The Democrats Are a Communist Party Now

The Communist Democrats don’t want to defeat China. They seek to replicate its totalitarian system.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM    

Saule Omarova, who attended Moscow State University on the Lenin Academic Scholarship, compared America unfavorably to the USSR, and called for nationalizing finance isn’t Biden’s first Communist nominee. Omarova is only Biden’s first openly Communist nominee.

Biden’s pick for comptroller of the currency has been taken to task for her calls to “end banking as we know it”, bankrupt oil and gas companies, and seize control of the entire economy.

Those used to be Communist articles of faith. Now they’re Democrat “solutions.”

Democrats are no longer just socialists. They not only want to nationalize every industry, but there’s no area of our lives that they believe the government should not be able to control.

They don’t just want to nationalize healthcare, energy, and the banks, but culture and speech.

Omarova isn’t saying anything that her new party hasn’t already advocated. Biden’s whole Build Back Better program is just another interim step in nationalizing the economy.

The Democrats are now divided between “radical Communists” like Bernie Sanders and Omarova who admire the Soviet Union and “moderate Communists” like Barack Obama and Thomas Friedman who admire Communist China. The difference is between a Communist oligarchy that controls all of the economy or only the vast majority of the economy.

The Clinton and Obama administrations had crawled deep into bed with Communist China. When Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson built their private equity business around China, they were following in the footsteps of an elder generation of Democrat elites, including former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who sold out to China before their kids bought into China.

The Democrat elites have labored to recreate China’s corrupt oligarchy in America using manufactured environmental and racial crises to impose a social credit system on the public square, censoring, deplatforming, defunding, firing and criminalizing anyone who opposes them.

Far from wanting to stop China, they want to be Communist China.

Or as the New York Times noted, “Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China.” Obama’s massive green energy and rail boondoggles were all carried out under the pretense that they would make America more like Communist China.

When touting the billions wasted on green energy programs, much of which will end up benefiting China, Biden claimed, “You know, up until now, China has been leading in this race, but that’s about to change.” But China is always going to win the race to be Communist China.

And under Communist Democrats, America is losing the battle to remain America.

America, to Clinton, Obama, and Biden, is always falling behind in the race to be China in the ideological ways that don’t matter, while ignoring our losses in the economic ways that do. They want Americans to be better collectivists, to obey the state, and trust it with their economy, as if that, and not the economic treason of the Democrats, were the secret of China’s success.

The challenge to the pseudo-Chinese Democrats has come from the pseudo-Soviet Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC. Omarova is a Warren ally and the radical Massachusetts politician has strongly backed her nomination in the Senate. Like Omarova, this Communist Democrat faction is unwilling to settle for incremental change or any hint of the free market, no matter how tightly controlled by the state. They want absolute power over all of us.

The one thing both Communist Democrat factions agree on is that they hate America.

The rejection of individualism, free enterprise, and personal choice is at the heart of everything that the country’s new Communist elite does. The Democrat contempt for our history and ideals, as embodied by their revisionist smears like the 1619 Project, means that they will never stand up for our country. Instead, all their schemes revolve around remaking America to be like the countries and systems that they actually admire by destroying everything American about it.

The Democrats take it for granted that the answer cannot lie with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and with the Bill of Rights. They champion Omarova as much because of what she is, a Communist-trained academic, as what she is not, an American.

As individuals, the Democrats, pro-Chicom and pro-Soviet, who would like to “fundamentally transform” America are failures. Bernie Sanders lived off unemployment, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wasn’t even a very good bartender, and Biden, a C-student who plagiarized and lied his way through school, was such a huge hit as a lawyer that he had to take up managing a swimming pool.

The great transformers of America hate free enterprise and merit systems so much because they’re failures. From Karl Marx on down, the men and women who claim to have all the answers never do. They account for all their failures by blaming them on an unjust system. They insist that they would not have failed if only they had absolute power to transform society according to their whims.

They envy the leaders of the compliant masses of China and the USSR who could count on the total obedience of the people. And their vision, whatever its ideological specifics, is of a nation whose people obey them. They don’t see China, but American individualism, as their competition.

Omarova is the paragon of their goal, to subjugate individual initiative to the state.

The Communist Democrats don’t want to defeat China. They seek to defeat us.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center specializing in investigative reporting on the Left and Islamic terrorism.

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