The Real Enemy of the People – the Media

The Caroline Glick Show


September 21, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. In the US the media is more accurately labeled the Mockingbird media. The CIA started it (Operation Mockingbird) in the 1950’s with a plan to infiltrate the media and convey what the government wanted to convey, along with an anti-Communist slant.

    Barack Obama, Brennan and Clapper illegally commandeered a powerful supercomputer program called THE HAMMER, which was designed to protect the United States from foreign terrorists. They moved THE HAMMER to a facility in Port Washington, Maryland. They proceeded to use it to illegally spy on Trump, Lt. General Michael Flynn, Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Scalia, they spied on members of Congress, they spied on defense contractors, they spied on Churches and Synagogues to harvest personal data on their congregants, they spied on the FISA court proceedings, they spied on psychiatric facilities, biosafety 4 level labs, and the Federal Reserve as well as many Article III judges. They used the information for bribery and leverage against Obama’s political enemies.

    The CIA’s charter forbids spying on Americans. But Obama, Brennan, and Clapper illegally and treasonously spied on Americans.

    The man who designed THE HAMMER, Dennis Montgomery became a whistleblower. The day after these facts were presented on a radio program, Comey started the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the Russia Hoax as a way of covering up the truth so Americans would not know the depth of the crimes committed by Obama, Brennan, and Clapper.

    The US is in a state of siege as a result of the crimes and treason of these men. Our representatives know they can be destroyed by the information that these men have on them.

    The US government is now working out a plan to strangle the freedom of the internet by using Ai to scrape the internet for more people they can claim are domestic terrorists because they disagree with the totalitarian government.

    In this Caroline Glick show discussing the Israeli media, the Israeli media is also being controlled by those who pay their bills. But it is important to understand that the United States is behind the effort to destroy the current Israeli government.

    By that I do not mean the people of the United States, most of whom love Israel. I mean the Left in the US which is also the US federal bureaucracy, and the national security agencies. The CIA has been behind the destruction of many governments around the world, but never before Obama’s Presidency has the US looked to destroy the government of a US ally. Obama changed that, because he is deeply antisemitic and an Islamist. If Trump were President this would not be happening in Israel. There might be a few demonstrations but not what you are seeing now. What you are seeing in Israel is an attempt for a totalitarian takeover of Israel, one beholden not to the people of Israel, but beholden to the globalist predators.