The US and the UK cannot be trusted.

By Ted Belman 

Israel owes its existence, not to Britain nor the US, but to Stalin.

Alex Markovsky wrote in For Israel, Failures Never Learned and Lessons for Today

“In 1947, Arab countries rejected a UN plan to partition the British mandate in Palestine into two states. Armed with British weaponry and guided by British officers, Arabs were convinced they could claim the entire territory by military triumph. If not for comrade Stalin, who supplied the Jews with weapons via Czechoslovakia and dispatched hundreds of seasoned Soviet officers and generals of Jewish heritage to Palestine, all of whom played a pivotal role in the formation, organization, and leadership of the Israeli army, including the air force, Israel would not exist.” 

This support was short-lived but enough to get Israel through the War for Independence. 

Neither the British Foreign Office nor the US State Department expected Israel to be victorious. Britain for its part, prevented Jewish immigration after WWII and did its utmost to confiscate all guns in the possession of the Irgun and other resistance groups and turned over all such weapons and her police stations to the Arabs when she departed. The US did its part by placing an arms embargo on Israel which was instituted before the war and lasted til the ‘67 War. Both expected Israel to lose and saw their interests as aligning with the Arabs and their oil. 

In The 100 Year Betrayal of Israel by the West, I listed most of the betrayals, by Britain and the US, of which there were many, but did not go into their motivations. 

The primary reason Britain published the Balfour Declaration was to influence American Jews to get the US to enter the war and Soviet Jews to keep Russia in the war. 

After the end of WWI, Britain recalibrated her interests and came down decidedly on the sides of the Arabs as the above article attests. 

Britain created the Mandate system in order to maintain her influence in the Middle East without being considered as a colonizer which was going out of style. In her role as Trustee under the Mandate she violated her duty to the Jews, the beneficiary, in every way possible. It is for this reason that Jewish resistance did its utmost after WWII to end the Mandate. 

In The West should make amends to the Jewish people for this historical injustice. I highlighted how Britain put pre-state Israel at a disadvantage by actively preventing Jewish immigration. 

This article highlights the fact that after WWII, Britain embraced ethnic homogenization in redrawing Europe’s borders and partitioning India as the path to peace. Der Spiegel reported;

“The centre-piece of this programme was an attempt to achieve the ethnic homogenization of the state, to ensure as close a match as possible between its ethnic and political borders.” 

But she did the opposite in Palestine. 

“But there was no attempt to move Muslims. Just the opposite. The United Nations created UNRWA to preserve the status of the “refugees” as it newly defined them. The rest as they say is history.” 

Even the UNGA Res 181, passed in 1947, called the Partition Plan, was in violation of the Mandate which designated all the land for the Jewish homeland. 

Though Britain ended the Mandate by leaving, she was hoping to return. Geoffrey Clarfield, explained, in a CIJR  webinar, about the British Plan to Conquer the Jewish State in the 1950’s. 

“Britain had led and financed the Arab Legion, which was managed by active British officers, in 1948 which allowed Jordan to conquer East Jerusalem and occupy Judea and Samaria. Britain begrudgingly recognized the state of Israel, exchanged ambassadors but was clearly on the side of the Arab League.” 

 “Thereafter Britain developed a secret military plan JOI 27 under the pretext of acting on its defence pact with Jordan to attack the Israel air force by air, wipe it out and send in ground-troops to consolidate the destruction of the seven year old or eight year old Jewish state.” 

In The Failed British Double-Cross of IsraelEdward N. Luttwak expanded on this.  

“…the British … were determined to remain in Palestine, contrary to their representations to the Jewish leaders and the U.N. In fact, they had worked out an operational plan to do exactly that: would plead for British protection, thereby ensuring the prolongation of British rule. 

“Two bundles of heretofore overlooked documents prove that Avraham Stern was right in not trusting British declarations that they would end the Mandate and allow the Jews to establish a state, even within the shrunken borders envisioned by the U.N. 

