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  1. Judt is so far beyond the pale it’s ridiculous. He argues that Jews have too much ethnic identity, and that they should identify more with their Palestinian and Arab neighbors. Funny, he and other leftists and academic apologists never make this argument about any other ethnicity.

    I used to be a subscriber to the NY Review of Books (for 30 years 1978-2008, starting with my first year in graduate school). It was precisely because it continued to publish the lies, half-truths, and one-sided distortions of Judt, Peter Beinart, et al. about Israel that I cancelled my subscription. Judt publishes an article about every other issue in the NYRB, and the NYRB has to be considered the American house organ of Israel-delegitimization as a political and intellectual pursuit. And I use the word “intellectual” advisedly.

    I have never complimented Chesler, once a strident leftist feminist who ignored her Jewish heritage, for her articles and her truths. I feel bad that no one (including me) commented on TB’s previous Chesler post. Chesler is fighting the good fight; someone needs to acknowledge it.