By Joan Swirsky, CONSERVATIVE N&V 
Franklin D. Roosevelet. The abandonment of the Jews began with him. Obama then copied his disastrous policies, with predictable results.

In 1984, David S. Wyman, a professor of history at Amherst College, published The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941–1945, in which he documented the degree to which leftist icons like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were presented with irrefutable evidence of Jewish genocide yet did nothing to stop the mass murder of six-million Jews in Hitler’s Europe.

Abandonment of the Jews began with FDR

Jewish leaders, having an “audience” with FDR implored him, beseeched him to intervene in this unprecedented annihilation. They showed him graphic evidence of:

  • Jews being herded into asphyxiating cattle cars on their way to concentration camps,
  • Jewish infants and children being ripped from the arms of their parents,
  • Jews clawing at the walls of gas chambers until their last gasping deaths.

(See the 1956 motion picture Night and Fog, in which Michel Bouquet narrates these and similar scenes. – Ed.)

But FDR did nothing! If any politician in the last thousand years has blood on his hands, Franklin Delano Roosevelt has.

And yet, leftist American Jews—to this day—celebrate his presidency.

Why the abandonment of the Jews – and why Jews refused to acknowledge it

Now we know why, thanks to a few honest historians, among them:

Why? Because to leftists like FDR and his toadying adherents, nothing on earth took precedence over actualizing their political agenda. Which was—and remains to this day—total government control over the immensely stupid masses, the deplorables, the people who don’t understand the imperative of handing over their destinies to the Regressive powers-that-be.

With friends like these, the Jews had no need of enemies!

Many of the Jews who survived the Holocaust and ended up in America had already been physically, mentally and emotionally destroyed. So they wanted desperately to be in the good graces of anyone who promised to protect them. A sentiment that savvy leftist politicians like FDR were quick to exploit.

Aiding and abetting Roosevelt—and every Democrat regime to this day—were the leftwing media. This same media covered for the socialist phony FDR, concealed his racism and camouflaged his anti-Semitism.

The abandonment of the Jews paralleled the sheepish acquiescence in tyranny.

Today these media whores are doing the exact same thing in covering for the Obama-Biden regime that we now know are mobilizing their virulently anti-Semitic minions—including the Jew haters in Black Lives Matter and Antifa—to demonize Jews and Israel relentlessly and ruthlessly every day in every way.

A brief respite from the abandonment of the Jews after the War

After the Holocaust, American Jews still suffered from the vicious quotas that major universities like Harvard and Yale, and many other institutions of “higher” learning, imposed on them. So did the medical schools that wouldn’t accept them and law firms that wouldn’t hire them. This is why so many major medical institutions and powerful law practices in America were established by Jews. But for the most part florid anti-Semitism went underground. Because the growing awareness of Hitler’s genocide silenced even the most fanatical Jew haters.

(See, for instance, the motion pictures Crossfire and Gentleman’s Agreement, both from 1947. – Ed.)

Founding the first anti-hatred organizations

Even though Jews had arrived on America’s shores centuries ago— since colonial times—and loved and embraced the freedom that America promised, and contributed mightily to the betterment of our country, the metastatic virus of Jew Hatred followed them.

In response, Jewish community leaders established organizations to:

  • Combat the hatred,
  • Provide crucial and illuminating information to the uninformed, and
  • Support political figures who enacted legislation against Jew haters and other racists.

Help is on the way – or is it?

Jewish advocacy organizations functioned with tremendous efficacy, many for over a century, before they were contaminated and compromised—starting in the 1960s—by leftist Jews who replaced Judaism with their new-found religion of “social justice.”

Moral relativism and PC – setting up another abandonment of the Jews

Today, most of those once-powerful organizations are wholly under the ownership and control of leftist billionaires. These new owners have a fetish for multiculturalism. And that includes the notion that Jews who build symphonies and medical centers in Israel are equal to “Palestinians” who strap homicide bombs onto their three-year-olds.