“First, there are the “Operation Cordage” documents, which envisaged a terrorist attack on Israel that would provoke Israeli retaliation against the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Israeli response would allow Britain to activate its commitment to defend the Hashemite Kingdom under the 1946 Treaty of London. This would provide the excuse for the British to launch all-out air attacks by the Royal Air Force from its Cyprus base and by the Fleet Air Arm from carriers, in order to destroy all Israeli air force and army bases, headquarters, and depots. “ 

“The other set of documents describes the U.S.-U.K. Plan Alpha worked out in 1955 by Francis Russell of the U.S. State Department and the leading Arabist of the British Foreign Office, Evelyn Shuckburgh (who would suffer acute stomach pains whenever forced to concede a very rare audience to Israel’s ambassador). Presented by Prime Minister Anthony Eden in his November 1955 Guildhall speech, Alpha would detach the Negev—yes always the Negev—from Israel to give it to Egypt—which was still then, if not for long, “British Egypt,” complete with army and air force Canal-side bases, garrisoned by 70,000 British troops.

This document is dated Aug 2, 1955. The full documents are available on TABLET. 

On July 26, 1956 Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and that changed everything. 

Clarfield writes: 

“Britain strengthened its diplomatic and military promises to Jordan, all on the assumption that it would help them in their secret plan to reconquer Israel. 

“As one of the reports put it: 

“The Committee agreed that …it was important to keep Jordan cooperative at least until the situation in the Middle East subsequent to the Suez canal problem being solved, was clear. 

“Simply understood this meant keep the alliance with Jordan strong, promise them the moon, invade Egypt, bring Nasser to his knees and then destroy the Jewish state by waiting for them to respond to the periodic cross border terrorist attacks from Jordanian territory that had been going on and off since 1948.” 

“Almost at the same time that these plans were being developed the British Cabinet and the British High Command were also cooking up their plan to invade Egypt, destroy Nasser and reassert their power over the Suez Canal as Nasser had nationalized it. This plan never changed its name and was called Operation Musketeer. 

“Whether they named it that because they wanted to go in with the French, the plan finally included the Israelis at the request of the French as the Israelis were receiving or about to receive Mystere Jets from France, as the Americans and the British refused to sell Israeli fighter jets. 

“Throughout the planning and implementation stages of Musketeer a never changing priority was British bombing of Egyptian airfields in the Suez canal. This was so central to their battle strategy that they believed British and French ground troops would only intervene when the Egyptians totally lost their air power. 

“The British very much insisted that the French do not sell Israel jets at this time. Musketeer in the early days never allowed for the remote possibility of Israeli participation but the French soon changed that. 

“What the British feared was an Israeli attack on Jordan when France and Britain were to be tied up in Suez. The British high command spun many scenarios about what these Israelis might or might not do and what would be the appropriate British response. 

“Eden would only go in with three Musketeers if he was promised that the British imagined Israeli invasion of Jordan would not happen and, the Israelis had to promise the British and French that this would not happen.” 

Ben Gurion promised and the invasion of Egypt by Britain, France and Israel, began on Oct 29. 1956 and the invasion of Israel was shelved. 

All for naught as Eisenhower sent them packing. 

In 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organization was formed to liberate Palestine through armed struggle. But it took years for the notion of a Palestinian people to crystalize.  In 1967, they were not recognized as such, nor were they considered a party to the conflict.  Security Council Resolution 242 passed after the ’67 war, made no mention of them. 

Since when did the Palestinians become entitled to a state?  traces the role of all US administrations in creating a Palestinian state for a non-existing people. In 1982, the US went so far as to save Arafat and his 40,000 terrorists from certain destruction in Beirut and ferry then to Tunisia for safe keeping. Pres Clinton made certain that Arafat and his gang of terrorists were accepted into Israel as part of the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords have been trouble for Israel ever since. 

You might ask yourself, why in the world would the US do that?  Why indeed.

Starting with the Rogers Plan of 1969, the US has been at the forefront of creating a Palestinians state and no amount of Black Septembers, plane high jackings, Munich Massacres and terrorizing Lebanon and Israel from Southern Lebanon detered them. Then after Oslo, no amount of intifadas and bus bombings could likewise deter the them.

How do you explain that?

Similarly, the US is ignoring the support extended to Hamas by the PA. The PA and Iran, it seems can do no wrong.

Fast forward to today. Is the US for Israel or agin it?

Apparently, the US is still working to ensure the creation of a Palestinian state. 

Blinken recently advised the Senate 

“At some point, what would make the most sense would be for an effective and revitalized Palestinian Authority to have governance and ultimately security responsibility for Gaza,” 

To date, the Biden administration has supported Israel’s right of self-defense providing it is exercised in compliance with International law. 

