The Saudis are staying true to form

By Ted Belman

The Saudis are at it again.

BENNY AVNI advises The End of the Cedar Revolution

    The Arab League, just as it did with the 1989 Taif Accord, is putting together a compromise agreement to save Lebanon. And just like the earlier pact, the new agreement has the potential to put Lebanon back under Syria’s influence. President Bush, who will arrive in the Middle East this week, can ill afford such a setback in the struggle over the region.

They also went against the US policy of isolating Hamas, when they engineered the Mecca Accords last February. At that time I reported, S. Arabia stabs the US in the back

    Ever since Hamas was elected a year ago, the US has pursued a policy whereby it sought to isolate Hamas and starve it for money while at the same time building up Abbas as the great white hope. It insisted that Hamas recognize Israel, forswear violence and agree to be bound by all previous agreements. It also provided money to Abbas and trained his security forces to take on Hamas.

    Saudi Arabia engineered the Mecca Accords whereby they brought Hamas in from the cold, agreed to finance them to the tune of one billion a year and forced Abbas to turn his back on the US and join in with Hamas. Hamas was not required to change its policy one iota.

    In one fell swoop, it gutted American foreign policy in the conflict and left them powerless.

This is the same Saudi Arabia that finances the Wahabbi madrassas and Mosques all over the world leading to great violence against the US.

John Loftus started the law suit against al-Arian in 2003 and warned that The Saudis are preventing the creation of Palestine.

Staying true to form, I guess.

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