(Moral relativism appears here – a corrosive influence no people can tolerate. – Ed.)

Multicultural Moral Relativism: A Nation-Killer


They also subscribe to political correctness—the idea that organized anti-Semitic groups on college campuses throughout our country can express their hatred for Jews and Israel at will under the rubric of Free Speech, but that Jewish students who protest these assaults can be physically and verbally attacked with total impunity because of cowardly college presidents who are either anti-Semites themselves or have been handsomely paid-off by leftist moneybags or Arab money.

An instructive, and chilling, contemporary example

A particularly egregious case is that of college student Louis Shenker—chillingly documented by writer Victor Rosenthal—whose time spent at UMass made him the triple victim of the hate-conservatives/hate-Jews/hate-Trump students and its faculty which relentlessly harassed, tortured and expelled him on false grounds. Shenker’s lawyers are now asking for $27 million in penalties for the school’s violence against him.

Fake advocates facilitate the abandonment of the Jews

Dozens of Jewish organizations have prostituted themselves by throwing their lot into the leftist realm, foolishly believing, against a 5,000-year history, that they—and not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—will prevail in determining the future of Judaism. Because of space limitations, I can only mention a few.

Jewish Democrats forget about the abandonment of the Jews that took place before WWII and is happening all over again.

The ADL, denying and yet helping the abandonment of the Jews

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), founded in 1913, aggressively and successfully fulfilled its mission to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people” until 102 years after its founding, when in 2015, Jonathan Greenblatt became the ADL’s national director and CEO. Greenblatt worked for three far-left regimes antagonistic to Israel—the Clinton administration, the Obama fiasco, and the George Soros-funded far-left Aspen Institute. Now Mr. Greenblatt sounds deranged when he states that “only a small number” of the Black Lives Matter anarchy group don’t like Jews, when he knows full well that it is one of the most rabidly Jew- and Israel-loathing groups in the world!

The ADL is itself a defamation

According to Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of the Conference of Jewish Affairs title,

…the ADL has made its focus the destruction of political conservatism and President Trump. Worse, under Mr. Greenblatt, it has betrayed its original mission of fighting anti-Semites by forging a new partnership with one of America’s most notorious anti-Semites, Al Sharpton…. He has made the ADL a defamation.

The ADL is not worth ten cents of any sane Jew’s contribution.

The Conference of Presidents

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (CoP) dates from 1956.

It was, as writer Jonathan S. Tobin thoroughly documents, “the central address for American-Jewish political interests.” But today many of its 53-member groups are neither “major” nor “influential—let alone representative of American Jewry,” Tobin says.

In fact, in 2020, the CoP elected Dianne Lob, the former head of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), The purpose of this Jewish group was to facilitate absorption of immigrants and refugees. But its mission today is to help refugees from Muslim and other countries. According to the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Ms. Lob has also

collaborated with anti-Israel organizations like J Street and IfNotNow and supported noted anti-Semite Linda Sarsour.

The CoP is not worth ten cents of any sane Jew’s contribution.

AIPAC – completing the abandonment of the Jews by applauding an anti-Semitic POTUS

AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) came to be in 1951 to promote the alliance between the United States and Israel to the Senate and House of Representatives—the U.S. Congress.

For decades, AIPAC sponsored conferences in Washington, D.C. featuring prominent pro-Israel American politicians and other luminaries. I personally attended a couple of these conferences and took immense encouragement from AIPAC’s unwavering support for always-besieged Israel.

That ended the day I saw with my own eyes all the bigwigs at AIPAC give a standing ovation to the Oval Office occupant Barack Obama—who loathed Israel, spit in the face of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and gave Israel’s mortal enemy Iran over a billion dollars in cash to make the nukes they promised every day—to this very day—would destroy Israel forever.

AIPAC is not worth ten cents of any sane Jew’s contribution.

The democrat party of Jew hate

Today, less than three months from a presidential election, the Democrat Party—long hailed as a stalwart friend of Israel and the Jewish people—has gone full-bore anti-Semitic.