At the same time it has insisted that Israel: 

  1. Allow humanitarian assistance to enter Israel from Egypt, currently in excess of 100 trucks per day,  
  2. Restore the internet to Gaza.  
  3. Restore the flow of water into Gaza.  
  4. Refrain from arming its own citizens 
  5. Allow for a pause in the fighting which Israel has so far rejected. 

With every demand the Biden administration imposes on Israel, it makes it more difficult to achieve victory and ensures more Israeli lives will be lost in doing so.

The reason Israel is so compliant is because she is dependent on US resupply of munitions and the US is controlling the resupply to make certain that Israel remains dependant on her. 

The only reason the US is letting Israel crush Hamas is because she wants to instal the PA as ruler in Gaza and thereby usher in the two-state solution. 

On October 20th , Caroline Glick wrote: 

“In nearly every statement and speech U.S. President Joe Biden gave during his brief sojourn in Tel Aviv, he insisted that Hamas does not represent the Palestinians and that the Palestinian Authority is their true representative. The P.A., the president insisted, does not share Hamas’s goal of eradicating the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Biden foresees a future where the P.A. is in charge of the Gaza Strip, and Israel agrees to a Palestinian state in Gaza, as well as in Judea and Samaria.” 

This will never happen. Israel is not shedding its blood in order to install the PA in Gaza.

Martin Sherman put it best in Gaza: The tragically belated death of a “conception

Clearly, the only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is to govern it itself. Moreover, the only way Israel can govern Gaza without imposing its rule on “another people”, is to remove that “other people” from the confines of Gaza, over which it is obligated to rule. Up until October 7th, it was possible to conceive of this being conducted in a non-coercive manner by economically induced emigration. Lamentably, that possibility has been overtaken by events. Now, such an exodus must be implemented coercively and rapidly.” 

And he is not alone in thinking so. Jewish communities around the world call for Jews to settle Gaza and Amb. Friedman: No to 2-states; Yes to Israeli Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and Make Gaza Israel again and Jonathan Pollard: The need for annexation

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  1. Many antisemitic Jews have populated the many US Adms for several decades, in particular in the USSD! Chutzpah!
    Very obvious under Bho and Obiden. Soros’ role?
    Remember Charles de Gaulle famous statement: “France has no friends, only interests”!
    Amazing that the IDF has never seen the need to diversify its source of weaponry/supply in spite of US, Fr, GB and G repeated perfidious conduct towards Israel.

  2. Terry Hurlbut wrote:

    Here is the link to Ted’s excellent article, that lays it on the line as no other article ever has. I hold it a high honor and distinct privilege to offer this article on Conservative News and Views:

    This is one of those occasions in which there is little or nothing more to be said. Much of what I read in that article recalls the historical novel series of Brock and Bodie Thoene, specifically The Zion Chronicles, that actually describe the formation of the State of Israel, from the finding of the Qumran Scrolls to the outbreak of hostilities in 1948, using characters that are not all historical, but have their basis in other tales appearing elsewhere – like the motion picture Cast a Giant Shadow, with Kirk Douglas, Senta Berger, Angie Dickinson, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner, Topol, and John Wayne.

    If you can search my archive on the name Lavi, you’ll find a story I did on a project that our own government stopped cold, in which Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel’s answer to Boeing or Airbus) attempted to develop an all-Israel jet fighter. I gather the U.S.A. wanted Israel to remain dependent on General Dynamics, builders of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

    Congratulations, Ted. This piece is beyond dynamite.

  3. @Sebastien
    Kramer’s book is a particularly useful read, not only for what is written there but for the sources from which it draws its insights. I highly recommend this volume to anyone looking for a careful understanding of the connection between Israel and the Soviets in the early years, though it completely ignores the role played by the French in helping the Israelis influence the Soviets towards support the Jewish cause as explained by the many works of Meir Zamir.

  4. @Reader
    Yes, exactly this. It had a sunset clause, which required the Pals to agree to co-sign a document which they could never co-sign because their only interest in the peace process was widling down Israel’s defenses and providing them the finances and means by which to attack and kill more Jews. Hence, Israel would have had their cake and been allowed to eat it as the sunset clause would have closed the book forever on the TSS which is designed to have more lives than I have seen sunrises. Trump was going to end the charade, and once ended, all would have been resolved to support the JO as the only viable, rational, and doable solution. I think I have gone over all of this not too long ago, but feel free to inquire further if you do not recall my comments, such as they are.

