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May 21, 2020 | 5 Comments » | 510 views

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  1. I wish to ask Israpundit readers who are more knowledgeable about economics to share their views with the rest of us about the impact of the coronavirus lockdowns on the future of the U.S. and world economy over the next several years. This issue is now being hotly debated by economic “experts,” whether real or self-appointed, on the internet.

    Three over-all views have emerged. One is that the Federal stiumulous measures, and the probable availability of a vaccine in the near future, will result in a quick economic recovery and a resumption of the Trump boom. Pessimists aegue that a combination of the impact of the lockdowns, plus alleged structural imbalances in the u.S. and world economies for years, will resuly in a second Great Depression. A third view is that the massive Federal spending has given us needed temporary relief from the worst effects of the recession, but unless “real economic activity,” such as manufacturing and retail sales, picks up sooth this impact will be only temporary, and the recession will continue until real economic activity revives.

    What do you guys and gals think?

  2. Top minds from Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank share their predictions on when US states will reopen and when the economy will get back on track.

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley don’t expect all 50 US states to be fully reopened until at least June, and the country’s gross domestic product won’t reach pre-coronavirus levels until the end of 2021.

    Even in a rebound, some said, the country is likely to experience double-digit unemployment and a declining retail sector.

  3. More than 500 doctors sign letter asking him to end shutdown, claiming it is a ‘mass casualty incident’ amid ‘soaring’ rates of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide
    Dr Simone Gold, an emergency medicine specialist in Los Angeles, was the lead signature on the letter – from the One Doctor A Day collective

    The letter states that calls to the suicide hotline have increased 600 per cent, liquor sales have increased 300 to 600 per cent and cigarette sales have raised

    ‘The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide….’ the letter states
    Republican political operatives are recruiting ‘pro-Trump’ doctors to go on television to prescribe reviving the U.S. economy as quickly as possible

    They are being asked to support not waiting to meet safety benchmarks proposed by the CDC to slow the spread of coronavirus

  4. @ Bear Klein: Thanks, Bear and Ted, for sharing your knowledge and insights with me and other readers.

    I am hoping that at least a few other readers will do this as well.

  5. Th Republicans (minus their leaders in cahoots with the left) have given-up completely on their responsibilities when it comes to manage the “affaires of the state”!
    I hope they learn their lesson.

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