All Congressional Democrats take their marching orders from Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The latter has done the following:

  • Thrown her full support behind “the squad” of outspoken Jew haters, Representatives:
    • Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.),
    • Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.),
    • Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-N.Y.).
  • Funneled $14,000 to Ilhan Omar’s campaign as well as endorsed both Omar and Tlaib against moderates running against them.
  • Had not one word of objection when Ocasio-Cortez, the leader of the anti-Israel campaign, threatened to cut off military aid to Israel.
The Squad, prime proponents of the Green New Deal and the face of Democrats in Congress and now the Democrat abandonment of the Jews. Are these the most admired women in America?
“The Squad” in the U.S. House of Representatives. L to R, T to B: Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) A composite image made from official portraits courtesy of the House of Representatives.

Democrats complete their own abandonment of the Jews in their very platform

As writers Jeff Ballabon and Bruce Abramson  describe in repulsive detail, in “The Democrats Declare a Jew Ban,” Biden’s 2020 presidential platform treats

Jews and Israel as pariahs, uniquely worthy of discriminatory treatment. It makes a mockery of Israel as a sovereign state and an American ally. It directly aligns the Biden campaign—and the entire Party—with Israel’s mortal enemies.

The writers continue:

Outgoing Secretary of State Kerry announced that when Democrats were back in power they would punish Israel for its stubborn refusal to be bullied into suicidal positions “for the sake of peace.” Biden’s platform delivers on that threat.

Explaining Jewish political stupidity in light of the abandonment of the Jews

In a tour-de-force article in which she lists dozens of anti-Semitic actions taken by Democrat Party elected officials and supporters, writer Valerie Sobel spells out why a “resounding 72-74% majority of the 5.4-million American Jews have backed the Party since the sun has risen in the East.”

“We get it,” Sobel elaborates,

you’re for minority rights because you will forever identify as a minority. You’re forever for JFK even though his brand of liberalism is long gone and has actually morphed into modern conservatism. [And] you’re forever for FDR, even though it was the Republican Ronald Reagan who delivered approximately 3,000,000 Soviet Jews from bondage of anti-Semitic leftist oppression. The Democratic Party of the 1950s was the party of the underdog, and you’re forever the underdog, in your mind….

Time to recognize the abandonment of the Jews

Alluding to the upcoming vote in November, Sobel says that it’s not the 1950s anymore, and:

after the devastating failure of your Party to stand with Jews unequivocally against the rabid Nazi-era anti-Semitism of Democrat Congresswoman [Ihlan] Omar, you stand in the final hour of a critical decision, depleted of all excuses for your political loyalty. And you know it.

Yoo Hoo, Jewish Democrats, it is long overdue for you to wake up and smell the now-contaminated coffee. A vote for Joe Biden is a full-on endorsement of the poisonous Jew hatred that has commandeered the Democrat Party. Who has told you—meaning all Jews including left-wingers—that they:

  • Hate you personally, and
  • Hate Israel so much,

that they share the identical mission of the mullahs in Iran to literally exterminate the only Jewish state in existence.

Your choice.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. There is a lot of back projection here. Before there was an economic Left and Right there was a plain political left of the Enlightenment as crystalised in the US founding documents and French Rights of Man against a viciously sectarian Right led by the Church and landlords that had spent 15 centuries implanting varieties of Antisemitism in the learning, languages and folk culture of Europe – and its colonial offspring. Lindbergh and Patton were hardly philo-semites. Second till the Nazis started systematic massacre with the invasion of the USSR nobody expected any of what did happen in the Shoah and only became known in 1944-45. It stillshocks that people – educated people – could behave like that. Most important in the context of WW II in 42 – 45 nobody could have rescued the Jews in German power.
    If you have a current beef withthe US politcal left go ahead but lay off flogging dead horses.

  2. “only became known in 1944-1945”? That’s utter nonsense. Firm Nazi plans to annihilate Jews were well known no later than mid 1941. And could easily have been inferred well prior to that.

