The NEW MIDDLE EAST: UAE, Bahrain and Peace: Dr.Mudar Zahran

T. Belman. Dr Zahran is telling you exactly what is happening. Believe every word.

The Abraham Accord commits both sides to

“continuing their efforts to achieve a just, comprehensive, realistic and enduring solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

 “to working together to realize a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that meets the legitimate needs and aspirations of both peoples, and to advance comprehensive Middle East peace, stability and prosperity.”

What Dr Zahran is saying is that he will become the ruler of Jordan with its 7 million Palestinians and then he will replace the PA thereby becoming the ruler of another 2 million Palestinians.  As such he will speak for all Palestinians. He will say that Jordan is the Palestinian state and home for all Palestinians thereby satisfying the Abraham Accord. .  Thus the Gulf states will be happy that the Palestinians have a homeland.

Sept `5/20

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21 Comments / 21 Comments

  1. I watched the entire interview; Dr. Zahran was very impressive, forceful, articulate. He really thinks a new age is dawning, and the PLO and the Hashemites will lose their power. As the catalyst, he points to the Abraham Accords but even more, he points to the dissolution of globalism. If by that he means the old status quo, okay; but if he means something else by his use of the the term “globalism,” that requires more explanation.
    Ted, you, or he, should expand on this point. Americans, and Brits, understand that globalism erases national borders, kills jobs and dilutes patriotism. How does all that apply to his notion that Jordan IS Palestine and the Arab-Israel conflict will end very soon?

  2. Seeing is believing. Talk is cheap. Until now we have had years of talk and not one visible tangible action.

  3. Yes, Zahran was at his best and most impressive in this interview. Made a very strong case for Arab-Israeli peace, including but not limited to Palestinian-Jordanian-Israeli three-way peace. I am glad that i24 has an Arabic-language service that sometimes invites pro=peace Arabs to address an Arab audience in their own language. No other broadcaster seems to be doing this.

    I think that Mudar is right that some softening of hostility to Israel has begun in much of the Arab world. Perhaps more importantly, there has been some evidence of more friendly and sympathetic attitudes towards Jews and Judaism have been evolving over the past several years in the Arab countries. This is even more important in the long run than improving relations between Israel and some Arab countries. The reason is that Arab hostility to Israel ultimately stems from anti-Jewish, antisemitic attitudes in the Arab world.

    As examples of improving attitudes toward Jews in a number of Arab countries: the UAE has shown genuine warmth toward Jewish visitors from both America and Israel. All UAE hotels have been ordered to purchase supplies of kosher food, certified as kosher by a respected Orthodox Jewish rabbi who specializes in kashrut certification, and to serve it to all Jewish guests who request it. The UAE has also allowed a Jewish community to redevelop in Dubai, has permitted the creation of a synogogue and Jewish community centeer there, where both the local Jewish “settlers” and Jewish visitors from abroad worship every Sabbath, and occasionally on weekdays as well.

    I have already gone on too long here, but I wish to add that there are also signs of decreasing hostility and more favorable attitudes toward Jews in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and even Algeria, which has for years led the charge against the Jews in the United Nations.

  4. @ Bear Klein:
    On the contrary the Jordan option as Mudar and I have framed it, is central to all the changes Trump has initiated,. Now that everything is lined up and the Arab countries have bought into Jordan being the Palestinian state, it wont be long now.

    We are not talking just to talk. We are giving you an inkling of what’s to come. You piss on it. There is no reason for us to put ourselves on the line for someting that is not going to happen.

  5. Wow! This is exciting. It looks as though the Abrahamic Accords have put the pry bar into the old logjam. Congratulations, Ted! It looks as though you’ve been backing the right horse.

  6. @ Ted Belman:
    As I have said in the past more than once I hope you a correct. I will remain skeptical sorry!

    Do not see your connection or how Mudar’s military will appear to conquer Jordan. It could be Biblical however, the Red Sea could part and the Egyptian Army will come with Mudar on a Tank to take over Jordan.

    Ted, by the way I do not piss on it but simply remain a disbeliever. I am more a logical person than a believer in the cult of Zaharan. You are clearly are a believer in the cult of Zaharan.

  7. @ Bear Klein:

    It could be “visible” because we would see and experience the outcome, but not, I believe “tangible”. where we would have to be able to literally touch and feel it materially also..

