The peaceniks won’t give up – scary

MKs’ proposal would hand control of Gaza Strip to Arab League
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz

[..] Livni has also expressed interest in stationing a multi-national force in the Gaza Strip.

The call to the Arab League to take responsibility for the Gaza Strip is part of “a package deal,” which would begin with negotiations between Arab and Israeli representatives on the Arab Peace Initiative. The next stage will include the exchange of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for Palestinian prisoners, including Hamas ministers and parliamentarians. Then, a mutual cease-fire will be declared and the Quartet – the U.S., Russia, EU and UN – will propose a multi-national force deployment in front of the UN Security Council.

The multi-national force would be deployed for two to five years, with the agreement of both Israel and the Palestinians. The force would have security and economic roles.

In terms of security, the force would be deployed along the Philadelphi Route to prevent smuggling from Sinai, and along the border with Israel to prevent Qassam rocket attacks.

Its economic role would be in rebuilding the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, assisting the population, rehabilitating Palestinian Authority institutions, and preventing the collapse of social services.

The initiative was prepared with the help of a team of experts, including senior legal specialists with experience in the defense establishment. Team members met with Livni several months ago to discuss the idea of a multi-national force.

During the most recent cabinet meeting, Livni presented some of the ideas discussed at the Foreign Ministry regarding the deployment of a multi-national force along the Philadelphi Route.

The two Meretz MKs presented their proposal to senior Palestinians, including Finance Minister Salam Fayad, and Gaza-based businessmen.

They also met with the ambassadors to Israel from Egypt, Jordan, European Union countries and the U.S. In coming weeks, they are scheduled to continue presenting their plan in Israel and abroad, including to Saudi Arabian figures.

“So far we have had relatively positive responses,” Vilan told Haaretz. “Everyone has stressed that it is very important to have PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ support. The risk is that tomorrow Abbas will say he is fed up and then we will be stuck with Hamas, and the anarchy will spread to the West Bank and we will be drawn back in there,” he added.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. This idea is in perfect keeping with the policy trends of this administration. It wants the international community to provide the solution to their problems, and each crisis provides them an opportunity to abdicate its responsibility to the Jews of Israel. The border crossings, Lebanon, now Gaza. Judea, Samaria, Golan, and Jerusalem are on their way. This administration is motivated primarily out of fright for the way in which they and Israel will be perceived by the US, EU, UN, etc. This is the most serious threat to Israel.

  2. An international force is a bad idea. The Russians are active enemies of Israel. The Americans and the EU are to appeasement right now to be of much use in an international force. Becuase of the appeasement mindeness of the EU and the Americans sometimes it seems they are best passive enemies of Israel and at worst active enemies of Israel.

    The fact that anyone in Israel is still suggesting an international force is ridiculous. Israel simply needs to destroy the terrorists. They should simply say “no” to pressure from the Americans or anyone else. Neither America, the EU, nor Russia rule Israel. Israelis should show the door to ANYONE who attempts to pressure them. This is the case no matter WHO it is.

  3. I have been living in israel since 67, and this is the first time I am scared. Scared for our present and very worried about our future here. We have no functioning gov. amd no functioning oposition. Everybody is trying to copy sharons example of keeping as mum as possible, the less one says/ the less one acts,/The more they feel secure in place. the public seems the be resigned to status quo. The anti BB forces are at work the media has all but forgotton winograd, olmert seems to be successful in riding out the storm, Livini is such a disaster that I am starting to miss Peres and all his shtick.Israel is the only country activly and openly supporting terrorist organizations, (the very same terrorist organizations trying to kill israelis on daily basis) This is only country in world that has active policy of having civilians protect soldiers or better civillians die than risk lives of soldiers. In sederot people are at risk daily some wounded some killed, all scared out their wits most need psychiactric help and I hear our media questioning whether our captured SOLDIER shalits life would be placed in danger if our response is intensified? Only the most disconnected people from reality would countenance and support those that have helped put us in this situation but are striving to make the situation even worse given the chance and oportunity. It seems that most of us (not me) are more afraid of Bush than Hamas, Hizbola, and Iran, As if Bush today and past american administrations were really our freinds. The americans play to domestic pressures on one side (our strength, and international interests, our weakness) this administration is doing everything possible to strenghten our enemies, (putting all of us in immediate jeaproady) and advocating international solutions that if successful will mean one way or another the end of jewish state. Its time to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee, but maybe we dont deserve better?

  4. Charles, I swear I’d love to sell swamp land and snow ro the Jews and Jewish leaders who want peace so bad that they take gullibility to stratospheric heights especially being a jew myself.

  5. Sure, a brilliant scheme because after all, the multi-national force in Lebanon has worked wonders at preventing arms smuggling and guaranteeing Israeli security.

    The mental picture of French troops dashing back and forth across open fields chasing down Qassam rocket crews is beyond Monty Python funny.

    All irrelevant anyway because Hamas holds power in Gaza and will only agree to the introduction of foreign forces as a shield against Israeli retaliation.

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