The EU is out to get us.

Ted Belman

I received this article Gaza : MEPs paint a picture of despair from the European Parliament. It contains not a word about terrorism or Israel’s right to self-defense. Instead it blames Israel for everything. It quotes Members of European Parliament.

    It was “despair” that drove the Gazans to breach the wall

    stressed the necessity … and focusing Europe’s action on preventing pointless human suffering

    The question is no longer who will open the doors of this open-air prison, but who will dare close them, who will dare return the Gazans to their slow asphyxia.

    “As a member of Parliament’s delegation to the Palestinian Legislative Council, I have been trying to work out why, when we call for an end to settlement building, the Israelis ignore us and we do nothing. Why, when we call for the removal of the checkpoints, the Israelis ignore us and we do nothing. Why, when we call to an end to the collective punishment of people in Gaza, the Israelis ignore us and we do nothing”,

    “The Palestinian people will believe in peace when peace brings them something”

    “anyone can see the dual danger emerging on the side of the Israeli leadership. The first is the desire forcibly to close, or have closed, this narrow space of freedom. The second, more generally, is to pass off on to Egypt the responsibility of being the occupying power vis-à-vis Gaza”.

The problem as they see it is due to the EU leaving everything in the hands of America.

These are the people that the present GoI wants to please.

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