These “mild” coronaviruses may be implicated in several thousands of deaths every year worldwide, though the vast majority of them are not documented with precise testing. Instead, they are lost as noise among 60 million deaths from various causes every year.” From an article published on March 17 by John P.A. Ionnides, M.D., who is one of the world’s leading experts on innacuracies in medical testing and false claims about medical treatments.

    He also says that many people die each year from complications of the common cold, especially among vulnerable populations such as the elderly. Many people who die after experiencing severe respiratory symptoms are found on autopsy to test positive for many potentially lethal viruses and bacteria, making it difficult to know which caused their death. Or some combination of many pathogens may have made them sick.

    As a result, the rush to lock down the wold without first conducting enough tests to find out what is really going on with SARS-CoVid-2 is a big mistake.
    The lockdown could end up killing many more people than the virus.

  4. @ Shmuel Mohalever:
    My 95 year old mother was in a sub acute rehab in Manhattan, which has the lowest incidence of the virus in the city, for an unrelated injury and got out Tuesday after being there for about a month. She does not have the virus. Every Wednesday at 10:30am, there is a number anybody can call to listen in on a conference line while they do an update. Last week, the report was as follows

    52 residents tested. 28 confirmed, 19 in house, 6 died, 3 transferred to hospital. 3

    2 days ago it was 88 tested, 66 confirmed, 44 in-house, deaths, 17, transferred to hospital 6.

    And this just popped up. “Hundreds of bodies are being recovered from New York City homes every day but are NOT included in coronavirus death count even if they had symptoms – as the city increases burials in mass graves on Hart Island
    Data from the NYC fire department shows that 1,125 people died in their homes or on the street in the first five days of April alone
    It is more than eight times the number of deaths recorded this time last year when 131 people died
    The fire department data is based on information collected during 911 calls involving cardiac or respiratory arrest with fever and cough
    While those symptoms could also fit diseases such as influenza, the steep rise coincides with the surge in coronavirus cases and deaths in New York City
    Paramedics have not been testing people for coronavirus if they die at home or on the street – suggesting the COVID-19 death toll could be higher
    The city has now shortened the amount of time it will hold unclaimed remains before they are buried on Hart Island – the city’s public cemetery
    It comes as aerial images captured contracted laborers burying about 40 cases in a huge trench on Hart Island on Thursday

    PUBLISHED: 10:17 EDT, 10 April 2020 | UPDATED: 12:32 EDT, 10 April 2020”

  5. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    Several mayors of Italian Cities also said deaths from Covid-19 were UNDER REPORTED in their cities by a lot! I saw this on TV with the mayor’s reporting this.

  6. Italy has reported more than 132,000 coronavirus cases and more than 16,000 deaths, but that’s likely an underestimate, as only people who die in hospitals are counted in the national tally. Others at home or in nursing homes may not have been tested for COVID-19 at all.

    At one nursing home in Nembro, a town in northern Italy, 33 people have died since the outbreak began. They include Agnese Magoni, a housekeeper who loved walks in the garden, and Giulio Bonomi, a carpenter and bookworm.

    They died of COVID-19, doctors say, but they weren’t tested before they died, so they don’t appear in the country’s death toll. The virus struck so hard and so fast at the nursing home, those infected never made it to a hospital.

  7. @ Sebastien Zorn: Sebastien, I am extremely pleased that your mother is OK.

    Is this “conference call” only for the residents of your mother’s residence? Or for the whole city? Not a rhetorical question: I would really like to know the answer.

  8. “For around two weeks now, research has been carried out in the Heinsberg district on how far the corona virus has already spread. Virologist Hendrik Streeck presented the first interim results on Thursday (April 9th, 2020). According to this, in the particularly affected community of Gangelt, 15 percent of the more than 500 test subjects had a current or already survived infection.

    HIV-Forscher Professor Hendrick Streeck von der Uniklinik Bonn galerie Virologist Hendrik Streeck
    Lower mortality?
    The study also makes new statements on the coronavirus mortality rate. So far, the renowned Johns Hopkins University assumes that 1.98 percent of those infected die in Germany. Due to the fact that the Heinsberger study now also includes previously undiscovered infections and the total number of corona sufferers is higher, the death rate for Gangelt is only 0.37 percent.

    A total of around 1,000 people took part in the study. The interim results now available come from around half of the subjects.”

    I am quoting from the Google translation of a regional German newspaper. It says that 15% of people in this smallish German city have have had or still have the novel coronavirus in their systems, but that many of them have acquired immunity to the virus. This means that the number of people who got sick from the virus is only slightly larger than those who get sick from flu viruses. Even more important, it means that there are large numbers of people who have immunity to the disease, and who should be allowed to go back to work and move around freely. These individuals could also create “herd immunity” by interrupting the chain of transmission to other people who don’t yet have immunity. In other words, if large numbers of people who do not have immunity are now released from home detention, they and nearly everyone may soon acquire immunity to the virus. Obviously, as local immunologists say, many more tests involving larger numbers of subjects (this one tested only 500 people), in many other areas need to be tested before larged numbers of people are “freed.” But I wish our government here in the u.S., as well as in Germany and everywhere else, would begin these studies immediately.

