The Deep State Needs Trump to Win

Whether They Know It or Not

By Erik Carlson, BADLANDS MEDIA   15 April 2024

I understand the title sounds crazy and kind of like ‘click bait,’ but hear me out. I promise I’m not saying Donald Trump is working with the Deep State, or that he is a part of the Deep State. What I’m going to try to explain is that the Deep State can’t afford for things to continue on its current trajectory.

At some point, the ship needs to be righted. If disorderliness goes unchecked, it becomes chaos. If riots are allowed to persist, it turns into lawlessness. The inmates can only be allowed to run the asylum for so long before the asylum is closed for business.

What we’ve experienced over the past seven years is unprecedented.

The Deep State has controlled and manipulated virtually everything for decades, for centuries. But seven years ago, something happened that shook the Deep State to its foundation: a president came into office who the Deep State didn’t control. In fact, that president also had the singular goal of destroying the Deep State. This presented quite a challenge for the Deep State, which had relied on having the game completely rigged up to that point in time.

When it became apparent that Trump would be sitting in the Oval Office, Deep State master plans that would normally take 40-50 years to slowly roll out turned into emergency plans that needed to be rolled out in 40-50 days. Needless to say, these plans weren’t well thought out, and the heat was turned up so aggressively on the pot of water, that frogs began to jump out left and right.

The Deep State had to turn the heat up so quickly, Americans began to wake up.

The Deep State had to create a more exaggerated state of chaos and fear, and what we now have is a nation that is redlining. Intentionally-set brush fires are becoming raging forest fires. A manipulated economy has become an economy on the verge of collapse. If pushed further, inflation could become hyperinflation. Open borders have created lawless cities. The fake news media has become an entity that no one trusts or believes, as no one is even tuning in anymore.

In order for the 0.1% to control the 99.9%, there must remain some level of order—controlled chaos. Without at least a semblance of order, the 0.1% loses all of its power. In order for a parasite to exist, its host must remain alive. If the parasite kills its host, the parasite dies as well.

If the American economy collapses, the Deep State can no longer manipulate it for their gain. If NYC becomes a war zone, the elites won’t be able to leave their penthouse apartments to dine at the finest restaurants or shop at the high-end shops. If the US Dollar goes into hyperinflation, the Deep State won’t be able to steal money fast enough to make it worth their while.

This is the thing that people need to understand about American politics—the Uniparty, it’s like pro wrestling. It’s like the WWE, where you have babyfaces (good guys) and heels (bad guys,) and the wrestling federation determines who is whom. The matchmaker determines who will win the matches. The wrestlers get together before the matches to discuss how the match will play out, but they can’t go against the predetermined outcome of the match. After the matches, these wrestlers who act as though they hate each other go out for a beer and share a laugh.

American politics is no different.

Some politicians are chosen to be conservatives, and some are chosen to be liberals. How an American naturally leans determines who they see as the babyface and who they see as the heel.

For decades, the outcomes of elections have been predetermined.

Americans have been given two candidates to choose from, but both have always been under the control of the Deep State—a Uniparty system. Some politicians have pushed back against that Deep State control and have been killed, shot or run out of DC, but the vast majority stay in line, fully under Deep State control. Before Trump, no presidential nominee had ever been fully outside of the Deep State’s control. Trump threw a monkey wrench into the system. A rigged system now had a prize fighter enter the ring that not only refused to pull his punches, but refused to take a dive in the third round.

In the past, in a fully Uniparty system, the Deep State could swing the pendulum back and forth from liberal to conservative. They could swing from over-regulation to under-regulation, from policies that strengthen the American economy to policies that bleed the economy. They could swing from corporate growth to government growth, from conservative values to liberal values. From Bush to Clinton. From Clinton to Bush Jr. and from Bush Jr. to Obama.

They could do this because they controlled both sides of everything.

These pendulum swings are necessary to keep the system from breaking.

As with a parasite, its host must remain alive. One of the best ways for a parasite to stay alive is to go unnoticed, and like a parasite, the rigged political system must not appear to exist, and must appear to be democratic. But the pendulum swings that give the appearance of a free-market democracy have all been controlled.

America can only be bled for so long before it needs to be given time to create more blood cells so that it can be bled again at a later time. The economy can be pushed to the brink of collapse, but at some point, it has to be allowed to become somewhat healthier again. Americans’ savings accounts can only be plundered for so long, and Americans’ psyches can only be demoralized for so long before they require a respite.

For the past three years, it has been like Americans have been on a diet of Mountain Dew and Flaming Hot Doritos. One can only live like this for so long before Type-2 Diabetes and morbid obesity sets in. At some point, actual nutrition is necessary. The past three years have recalled a race car redlining without a break; eventually, the engine will blow.