  8. @ Ted Belman:
    Ted, I do not like Dahlan or trust him.

    However, he recently came with the UAE delegation to Israel. He is backed by people with money and power. Even Ambassador Friedman accidentally in an interview when asked if the USA is considering Dahlan indicated that was under consideration. This was later retracted because it was not authorized.

    Dahlan I have seen giving a speech to fellow Fatah members in Gaza. He is very charismatic and can truly rouse a crowd like few people are capable of doing.

    I would think he would be dangerous because of his capabilities and is untrustworthy.

  9. Discussion of likely successors to Abbas in the following article.

    The countdown in the PA has begun
    Exiled Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan is emerging as the Gulf favorite to rule the Palestinian Authority in the post-Abbas era. But his will be an uphill battle.

    The UAE, supported by the US, intends to support Mohammed Dahlan, the exiled Fatah strongman who became an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Dahlan, considered part of the PLO mainstream and who is known for his good ties with Hamas leaders, is being touted as the replacement for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The belief that Abbas is continuing down the same dead end as his predecessors, prompted Gulf leaders to think and forge a new, modern, and Dahlan is supposed to be a different, innovative, and groundbreaking president, mainly without the fears that have prevented right up until today the signing of a permanent agreement with Israel. His first steps in creating a new base of support show his desire to bring peace, ahead of establishing a state with an economic footing that will bring hope to its citizens. The 15 years Dahlan that has spent doing business abroad will give him the requisite experience to establish a real state in the West Bank and Gaza, and not some kind of undefined body that survives on endless handouts and donations.

    But Dahlan is in for a surprise. He won’t be welcomed and he’ll have to work his way through forcefully. Dahlan has already begun building the system that will make sure his landing is as soft as possible. But in the West Bank, there are those waiting who see themselves as potential inheritors: Jibril Rajoub, Mahmoud al Aloul, Tawfiq Tirawi, and Majed Faraj.

    No mention of Zahran

    Full Article at

  10. @ pjbar:
    In this article, I write;

    “When it comes to the substance however, “the worst president ever,” is striving for new world order reversing his predecessors’ embrace of globalism, Islamism and Iran. His building blocks include a restored military, energy independence, defended borders, and notwithstanding a temporary setback caused by Coronavirus, a robust economy, not seen since the tenure of Dwight Eisenhower. This surfeit of blessings allows Trump to conduct economic and foreign policies in a manner previously unavailable to his predecessors since the decade following World War II.

    In effect, he ushered in a New Age of Nationalism which horrified his critics, especially Jews, who had spent the last 80 years decrying Nationalism as an evil rather than a good. Whereas, Zionism was born in the age of Nationalism and has remained true to its origins.

    Overall, his critics failed to grasp the essence and the benefits of Trump’s statecraft and foreign policy based on raison d’état—national interests.”

    Trump has given many speeches decrying globalism. Soros even complained that Trump is defeating globalism.. All the gulf states are nationalists. Trump has rejected rule by globalists as in the climate Change Accords and in Free trade. The globalists want a borderless world. Trump has insisted in protecting America’s border. The globalists want endless war and chaos. The Nationalists want peace and stability.

  11. @ Ted Belman:

    Years ago, I listened to Jay Shapiro advocating a “United Emirates of Palestine”, arguing that the real de facto power in the territories resided in a half dozen or so clans. If this is true, I cannot see how the leader of a “Jordan + West Bank” “Palestine” can come from YeShA. Is this a reasonable assumption?

  12. @ Ted Belman:
    It is fake because no mention of Mudar Zaharan. I get it you believe him and everything else is not accurate. You are entitled to your beliefs. In this case I do not share your view.

  13. @ Bear Klein:
    I don’t expect any report to make mention of Zahran.. I consider it is fake news as it is making the case for Dahlan who is admittingly on the outs. One could write an article making the case that he doesn’t stand a chance. This article ignores why this is so.

  14. @ Ted Belman:
    I don’t try to convince anybody. I simply argue that one should not write Zahran off. I do this not because he is trying to win public support but to give my followers a head’s up on what we think is going on. They are entitled to be skeptical.

  15. Abbas and his cronies believe Dahlan is a threat to their rule.

    PA security forces arrest supporters of Abbas rival

    Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces arrested over half a dozen supporters of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ longtime political rival, Mohammed Dalhan, a spokesman for his faction said Monday, according to Reuters.

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