  5. The Forgotten Friendship: Israel and the Soviet Bloc: Part I: The Roots of Soviet Anti-Zionism
    By Alex Grobman PhD. – 26 Heshvan 5783 – November 20, 2022 0

    The book with that title by Arnold Krammer can be borrowed and read for free online at internet archive

    It can also be read as a pdf at SCRIBD where someone has uploaded it as a pdf.

    Used paper copies are going for over $100 at Amazon and Abebooks.

  6. @Michael Klutz! It would seem you’ve cursed yourself. Oops. What to do? Take 2 Hail Mary’s and call me in the morning? 😀

  7. Hello, Sebastien

    – Genesis 12:3

    Have you suddenly become a believer, quoting scripture to me? Give me a break!

  8. RETIRED 22

    Woodrow Wilson saw the draft of the British Mandate docent in 1919 before his incapacitating stroke, and it contained the Balfour Declaration. .
    He positively approved of every word, although not legally associated with it..

  9. There is another series of events that did nothing to directly effect the Zionist story in Israel.
    But these events have an indirect bearing on Israeli history!
    These events were the Election of 1912 for President in America.
    Woodrow Wilson was elected as President.Thru Wilson & the Democrats,the Anglo American Establishment of Bankers & Financiers took control of Washington & warped the U.S. Constitution to the needs of the financial elites from WallStreet & London.
    This brought British Influence into the Federal Government.
    This Anglo American Establishment gained control of Washington.
    This new group were basically White Anglo Saxon Episcopalians & Anglicans. Both were & are very Anti Jewish & Anti Israel!
    To this day this element has a strong hold on Washington.
    This was just 1 aspect of a very complex book by the great Professor Carroll Quigley (Along with his giant works about the little known British Establishment in his ‘Tragedy & Hope’

  10. @Michael

    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

    – Genesis 12:3

  11. This past week’s report that an antisemitic attack was carried out earlier in June by 60 Armenian Church students on the eve of the Shavuot holiday in Jerusalem brings to light the centuries-old trend of Christians targeting Jews, and in this case the ongoing antisemitism in Armenia….

    ‘..There is abundant evidence of Armenian society displaying systemic antisemitism, including high-profile research conducted in recent years. In 2018, a Pew Research Center survey found that 32% of Armenians would not accept Jews as fellow citizens. The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) latest “Global 100” study, meanwhile, found that a majority of Armenians believe a variety of antisemitic stereotypes are “probably true.”

    ‘…Israel’s deep relationship with Azerbaijan is no accident. Azerbaijan has no history of antisemitism (and no contemporary antisemitism, for that matter), a prosperous Jewish community of its own for over two millennia, and a thriving immigrant community in Israel.” – from 2 years ago

  12. @Michael “I’ve come to believe that Jews are …Hitlers who’ve had a bar mitzpah”.

    Seriously, Mike, sometimes you really come across as an antisemite.

    Incidentally, the Russian ambassador, Lavrov, whom I know you love, said the same very thing. Actually, he didn’t go as far.

    You are far worse.

    Oh, I didn’t mention it because it didn’t seem relevant but Armenia is also a strategic ally of Russia.

  13. Hi, Honeybee

    Sebastien’s answer should be enough, especially his attitude. After years of discoursing on Israpundit, I’ve come to believe that Jews are James Bakers and Hitlers who’ve had a bar mitzpah.

    The scariest part, is to look into the mirror, thinking I am any different. In this case, if anyone here doesn’t think they’re ugly, they simply haven’t looked into the mirror.

    Armenia, as a country, is older than Israel; and their DNA makes them close cousins. As for Nazi collaborators, we know who locked most of the Holocaust victims into the gas chambers — Jews.

    Human life isn’t very pretty. The only thing that gives any of us any dignity, is God’s hand upon us.

  14. @Honeybee After the Armenians seized Azeri territory and drove out a million Azeris without pity.

    Armenia is deeply antisemitic. Azerbaijan has no history of institutionalized antisemitism.

    Armenia is a strategic ally of Iran. Azerbaijan is a strategic ally of Israel.

    Israel gets 40 percent of her oil from Azerbaijan.

    Azerbaijan is hostile to Iran.

    Jews are safe in Azerbaijan. It has two huge Jewish communities.

    Armenia has between 500 and 1000 Jews, mostly in the capital. Azerbaijan has 16,000.