  9. @ Shmuel Mohalever:
    Thank you, Shmuel. To answer your question, It’s for families of patients but anybody can call. You call the main number and the recording gives you another number anybody can call on Wednesdays at 10:30am to listen in. It doesn’t make you prove your identity but I honestly don’t know if there is a limit to the number of people who can be on a conference call at one time. I wouldn’t want to crash the system out of curiosity. But, my mother is already discharged and not in the computer but I was able to call in and listen.

  10. @ Michael S:
    “hit Jewish communities especially hard, because you are such a social community”
    Are the Amish not a social community (and many other sects)?
    I haven’t heard that they are suffering excessively from the virus.

  11. @ Reader:
    I don’t know what the cause is, Reader. I have simply been following the data, and seeing if I can discern a pattern. I am surprized that Israel’s worst enemies got struck first: China, Iran and the EU. Then (assuming God is the author of this plague) He hit the US, starting with the “blue” (very anti-Israel) states of Washington and California. The ones who really got off lightly were the Africans, Indians and, initially, Latin Americans. These are places that usually vote against Israel in the UN, but otherwise are not actively trying to exterminate the country.

    Then New York City got struck, with an Orthodox Jew from Westchester as “Patient Zero”. He, in turn, may have gotten infected by one of his sons who had recently visited Israel. Then, because of the many, many social interactions the family had within the Jewish community, that group unwittingly became super-spreaders, making NY-NJ the host of most of the COVID-19 deaths in the country.

    The pandemic in Israel had multiple causes, but possibly the worst was the Diamond Princess cruise ship — another intensely social setting. A business conference in Boston led to infections in Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina; a national Church convention in Louisville spawned cases in California, DC and elsewhere. In New Orleans, the Mardi Gras was probably responsible for the great spread, and we will likely soon see a surge in the country from Spring Break college students returning to their college towns or homes.

    Overseas, super-spreading situations arose in South Korea (a messianic Christian cult), Malaysia (and also India, I believe — Islamic missionary conferences). a carnival in Germany, and, interestingly, medical conferences in Japan and Singapore.

    The people hit the first and the hardest, after the citizens of Wuhan and Hubei, were the “Jet-Setters”, a class of successful, influential people; immediately afterward, the major economies of the world fell on their backsides. This, by the way, would EXCLUDE the Amish — a group that both you and Edgar seemed to eerily be in agreement on zeroing in on.

    Most people don’t give God the glory in sending this plague; but if you were God, why do you suppose you would hit the people you did? The 9/11 attacks, which I also attribute to our Maker, struck at the principal idols of the world, the symbols of economic, military and political power. The 2008 Lehman Brothers economic plague, one sh’mitah cycle to the day from 9/11, struck the leaders of the Globalist economic powers; and the current plague seems to be trickling to the mid-level Bourgeoisie.

    God seems to be striking at the very backbone of our materialist culture, the people and institutions we have come to trust in rather than God. First, He has warned us; but as we repeatedly refuses to heed His warnings, He is moving on to judgment. That’s how I read the current situation, which I believe is only beginning.

  12. @ Michael S:
    I don’t think Edgar and I were “zeroing in” on the Amish, it is just a very well known group. I could have said “Anabaptists” instead of “Amish” – it would include a lot more people but I doubt that most people would know who I was talking about.

  13. @ Reader:

    Quite right Reader. I was not zeroing in on anyone, but merely answering a position that a particular group was being blamed, So I was saying “why them, why not these”, sort of comment- a throw-away item. I think I even brought in the “Shakers” as a matter of interest, as I felt that very few had even heard of them, and I was lucky enough to have seen their last praying performance -done especially for posterity,

    Certain posters, having a “bee in the bonnet” are inclined to connect totally unconnected events so as to tortuously produce a “fact” for their particular “bee”……

    {I sincerely hope that you and yours are keeping safe…..And I’m extremely happy that all our regular posters re OK… P.G. I haven’t seen anything from Adam lately , hope he’s OK-}

    I also brought in the Doukhobors, just as a point of interest. That they could be also sometimes dangerously mashuga, was just a little “icing”, as I was right there when it all happened Just being “informational” !!

