The Political Renaissance of the Right

By Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, WOMEN IN GREEN

Yesterday, another detailed and courageous political program for the application of sovereignty was unveiled by MK Betzalel Smotrich and presented at the convention of the National Unity party. The Israeli Left is deeply wallowing in inconsistency when it, on the one hand, proclaims that its political program to partition the land of Israel is designed to preserve Israel as a Jewish state, while at the same time encouraging the absorption of the infiltrators from Africa.

Contrary to this intellectual and ideological stagnation, the Israeli Right is in the midst of a bona fide political renaissance.

If, until not so many years ago, Uri Elitzur, of blessed memory, and Caroline Glick were in splendid isolation when they wrote and spoke about the vision of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria; since then, thank God, the sovereignty conversation has amplified and intensified in the Israeli public arena and the political programs in that vein have proliferated.

In addition to Minister Naftali Bennett, who publicized at the time
his “Stability Initiative” today, the programs of many additional
ministers and members of Knesset can be heard. Minister Yisrael Katz
is spearheading the “Greater Jerusalem” program in an attempt to deter
any possibility of establishing a Palestinian state in the future, a
program that will lead to an overwhelming Jewish majority in Jerusalem
and challenge those on the Left and in the Center who assert that
their concern is focused upon the Jewishness of the capital. (It is
worth noting that this program corresponds with the longstanding
program of Aryeh Hess, who for several years now is active in “Greater
Jerusalem.”) Minister Yariv Levin is working vigorously with his
fellow minister, Ayelet Shaked, to equalize the status of legislation
in Judea and Samaria with that of sovereign Israel.

Many members of Knesset publicized programs of their own for the
application of sovereignty. The most famous program is that of the
lobby on behalf of the land of Israel calling for the application of
the law in Maale Adumim. However, there is also the program of MK Miki
Zohar calling for granting rights to Palestinians other than the right
to vote in elections for the Knesset. MK Yoav Kish presented a program
based on the concept of administrative autonomy.

As stated, at this time, MK Betzalel Smotrich is presenting a
comprehensive program for the assertion of sovereignty over all the
territory of Judea and Samaria entitled: “The Victory Program,” as is
former MK Moshe Feiglin, chairman of the “Zehut” party. The program of
former MK Prof. Aryeh Eldad that viewed Jordan as Palestine is also
worth mentioning. Likewise, there is former MK Elyakim HaEtzni, who
claims that sovereignty should be applied over Judea and Samaria in
its entirety, while in areas A and B there will be autonomy.

Outside the political realm, political programs are being developed
and are being raised for public discussion. In this context, it is
worth mentioning the humanistic program of Dr. Martin Sherman, which
calls for encouraging voluntary emigration with reparations, as well
as the political program that will be published soon in the book by
Yaakov Sabag, resident of Ofra, who, until recently, was a senior
officer in the Civil Administration.

There is the program: “Peace in the Land” that was developed by Rabbi
Hanan Porat, of blessed memory, Uri Elitzur, of blessed memory,
Avraham Shevut, Adi Mintz and Prof. Hayyim Gewirtzman, which was been
recently updated by Adi Mintz.

We will also mention the Federation Movement, headed by Emanuel Shahaf
and the political proposal of Dr. Mordechai Kedar calling for the
establishment of local “emirates” for the Arab residents of Judea and
Samaria instead of an independent state. We must of course also
mention the detailed program of Rav Beni Alon, of blessed memory: “The
Israeli Program” (the regional peace framework).

In the course of the last few years, the Right wisely established many
extra-parliamentary bodies, which research, publicize and influence
the public realm and the political discourse in Israel. The various
programs, the research and the momentum in the consciousness that was
created in the public arena is leading to a bona fide change and to a
restoration of the political helm to a Zionist orientation, Jewish
morality and to a profound connection to the land of Israel.

This momentum is making waves, not only in the political arena in
Israel, but also overseas. European ambassadors and diplomats are no
longer disregarding the nationalist-sovereign discourse in Israel.
They are conducting meetings, listening, asking and discussing and
conveying the messages to their leaders in the European capitals. The
new American administration, too, considers the programs of the Right
as a political fact that cannot be disregarded, especially in light of
the bloody failures of the Oslo programs that popped up from the Left.
The international media clears more than a little room for the
purveyors of the matter of Sovereignty and they sound their voices
loudly, clearly and without a sense of inferiority.

We, in the “Women in Green” movement, which has been at the forefront
of the Sovereignty campaign since 2011 by means of conferences,
publishing the Sovereignty journals, establishing the Sovereignty
website, lectures, study groups, petitions, etc., welcome all the
programs that will inculcate into public opinion our commitment to the
Land of Israel and the vision of Sovereignty. It is also refreshing to
see the youth of “Eretz” (the Sovereignty youth movement supported by
Women in Green) promoting Sovereignty among the younger generation. It
is clear to us that when a vision and an objective is placed before
the Jewish people, it does not disappoint.

The time when the Israeli Right lagged behind the Israeli Left and
sufficed with defensive responses and with stating what not to do, is
over. We are in a new era, an era in which the Right leads and shoves
into the darkness of history the hallucinatory program promoted by the
Left to partition the land and to establish a terrorist state in its

However, now, in order to ensure that all those impressive programs
proposed by politicians and diplomats will not be stored in a file
cabinet but will be transformed into political actions, the stage has
moved to us, to the people. The tailwind that the people can and must
provide for the sovereignty programs is vital to instill in these
programs practical life. This is the hour to enlist in the Sovereignty
movement. Each and every one can join through actions and ideas, by
contributing, exerting pressure, by raising awareness and leading
towards the realization of the vision.