    There were Armenian Nazi collaborators including two generals who are celebrated as national heros.

    Azerbaijan fought as part of
    the Soviet Union.

    Armenia has no diplomatic relations with Israel.

    Nearly every Armenian I ever spoke
    with said to stop talking about the Shoah and focus on them instead.

    F***** Armenia! They deserve to be driven out as
    do the Fakestinian Arabs.

    Azerbaijan is our friend and

    Azerbaijan supports Israel. Armenia supports Hamas.

  15. Where is all the concern for the Armenians? They are being driven out of Azerbaijan without pity. Who cares, they are not Islamic.

  16. Sebastien & friends, just a quick note before my mealtime. I scanned the book that Seb recommended, and encountered ths:

    The main thesis of this book is that the secret bias of Western governments against the Jews was and is the single largest obstacle to peace in the Middle East. We present a SHAMEFUL history of racism, greed, and secret betrayal that is so sickening that it will be difficult for many Western readers to accept.

    This is a completely Jewish problem. First of all, notice that “Western” (Read “Jewish”, to make it personal) readers will have trouble accepting these “Western” (again, make it personal) reveals.

    You all must realize, of course, that the National Archives is just a small part of the “books” that will be read on the Day of Judgment, the book of all our deeds, secret and open.

    When I started reading this, I wondered, “These people want all these records hidden; but they can’t bring themselves to simply destroy them, once for all”. That’s the Jewish way. The Christian way, is to give them all to Jesus, to do what he wants with them.

    Now, breakfast — DEVILED eggs!

  17. Hi, Sebastien. Ditto to what Ted said… an AMAZING “bit of history”. I was most impressed with,

    Stalin had not only agreed to a volte face in the UN, he was
    forced by Ben-Gurion to open up the Iron Curtain to permit the wholesale emigra-
    tion of Jews to Palestine.” ibid.

    The rebirth of the State of Israel has been cited by true Bible Believers as one of the greatest miracles of history; but to see how God manipulated Joe Stalin like a puppet — not only to provide for the establishment of the internationally-recognized State of Israel, but also to free up the Jewish people to fill it, makes a folly of all the “wisdom” of the world!

  18. One claim by Markovsky that I had never heard of beforeIn 1947, Arab countries rejected a UN plan to partition the British mandate in Palestine into two states. Armed with British weaponry and guided by British officers, Arabs were convinced they could claim the entire territory by military triumph. If not for comrade Stalin, who supplied the Jews with weapons via Czechoslovakia and dispatched hundreds of seasoned Soviet officers and generals of Jewish heritage to Palestine, all of whom played a pivotal role in the formation, organization, and leadership of the Israeli army, including the air force, Israel would not exist.” I had never heard this claim before, and it seems to me highly unlikely. The first pilots of the Israeli air force are known to have been Americans, not Russians. I have certainly never read in any other source that Russian generals of Jewish origin, dispatched by Stalin in the early stages of the war, participated in the War of Independence on the Israeli side, or much the less played a crucial role in the establishment of the state, Until I see evidence confirming this from reliable Israeli sources, I won’t believe it.

    I have long suspected Markovsky to be a Kremlin agent. But this is just a hunch, based on his consistent praise of Russia, and his demonstrably false claim that Russia is Israel’s best friend. I have no evidence of this.

    I do agree with Markovsky that the Americans and the British are not to be trusted in the Middle East. Not to be trusted not only by Israel, but by every country in the Middle East.

  19. @Michael 😀 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have restored my faith in comedy.

