The Jordan – Israel Relationship

E. Rowell:  In this video, Mudar Zahran explains that there is a need on the part of Israeli Jews and Palestinians to find a peaceful solution to the problems that have persisted and been enflamed over the years.  He has (and in a way IS) a just and lasting solution for both sides.  He presents the historical context and the current reality on the ground in Jordan and in Israel.  He does so respectfully, with grace and humor.

By Mudar Zahran, YOUTUBE    20 May 2024

The future of the relationship between Jordan and Israel” Our speech to elite Israeli politicians and intellectuals from the Israeli Forum for Middle East Research

  • Radical changes are coming to the region and no one will be able to stop or even disrupt them
  • The Hashemite Kingdom is an occupation occupying 78% of the land of historic Palestine, and the Jordanian and Palestinian people are one and the distinction between us is an invention of colonialism…
  • East Jordanians and Jordanians of Palestinian origin agree in their hatred of Ali Baba, the “king,” and the Hashemite regime, and those you call “Bedouins” are the most hateful of a foreign “king” who does not speak our language, despises our people, and oppresses our children without mercy…
  • There must be a just solution to the Palestinian issue first before spreading peace in the region. It does not make sense for you to seek peace with distant Arab countries when you do not have peace and stability in your own home…
  • The terrible terrorist acts that occurred on October 7 awakened us all to the fact that the status quo is broken and cannot be maintained, and a radical solution must be solved. It is illogical for Israel to maintain military control over the Palestinians, nor for the Palestinian Authority to act as if they were armed groups, and it is also impossible to allow Jordanian intelligence continues to control militants in the West Bank camps, especially Jenin, Tulkarm, Nablus, and Shuafat in Jerusalem…
  • Ali Baba, “the King” and the Muslim Brotherhood are one satanic body. If he falls at Bab, the Brotherhood will fall, and if the Brotherhood falls, Ali Baba will follow. The “King” ignites the West Bank with his armed militias and inflames the Palestinian cause with the aim of playing both ways and parasitic benefiting at the expense of both parties. ..
  • The new Jordan will be in political, economic, social and cultural contact with the Palestinian regions and we will seek to develop unity between us and gradually consolidate democracy….
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  1. “Inflamed” not enflamed. Enflamed is a Fire-fighter term. Inflamed is a standard prose term. Arutz can and does make such errors; Israpundit never should.

    MUDAR needs to lose about 40 lbs or else he’ll have a shorter existence.
    Otherwise everything you and he say is very true and I support him.