With the help of God, we will ascend and inherit it.


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  1. The left is the left all over the world. Just like the communists were/are identical in their aspirations all over the world.
    But the future of the whole of Israel depends more on the right than ever. Israel needs to cultivate her relationship with Trump. As J Kushner found out, there is no possible TSS! IL CANNOT expect anything from outsiders.

  2. Hello, Ted

    I was pondering how that though I am a Christian, the only people I can talk to on the web are you, Daniel Pipes and the Gatestone people — all Jews. Thank you all, very much. I think God has me on this planet a while longer, for some work. In that regard, towards the Jews, it is that they would take God seriously — not as the giver of instructions about how to live, but as HIMSELF, Who He is, the most important person, issue, cause, effect or what have you in the universe. Much of the Christian world has let this go by the wayside, along with many Jews. It’s not about religion; it’s about acknowledging and thanking the only One who can help us in these days of trouble.

    Katsover and Matar say they “welcome all the
    programs that will inculcate into public opinion our commitment to the
    Land of Israel and the vision of Sovereignty.”

    It’s good to see Jews trying to come together on something. I consider Herzl, Jabotinsky and Ben-Yehuda to be prophets of the Jews, in their ability to accomplish this task in the face of daunting odds. Even so, if it weren’t for the horrors of the Holocaust, there might not be an Israel today.

    Now Katzover and Matar are trying to continue this work I wish them well; but will note the following:

    1. It was God, the God of Israel, who led Abraham into the Land, and who led Moses, Ezra and others back to the land after all the “evidence” of their time said the Jews were doomed to become scattered and absorbed by the rest of the world.; and that

    2. It was God who gave the Jews the “title deed” to Israel, and the right of sovereignty.

    Without being fully committed in our hearts to the undisputable veracity of those two facts, the Jews of Israel cannot stand; and if they can’t stand in Israel, they ultimately cannot stand anywhere.

    You said,

    “It requires on the embrace by the Trump administration only. The CIA can engineer this without the consent of the State Department.”

    While the total solar eclipse was wowing people across America, while wildfires were raging in California, Oregon and Idaho, while Hurricaine Harvey was ripping through Texas, while North Korea was becoming a true nuclear power, while supposed US ally Turkey had become an ally of the rogue Iranian regime, and while I was undergoing cardioversion, perhaps the most significant event in world politics was the resignation of Steve Bannon and the palace coup in the White House.

    Donald Trump has been openly deserted by the “Never Trump” Republicans, and forced to appeal to the Democrat opposition. In Israeli terms, this is somewhat akin to trying to lead a minority government — which, coincidentally, Britain’s Theresa May and some others in Europe are also struggling with. With Trump thus weakened, he is more at the mercy of his Praetorian Guard of generals and accomplices, with his daughter and son-in-law acting more like rivals than supporters. As a student of history, you know this is not a healthy situation.

    The CIA? Whose side are THEY on? Nobody is reliable anymore. But the God of Israel is reliable.

    Do you know what I honestly believe? I believe God might WANT the Temple Mount Faithful and others to lay a cornerstone on Har HaBait. Would that be usurping Messiah? showing hubris? People concerned about those things, ought to consider that they’ve already taken over the Land and established Medinat Israel. THOSE things were condemned by some Haredim, and are to this day. The big steps have already been taken. Why is there hesitation over the little step? Jericho has been taken; but the Jews can’t seem to take Ai. Who’s hiding the Babylonish robe in his tent?

    That’s what I believe. Last December, Obama deserted Israel in the UNSC. Soon, Trump, Kushner, McMaster or whoever comes out on top may follow suit. Israel may be on the verge of dying the death of a thousand cuts — a second and final Holocaust. Only God knows for sure. It’s time to ask Him. He has a way of answering.

  3. @ adamdalgliesh:
    I have been corresponding with Nadia Matar who is going to promote our conference.

    All the plans she refers to have one thbing in common, they require unilateral action. She recognizes as do you that we don’t have the needed consensus for any of them.

    I pointed out that our plan also requires unilateral action but doesn’t require the consent of Israelis. Nor of Americans. It requires on the embrace by the Trump administration only. The CIA can engineer this without the consent of the State Department.

  4. I greatly appreciate Women in Green’s inclusive approach to the various “peace plans” proposed by many different people in the National Camp, even though these plans all differ from each other. National Camp advocates have wasted a lot of time and effort arguing over which plan is the best when peace is not at hand and Israel is a long way from being able to dictate the terms of peace. Until and unless Israel gains this power, none of the proposed peace plans can be implemented. Unity in the national Camp is essential at this phase of the struggle, and arguments about who has the best peace plan should be avoided. Matar and Katsover are wisely and tactfully promoting this unified, inclusive approach.

  5. I can only say that it’s long past the time when Jews should have become “brave” and flouted the goyisher attempt of keeping Israel to an illegally and doubly attenuated Land. It is confirmed (although ignored) at the many International Conferences and Treaties held after WW1, when the the Ottoman Empire, “The Sick Man of Europe” was broken up, that The Jewish People HAVE a historical, legal, and Sovereign right of Ownership to Palestine, including the province of Trans-Jordan…… before it was stolen by Britain.

    We must stay “brave” (hard I know), and proceed to our goals; and maintain the interests of our own people before benefit to others, and above all…STAND FIRM. on our International Legal Rights.

    In other words, act like a NORMAL Sovereign State..