    The Hutterites, Amish, and similar groups, seem to be mostly agricultural, more widely spread out, not likely to be in close contact, except for prayer meetings, neighbourly visits, etc. (maybe also local markets) which, I’m sure, being law abiding, they will have suspended, so should have a comparatively low amount of infection-

  14. @ Edgar G.:
    “not likely to be in close contact”
    I think the difference here is not the amount of contact WITH EACH OTHER but the amount of contact WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD (where they can catch infections).
    The Amish, etc. don’t routinely ride the subways (although I saw them on a Greyhound bus a few years ago), don’t shop in crowded city stores where the population is very diverse and anyone they meet could be a carrier of the virus. As far as their contacts with each other, they are, probably, even more extensive because they work together a lot, etc.
    In terms of their rate of infection – why do we assume it’s LOW? Has anybody checked?
    I am OK so far.
    The economic and social implications of the lockdown are making me increasingly nervous.
    I don’t think the recovery will happen as they expect.

  15. @ Michael S:
    “all wanting to live together!”
    The majority of the Jews who live in New York just ended up there when their ancestors came to the US through the New York harbor, and never left.
    There was a huge number of Jewish immigrants in the beginning of the 20th century coming to New York.

  16. @ Reader:

    Well yes, I assumed that some would be in contact with the “outside world “, as they would have both farm produce and some manufactured goods (like hand rubbed furniture) to sell, and therefore would catch it, and pass it on to their community–but in far lesser amount. Even if you think they would congregate, I think they’d obey Gvt Orders.

    I may be older, but I still have all my marbles” T.G-D-

  17. @ Reader:
    “Jews in New York City comprise approximately 13 percent of the city’s population, making the Jewish community the largest in the world outside of Israel. As of 2014, 1.1 million Jews live in the five boroughs of New York City, and 2 million Jews live in New York State overall.[1] Jews have immigrated to New York City since the first settlement in Dutch New Amsterdam in 1654, most notably at the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century, when the Jewish population rose from about 80,000 in 1880 to 1.5 million in 1920. The large Jewish population has led to a significant impact on the culture of New York City.[2] After many decades of decline in the 20th century, the Jewish population of New York City has seen a sharp increase in the 21st century, owing to the high birth rate of the Hasidic and Orthodox communities.[3]”

  18. @ Edgar G.:
    This is exactly what I was saying – that the Jewish population’s contact WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD (and, therefore, their opportunity to catch the virus) would be much more frequent than that of the rural Amish.

  19. @ Reader:

    I agree absolutely; also the Haredi close contact with one another. Their religiosity borders on the insane sometimes, and they’d be the last to cease gathering for minyanim, which, in fact, would be likely the usual “full-house” attendance- especially at Yeshivas.. We both have seen the published pictures of the huge rooms full of yeshiva bochers bending over their studies…ignoring the distancing order-

  20. @ Edgar G.:
    “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned the Jewish community that synagogues that continue to defy coronavirus regulations and hold services will be permanently shut down.
    While the majority of synagogues have closed in accordance with city orders aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus by limiting social gathering, others have stayed open.”

  21. @ Reader:
    “White supremacists reportedly urge members to infect cops, Jews with coronavirus” “Racist groups including neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are urging people in their ranks to contract the coronavirus in order to infect Jews and police officers, according to a report.

    ABC News obtained an alert from the FBI’s New York office to local police agencies saying that “members of extremist groups are encouraging one another to spread the virus, if contracted, through bodily fluids and personal interactions.”

    “FBI: Neo-Nazis on Mission to Spread Coronavirus to Jews, Police”

  22. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    I think De Blasio is overreacting and what he is threatening to do is illegal. This lockdown is pure idiocy, in my opinion, because once the lockdown is lifted, the number of infections and deaths will shoot up again until enough people is infected/develop immunity/recover/die.
    The virus is here to stay, and there may be another wave of COVID-19 in the Fall of 2020/Winter2021 – how long will this destruction of the economy and people’s lives and freedom go on?

  23. “Bonner: The Feds’ Disaster Deepens
    Bonner & PartnersApr 11, 2020
    SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA — The plague will pass.

    The most recent reports show the virus may be losing its deadly oomph. Since April 4, the death count outside of New York is down, not up.

    And here’s another interesting piece of the puzzle…

    According to the National Center for Health Statistics, deaths from pneumonia this year are running about 1,000 per week fewer than usual.

    Most likely, normal, seasonal pneumonia deaths are being counted as COVID-19 virus fatalities… making the newcomer seem worse than it really is.”

    From today’s Money and Markets site. The “decrease” in pneumonia deaths is almost identical to the supposed increase in COVID-19 deaths.

  24. @ Reader:

    “infections and deaths will shoot up again until enough people is infected/develop immunity/recover/die.”

    The problem with that thinking, Reader (and Shmuel, who holds a similar view), is that for folks like Edgar (Yes, I am actually rooting for him to live), me and others, is that we would almost certainly “/die”. Without COVID bugging us, we still potentially have considerable mileage left in our antique machines — which, for all we know, God might consider “classics”. Would you want a ’53 Studebaker or a ’56 T-bird sent to the crusher, just because it has “underlying conditions”?