  3. @ seymour:

    You are right. At the end of 1941 and beginning of 1942 the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Herzog (later Chief Rabbi of Israel), was showing his “friend” De Valera the PM, letters from Europe, describing the horrors unfolding, and begging him-without success-to allow Jews into Ireland as a sanctuary.

  4. Initially above I stuck to the physical impossibility of doing much to evacuate the European Jews in 42 – 44 which too many ignore never having had to even move a school to the local cinema or sports ground; and avoided the obvious Democrat bashing of the author – to which of course he has fulll constitutional rights – except it achieves sweet nothings. What he does ignore unfortunately is that for most of the late century the Republicans as big business and big property were an even less palatable electoral choice to most Jewish families barely a generation off the immigrant steamers. Further Eisenhower’s administration was as friendly to Israel as Obama’s and probably less so given he was trying to play games roping the Arab World into the Dullles anti-Communist pacto-mania. Later you could be equally waspish about the Nixon – Kissinger – Bush Snr attitudes to Israel and for that matter failure to deal with internal stresss in the US. Play your US election as much as you like BUT if thisis a site to discuss Israel and its prospects for US assisstance then a less sharp and more open approach wulld be useful.

  5. @ seymour:
    Not the gas chambers; and the killings in the field were not, and still are not entirely accounted nor believed. Too many forget – probably because the US were “half time Johnnies” twice – that 1914 was accompanied by a lot of allegations about improper treatment of civilians which turned out false as told even though the Germans did shoot over 5000 Belgians this got forgotten elsewhere as everybody licked their wounds after 1918. Accordingly there was less willingness to believe horror stories in 40 – 45 till after – when this time they turned out true. Bad luck and bad psychology twice running.
    Far more important the Germans made an enormous fuss about blaming Jews for WW I and then in real time blamed Jews for WW II – international finance and all the rest of the garbage as German Ford /Opel paid royalties to US Ford through the Bank of International Settlements in Zurich (?or Basle?). It was tricky enough to get US people and so the army to fight in WW II at all which is the achievement of FDR. France had collapsed for the same political reason in 1940: they had been had in 14 – 18 and were not in a mood to be conned again till it was to late. If FDR and Churchill had made much of the German Nazis and their conservative peasant friends of Eastern Europe disgusting behaviour towards the local Jews it would NOT have done the morale of Allied armies and populations any good because it would have played straight into the German propaganda trap which they would have snapped shut with glee. For corroboration it is precisely the same sort of red neck Jim Crow backwoods types in the US who were lynching till the 40’s who were only too happy to assist the Nazis kill Jews in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltics.

  6. @ Frank Adam:
    Interesting approaches Mr. Adam…
    I myself tend to favour – as you seem to do – “what is” right now, as opposed to dwelling – at least openly – on times gone by. Things have changed, unless my fellow Jews haven’t noticed (which they don’t seem to have), and it is highly apparent that depending on “nice government guys” is not, and has never been, a viable means to protect oneself.
    We live in a brutal world, occasionally punctuated by episodes of love and understanding, and the attitude of Jews must be one of reflecting this brutality when there is no other way out. Virtue Signalling will simply not cut it.
    The Jews of Israel – although not perfect – appear to have found a way to do this, and have gained through fear, a measure of respect from their enemies.
    We have to take note of this; not just the songs and the food and all the beautiful aspects of Israel, but also the fact that the Israelis have the ability to wreak havoc wherever and whenever necessary. Ugly? Yes, but the alternative these days, is far uglier…

  7. Nazism –> Muslim Brotherhood –> BDS –> SFP–> far left –> AntiFa/BLM –> Dems (including liberal Jews)!
    Liberal Jews keep their head in the sand or prefer to join their enemies!
    Jewish antisemitism will not protect Jewish antisemites.
    NYT & WaPo remember well the Holocaust and Holodomor (“32-“34 Stalin) for practically hiding these events from the Americain people!!!

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