In the past, when the Deep State siphoned trillions of dollars from Americans and the American economy through taxes, inflation, and government programs, they could occasionally take their foot off the gas pedal and give Americans a break for a while, allowing them to get their heads above water again. But now, the Deep State looks over to the other side of the pendulum, where they would normally swing after the destruction of the economy through carbon taxes, green new deals, inflation and the funding of illegal aliens, and what do they see?

They don’t see Bush Jr. or Bush Sr.; they see Donald J. Trump.

Normally, the other side of the pendulum—the conservative side—meant proxy wars and military spending. The bogus taxes, regulation and government programs of the liberal pendulum swing could be offset by the wars and the rebuilding of war-torn countries with the conservative swing. The pendulum swings one way, then the other.

But now the Deep State looks to the conservative side of the pendulum, and they see a bunch of RINOs and Neocons who have lost their power, held captive by MAGA and America First. The Deep State find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they allow their host to die, or do they take their chances with America First?

The Deep State can’t have it all; they can’t have their cake and eat it, too.

Are they beginning to understand this?

They can remain on an overcrowded lifeboat that will eventually capsize, killing everyone on board, or they can throw a quarter or half of the people off the lifeboat and into the ocean to hopefully save the rest. Without being able to control both ends of the pendulum swing, some Deep State members must go down.

The Deep State currently faces a game of musical chairs where there are ten players and only five chairs. Who will get the chairs and who will be left standing? We know the Cabal Family members won’t be left standing, but who will be left standing when the music stops? Former Presidents, CEOs, media moguls, government agency heads, Congressmen and Senators … celebrities?

Knowing there won’t be enough chairs for all of the Deep State players, who will begin to jockey for position? Who will cut a deal? Who will work with the Trump Administration to avoid the electric chair?

I used to wonder, and still do to a certain extent, what will the Deep State do on their way out the door this year?

They could be viewed as a wounded and cornered animal. Wounded and cornered animals often lash out. What might the Deep State do to cause chaos and destruction on their way out the door?

But now I am also beginning to wonder, who will cut a deal to save themselves? Who will work with the White Hats, and who is already working with them?

No one wants to be the last man standing in this game of musical chairs. If you are the last man standing, you lose, and you will be the one who takes the fall.

How many false flag events have been and will be diverted due to Deep State players selling out their Deep State partners? Did the Baltimore Bridge collapse occur at 1:30am to avoid mass casualties? Did this occur due to intelligence received? Was another bridge collapse diverted later in the New York Harbor, when another cargo ship lost power? Was this a diverted false flag that came from cooperating Deep State members? There is no way for you or me to know at this time.

Who knows how many major false flag events have already been diverted the past three years. I do believe the Biden Administration has been operating with a Devolution safety net underneath it. Reversible things like inflation have occurred, but irreversible things like US troops losing their lives on foreign soil have been avoided, or rather not allowed.

I used to fear an information blackout, where the alternative media and social media would be shut down. But who now owns Twitter? Who owns Truth Social? What if things are even more extreme and the internet is taken down? Who owns Starlink? How can one continue to be deathly afraid of an information blackout when this is the case?

If the Deep State Biden Administration was in full control, how does one explain the fact that US troops aren’t dying in foreign wars?

I understand that this usually occurs during the Neocon, RINO swing of the pendulum, but the Neocons and RINOs no longer have any power, and the Democrats fully understand they won’t keep the White House in 2025. If the Deep State had the power that many believe they still have, the US would have been drafting young Americans into a foreign war by now.

To wrap things up, I think the Deep State understands that they will no longer be able to operate the way they have in America for the past century once Trump is back in the White House. This is why they are transitioning their power to NATO, the UN, and the EU.

(By the way, it was just reported that Germany is finally funding NATO at the levels it has been obligated to do, but hasn’t for years. Why all of a sudden are they doing it now?)

It’s strange how facts keep coming out that back up my crazy claims.

Not everyone will go down when Trump becomes POTUS again. If they all went down, the American economy would likely collapse, and a civil war would probably occur. Think about the billionaires that are reportedly building bunkers. Are those bunkers to protect them from The Trump Administration?

Not likely. More likely, it is to protect them from the people.

What is it Q said?

“They won’t be able to walk down the street.”

Deals have been made, and deals will continue to be made. This is necessary. Not everyone will receive the punishment we believe they deserve; we can’t allow this to take away from our joy. We can’t allow this to take away from the accomplishment we are on the verge of achieving.

The Deep State knows it’s almost over; this is why they are fleeing to Europe the way the Nazi’s once fled to South America. This is why they are cutting deals wherever they can.

Out of desperation of losing control, the Deep State needed to push things harder than the system could handle.

They are now aware that they broke their Deep State system. They are aware that Trump not only will become POTUS again, but they begrudgingly understand that he NEEDS to become POTUS again.

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