The Democrats and the theory of relativity

By Ted Belman

Americans haven’t seen the last of Samantha Power who had to be removed from Obama’s key foreign policy advisors because she called Hillary a “monster”. She remains a trusted adviser.

Joel J. Sprayregen writing in The American Thinker speculates on What Would President Obama’s Foreign Policy Look Like?. Here’s a gem.

    Reagan’s policies enabled us — without nuclear war — to do away with a regime recognized as inordinately evil in most places other than university political science departments. Power attributes Republican policies to the false belief that our adversaries are “evil-doers” whom we must “roll back,” coupled with our arrogant presumption of “exceptional American virtue.” She is indignant that President Bush in his 2002 National Security Address “used the word ‘liberty’ 11 times and ‘freedom’ 46 times.” In Power’s sophisticated view, we should not take pride in our freedom and it was wrong to believe that Stalin, Pol Pot and Kim Il Sung — who murdered millions of their own people — were evil. Was there no “exceptional American virtue” in going to war to roll back aggression, without seeking territorial aggrandizement, twice in Europe and once in Korea?

There are many more. See for yourself.

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