  25. @ Michael S:
    ” folks like Edgar… me and others… would almost certainly “/die”.”
    First of all, Shmuel (Adam) and I are definitely no youngsters either, and well into the so-called “high-risk” age group, and we do not wish anyone dead including ourselves (sorry for speaking for you, Adam, but I think it’s a safe assumption to make of anyone except of the really mentally disturbed) – so save your guilt trip, Michael, for someone else.
    Any virus will eventually SPREAD over the whole population and MUTATE quickly and often. A virus is a PARASITIC MOLECULE. A speck of dust, probably, looks like a mountain in comparison.
    You can certainly keep up the hand washing and other measures that work and even lock yourself in indefinitely and rush to use any vaccine they’ll eventually come up with (even if it has a nanochip and God knows what else in it).
    I think it should be up to each person to make these choices directed by a group of the best virology and epidemiology experts from all over the world and not by money- and power-hungry politicians and plutocrats (like Bill Gates) who may have their own agenda unrelated to public health.
    The top priority must be finding the medications and treatments that work to save lives and for the scientists to learn as much as they can about the virus.

  26. Virginia pastor who defiantly held church service dies of coronavirus

    He practiced what he preached — then he died of coronavirus.

    An evangelical pastor died of COVID-19 just weeks after proudly showing off how packed his Virginia church was — and vowing to keep preaching “unless I’m in jail or the hospital.”

    In his last known in-person service on March 22, Bishop Gerald O. Glenn got his congregation at Richmond’s New Deliverance Evangelistic Church to stand to prove how many were there despite warnings against gatherings of more than 10 people.

    “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus. You can quote me on that,” he said, repeating it a second time to claps, saying that “people are healed” in his church

  27. @ Bear Klein:
    “Virginia pastor” 2.
    How do you know that he wouldn’t die from it even if he stayed at home, etc.? He had a pretty bad underlying condition and looked old.

  28. The Bishop’s wife, Marcietia Glenn, is also infected with COVID-19. So holding the packed prayer service was not too smart. He clearly made a choice and lost defying the order not to have too many people in one location and increasing the chances of getting Covd-19 and spreading it.

  29. @ Bear Klein:
    You assume he caught it from one of the congregants (which is not necessarily true) and then passed it on to his wife.
    In reality, it is impossible to tell how he got infected.
    He could have gotten it FROM his wife, his daughter, a neighbor, etc., etc. (or a congregant).
    But it is easier and more satisfying to think that it came from his “defiant” behavior.
    How is his congregation doing? Are they getting sick a lot (I hope not)?

  30. @ ReaderCan you prove he did not get the Covid-19 from one of the other church members? Can you prove he did not pass it on?

    Clearly the odds increased by his reckless behavior towards getting exposed and/or passing on Covid-19. Maybe he and his wife got it at church or elsewhere. Social distancing compliance clearly would have been the wiser course of action unless one wants to spread sickness and death!

  31. @ Bear Klein:
    “Can you prove”? No.
    But YOU can’t prove he did get it from one of the other church members, either, and YOU can’t prove that he did pass it on.
    He did what he chose to do.
    The outcome might have been different if he decided to close the church and stay at home, or it might not. Or he could have caught the virus after the end of the lockdown.
    We’ll never know.
    I think one can take reasonable precautions (hand washing, hygiene, cleaning, etc.) but hiding successfully from a molecule is in the realm of fantasy.

  32. Meeting in large groups spreads the virus the fastest. Some like the dead Bishop find that acceptable. I find it stupid, reckless, and irresponsible behavior.

    The LA Times recently reported that three-quarters of a group of singers who attended a 60-person choir practice got the COVID-19 virus, even though none showed symptoms at the practice.

    Last month, 14 NBA players, coaches, and staff tested positive for the coronavirus. Half of them didn’t have symptoms when they were diagnosed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  33. We are all going to die anyway so we might as well run across a freeway full of cars. We do not need to stop at stoplights because we are all going to die someday anyway. Most reasonable people do not do this because it is obviously dangerous and want to live.

    The argument that it is okay to gather in large crowds is not accepted by most people because of the dangerous of Covid-19. There are people like the Bishop who believed he would be safe in Church. He is dead and his wife is sick and very likely many of the parishioners caught Covid-19. It was a reckless, irresponsible and stupid act convening the prayer service. Defending that act is also just argumentative and basically stupid.

  34. The Bishop’s daughter learned the hard-way about Covid-19 (a dead father and sick mother)

    She is now urging everyone to stay home.

    “It becomes very real to you,” she told WTVR after her parents’ diagnoses.

    “I just beg people to understand the severity and the seriousness of this, because people are saying it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone around us.”

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