    The passage continues: “He [Ben Gurion] knew that the Allies had not lifted a finger while at least 6 million Jews were
    killed. He knew that the British government would go to extreme lengths to stop
    the State of Israel from being created. The American people were enthusiastic sup-
    porters of the Zionist state, but the United States alone was not enough to coun-
    teract the votes of the British and their supporters in the United Nations. Ben-
    Gurion needed the votes of the Soviet bloc if he were ever to have a nation. He was
    willing to make a devil’s bargain with Stalin: Max’s silence, in return for a reversal
    of the Soviet position on Palestine.??
    There is evidence that Ben-Gurion’s blackmail worked. Suddenly, in 1947, the
    Soviet Union became one of the leading proponents of partitioning Palestine into
    Arab and Jewish states. To understand what a major reversal of Soviet policy this
    was, it should be remembered that Zionism had been one of the main targets of
    Soviet propaganda for the previous half century and that this precedent had begun
    even before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. While British and American right-
    wingers were trying to portray the Zionists as loyal Marxist slaves to Stalin, the left
    wing was vehemently denouncing the Zionists on the ground that they were not
    Marxists at all, but merely liberal capitalists in disguise.??
    Helping create a Zionist state was not an easy thing for Stalin to accept. The So-
    viet dictator was one of the great anti-Semites of all time. Russian Jews tell a bitter
    joke that a thousand years from now, Hitler will be remembered as a petty tyrant
    who lived in the time of Stalin. The Soviet leader was anything but a Zionist
    supporter.?? In fact, the blood purges of the 1930s were part of Stalin’s method to
    drive all of the leading Jewish Communists out of power in the Comintern, the mili-
    tary, and the party. Jews became the only group in the Soviet Union to have their
    religion stamped on their passports.
    During World War II the Soviet government consistently opposed all negoti-
    ations with Hitler to rescue Jews. Stalin allegedly commented that he did not care
    how many boxcars Hitler wasted in sending Jews to the concentration camps, as
    long as he wasn’t sending ammunition to the Eastern front. As late as the Yalta
    Conference of the “Big Three” in 1945, Stalin had opposed any concessions to Jew-
    ish interests in Palestine that were not approved by the Arabs.
    The traditional explanation of why Stalin suddenly became Ben-Gurion’s cham-
    pion is that he wanted to oust Britain from the Middle East and break the “imperi-
    alist encirclement” of the Soviet Union. The timing of Stalin’s dramatic policy
    reversal suggests there was much more involved than has been suggested hitherto.
    To Britain’s utter dismay, the entire Soviet bloc switched in favor of partition. For
    one thing, it was only in May 1947 that the Soviet representative at the UN, Andrei
    Gromyko, called for the division of Palestine into two states, one for the Jews and
    one for the Arabs. Stalin had not only agreed to a volte face in the UN, he was
    forced by Ben-Gurion to open up the Iron Curtain to permit the wholesale emigra-
    tion of Jews to Palestine.” ibid.

  20. Felix, let me fill in some gaps you may have in history:

    1. The assasination of James Garfield led to pogroms against the American Jews.
    2. Those Jews found refuge in Russia, in a historic wave of emigration.
    3. With the outbreak of WWI, Russia sent an expeditionary force to wrest Jerusalem from Muslim control for the first time since the Crusades
    4. Russia used its clout, to create the Mandate Novorussopalestine, a resurrection of the Jewish state that was lost for 2000 years.

    Without Russia, and its Zionist champion, Leon Trotsky, the Jews of the world would today have no home they could call their own.

    Slava Rossia! Slava Trotsky!

  21. The two constants since the creation of Israel have been the greed for oil and the hatred for Jews. Thank you for the advanced history lesson and supporting documents, Ted. History has proven over and over again – antisemitism never dies – it simply waxes and wanes according to its political utility. Yesterday, the Nazis shocked the world with their barbaric brutalization and systematic murder of European Jewry. Today, HAMAS terrorists shocked the world with their savage brutalization and murder of Israeli Jews.

    Nazis and HAMAS terrorists do not act alone – they are cogs in the wheels of the globalist elite and globalism’s megalomaniacal threat to freedom worldwide. In the United States, people are finally becoming aware of the Marxist indoctrination that threatens the republic. In Israel, people are becoming aware that the UK and US cannot be trusted. Why not? Because the globalist elite in the US and UK fully intend to collapse the United States and Israel from within – ideologically. Then the globalist elite will be able to impose its planetary Unistate through the lethally corrupt United Nations and its affiliated organizations. Marxism was never the endgame for the globalist elite. Marxists are just useful idiots, and so are HAMAS terrorists. The two-state solution was never a viable option. Instead, it was used to create chaos, disharmony, false expectations, and a “Palestinian” population commited to the destruction of Israel. Nazis, Marxists, and Muslim terrorists are all being used to collapse Western societies and make them totally chaotic and ungovernable. Then, as globalist Henry Kissinger infamously predicted in 1992:

    “Today American’s would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

    Globalism is an existential threat to the entire world order. The globalist elite fully intend to reorder the current Westphalian structure of independent sovereign nation-states, and replace them with its own planetary Unistate. It is time to step back and see the entire forest, rather than focusing on single trees – even though the trees are antisemitism, anti-western, anti-family, anti-nation state, anti-American, anti-Israel. John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” is not paradise, it is globalism’s planetary Unistate – a return to the binary feudal structure of rulers and ruled – where you will own nothing, but you will not be happy.

