The feds already have all the evidence they need to charge Biden with bribery to change our policy in Ukraine

By David Kahn, AM THINKER

The DOJ has long held the evidence needed to charge Joe Biden with bribery to change our policy in Ukraine. (And also all the evidence needed to charge Hunter with several crimes, including violations of the tax code, of the laws governing the purchase of firearms, and laws prohibiting money laundering. ) Here is an overview of the evidence needed to charge with bribery to change our policy in Ukraine

Our policy was to have Ukraine force Burisma and its owner Zlochevsky to return the oil and gas properties Zlochevsky stole when he was the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources.  And Zlochevsky wanted that policy reversed.

The documents show that Zlochevsky was paying Hunter Biden approximately $83,000 a month.  Zlochevsky claimed he was paying for corporate governance advice. However privately owned companies do not need corporate governance advice, and if they did, they wouldn’t hire Hunter Biden to provide it. And they wouldn’t pay anyone $83,000 a month for such advice.

Documents show that Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Victor Shokun, issued an arrest warrant on Zlochevsky in the event, he returned to Ukraine from foreign exile and placed seizures on his and Burisma’s property.  Shortly after that, Victoria Nuland publicly claimed for the first time that Shokin was corrupt and had to go. Joe Biden has publicly bragged that he then went to Ukraine and forced the government to fire Shokin by threatening to withhold foreign aid.

The same political establishment that claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation has also promoted the idea that it was NATO policy to have Shokin fired for corruption. I’ve never seen anything to support that other NATO members said anything of the sort but, the fact is, the US acted for NATO in Ukraine pretty much unilaterally.


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  1. Of course, they have and HIDE all the evidence(s).
    The Intel must have been monitoring the Bidens for many years, with all their monkey businesses in and out of the country.
    Contract in and during the war in Iraq,
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  2. How convenient this is for Biden’s party! They realise that he is cognitively challenged and that they need another candidate, but that he has already said he will run again. Now, my nasty mind thinks, what about a deal not to prosecute either the big guy or his offspring if he decides not to run again?