“The House will move on an Israel only bill next week”

Peloni:  The delay in supporting a major ally during an ongoing war of conquest being waged against it is both irresponsible and diabolical.  They should pass the aid package immediately.  If not as a grant, it should be passed as a loan with fair terms.  Israel has been a strong and reliable ally to the US, and the West for that matter, and deserves to be granted the ability to defend herself in the ongoing attempt by the Iranian empire to cripple her and slaughter her people.

X April 13, 2024

Chad Pergram, the Senior Congressional Correspondent for Fox News, just tweeted the following:

Scalise now says the House will move on an Israel only bill next week. This says nothing about Ukraine, which could imperil the overall foreign aid supplemental and imperil money for Ukraine. Simultaneously, this move by the Houde places pressure on Schumer and the Senate in a bind. Especially after Schumer called for new elections in Israel. That’s to say nothing of progressive Democrats who have been reluctant to assist Israel.

April 14, 2024 | 9 Comments »

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  1. Continuing on why this is a moment to begin to explode all the lies

    The information about the Nazis in the history of Ukraine not only has to be owned by the Jews of today but also by the people of Ukraine in order to overthrow the Kerensky regime. As regards Israel…This is information which as just one example every young reserve soldier of the citizens army of the IDF needs to be fully acquainted of.

    Furthermore it is now possible to see that the Biden regime has been highly deceitful on the political forces in Ukraine from the word go.

    Biden and NATO, as the editors of Israpundit have stated, forced Russia to create an alliance, an alliance from existential necessity one could argue, with the reactionary regime in Teheran.

    The same level of deceit lies behind Biden lifting the Trump sanctions on the mullah state which along with being able to trade freely in oil has filled the coffers of these Jew hating devils.

    One can surely claim the Iran drones raiding over Israeli soil was thought out and through by team Biden.

    Not for nothing did Austin declare he now wants in advance every military intention of Israel.

    Israel is thus placed in handcuffs by this low American government.

    But this whole conspiracy can be smashed asunder and that is by telling the world the whole truth about Zelensky and how this false Jew has sold Israel down the river, and thus the Biden regime is the total enemy of the Jews.

    This is also the best way to begin the very necessary overthrow of the Mullahs of Iran. Israel is in a very strong position to do just that. The best revenge on Hamas, Hesbolah, on the Houtis of Yemen is exactly the overthrow the Mullah regime in Iran and with it Biden and the NATO-ists of this world. Forward to victory!

  2. @Felix

    But the leadership of the IDF must make serious political development

    Like Cromwell and the New Model Army but in conditions not before experienced.

    Yes, I would strongly agree with this, but this is just a part of the problem facing Israel today. In fact, another important point which should be gained by the comparison of Cromwell is that in addition to a reform within the IDF, Israel needs to establish a new political vision for the future, one which will sustain it in dealing with the hardships which are in front of her, something which was quite missing from Cromwell’s frustrated and failed attempts to manage a kingless England.

    Israel needs to accept that, beyond the fact that it is the Jewish state, it is no different than other nations, which requires it to establish its own authority over its own affairs, both foreign and domestic, neither of which it controls as of now. This will require the shedding of the subjugation by the internationalists thru the established tyranny from the High Court as well as the need to deal with its enemies as if they mean to do as they say and slaughter every Jew they can find. The establishment of a vision such as this, along with the re-dedication of an IDF leadership towards a nationalist oriented perspective, rather than that of being oriented from the American Deep State which it holds today, is a most necessary change.

  3. From I have started to write on Ukraine I have found that in general most Jews are suppressing the history. I want this history especially the period starting with the mass terrible pogrom movement of 1918 to 1921 in Ukraine to be published to a high level.

  4. Peloni

    What I meant

    Israel is at the centre of the struggle against very deep forces which are Antisemitism and Fascism

    These forces are very real

    This battle against Hamas is real, immediate, crucial and must be won

    But the leadership of the IDF must make serious political development

    Like Cromwell and the New Model Army but in conditions not before experienced.

  5. @Felix

    An understanding of this process will aid the Jewish cause just as much as arms from America.

    I think we will have to agree to disagree on this point.

    In any event, I have little expectation that Israel will change her near neutral stance on the issue of Ukraine, particularly since doing has the strong potential of annoying the radicals running the US State Dept to the point that it will leave Israel with only “an understanding of this process” with which to fight against the Arabs.

  6. Peloni

    Having written the comment below I asked myself how such politics would strengthen Israel. I believe so.

    This is a way to counter the Antisemitic left. It will begin to show that Jews and Israel are not just about Palestine and Palestinians.

    No doubt about it there is a lot of ignorance around. The Antisemitism of such as wsws.org is based on their hiding of history as a continuous and connected process.

    Some steps have been taken in opening up the significance of the period of 1918 to 1921 when a massive pogrom movement occurred in Ukraine.

    This was carried out by the main Ukrainian leadership of the time.

    It was pure Antisemitism which was only moderated superficially in order to avoid being put on trial in Nuremberg and as they became desperate to try to cover up their Nazi history.

    Jews and everyone must be made acutely aware that at exactly that time the French were helping Haj Amin el Husseini transition to a new base in Egypt where he spawned his Nazi party which became PLO/FATAH into the present PA Hamas.

    And the Banderiteism still remains. So is continuity and connection to be understood.

    An understanding of this process will aid the Jewish cause just as much as arms from America.

  7. If Israel takes on board the Russian issue and takes a principled position opposing Banderiteism then that will very soon win the respect of Russia, China and great swathes of the world, and Americans too.

    Israel should not be sitting back and watching these people as you have described debating this and that.

    The whole history of Banderism must be brought into the foreground.

    That will be of great educational value and smoke out the Squad Antisemitism as well.

    Instead there is stasis

  8. @Felix

    Why any delays in helping Israel.

    Because those supporting an stand alone bill lack the votes to separate the support for Israel from that for other initiatives such as border control and Ukraine. Also, Biden has stated he will veto a stand alone bill on support for Israel.

    The Neocons are leveraging the Israel aid to push thru aid for Ukraine, while the America Firsters are leveraging it to push thru border reform. None of these matters are related to Israel, but this is why there has been a delay. It isn’t, I would argue, about it being a grant or loan, as the debate is not about fiscal responsibility, but about passing associated political projects which have no chance of being passed without being tied to support for Israel.

  9. Why any delays in helping Israel. Israel will.pay.America. it does not need charity. The Jews are independent.

    Israel should also oppose Banderaite Ukraine as a matter of principle. Banderaite Ukraine has the blood of millions and millions on its hands many Jews. But not only Jews also Communists.

    This latter point needs to be made crystal clear by the editors of Israpundit.

    The pages of Israpundit should in no way become a forum for Americans Banderaite hate propaganda against Jews and Russians.