  22. Michael I can see what you are doing

    May be unconscious

    You begin with your political bias against Russia

    You apply that bias to history

    So Ted can give many proofs of fact he did so

    (It SURELY is an important fact of history)

    From that very subjective denial it is downhill all the way

    Main result is terrible wasting of time

    We cannot go on like this

  23. Ted,

    Israel owes its existence, not to Britain nor the US, but to Stalin.

    It’s become obvious where your sympathies lie. If only Putin realized, how pro-Israel he’s supposed to be!

    For myself, I don’t plan to quit the US to go live in Russia, anytime soon.

  24. @Sebastien

    from: “The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People” by John Loftus. Scribd.

    Excellent book. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  25. @Bear

    According to two former Israeli intelligence officers, the GRU told Ben-Gurion to name his price for his continued silence about the Soviet spy operation. Ben-Gurion told them what he wanted: a country.?? For the first time in the history of the Zionist movement, the Jews had the whip hand over Stalin. By threatening to   .disclose that Max was run by the Kremlin, the Jews had a brief window of opportunity to play one superpower against another. Ben-Gurion was not a Communist. He was a realist.

    Chapter 6

    Excerpt from: “The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People” by John Loftus. Scribd.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Read this book on Scribd:

  26. Of course this is the essence


    Israel has a great friend in the American people, but just as great an enemy in the American ruling elites

    It is true and is also a potentially fleeting thing

    With massive changes in our world the Jews who have always been vulnerable are going to be more so to a frightening extent

    The Left Fascism of the Democrats needs defeating and on the other hand right wing Fascism in anti science TRUMPISM needs to be exposed and defeated also

    The present left is tied up with Palestinians to a lethal extent. They replace Marxism with folly

    “Antisemitism is the Socialism of Fools,”

    Trump and his Christian followers have been persecuted by Fascists.

    This Fascism of the American state essentially against Trump (like the Russian hoax or the Me Too movement) is one side

    The opposite side is denial of science by Trumpists which also is a component of coming Fascism in America

    Can the American working class emerge well obviously the issue is clearly leadership

  27. @Bear

    Does not make Russian of today Israel’s friend nor change the fact that they arm our enemies and just hosted Hamas.

    As Edgar wisely noted, nations do not have friends, just interests. Also, you are correct to assert that Stalin’s Soviet Union has nothing to do with Putin’s Russia – they are very different men, living in very different ages, facing very different challenges, with very different outlooks. Only a fool would make such an association, even as there are any number of fools who do make such associations, but I am not one of them and I am happy to hear that neither are you.

    Regarding the Putin govt, I would raise the role played by Russia to block Obama’s anti-Israel UN resolution in the waning hours of his presidency. So too I would raise the connection between Putin and Bibi which brought about the Syrian deconfliction mechanism over Syria and the return of Zachary Baumel’s body to Israel after nearly 40 years.

    In any event, enjoy the rest of your day.

  28. @Peloni so if Stalin did indeed do a good thing in helping arm Israel, then great!

    Does not make Russian of today Israel’s friend nor change the fact that they arm our enemies and just hosted Hamas.

    Anyway have a good day. I am getting away from politics and war for a while.

  29. @Edgar

    States do not have permanent friends, nor permanent Enemies, The have only permanent INTERESTS.

    Yes, the most basic and ancient truth which we ignore at our peril.

  30. @Bear
    Regarding the notion that Stalin was not responsible for what took place in Czeckoslovakia in 1948, I would refer you to an article in Haaretz by Ze’ev Schiff dated May 3 1968, in which the Hebrew title translates to something like “Stalin gave the orders to supply weapons to Israel”. Arnold Kramner’s book titled “The Forgotten Friendship: Israel and the Soviet Bloc, 1947-53” asserts quite clearly that Stalin ‘gave the order’. Honestly, I find it absurd to cosider the possibility that such an action might have been taken without Uncle Joe’s involvement, but herein lies the documentation as confirmation that, in fact, Uncle Joe was specifically responsible, not only for the aid going to the Israelis, but also for the discontinuation of the arms at the end of the War of Independence.

  31. @Bear

    The thing with the USA is that Israel gets benefit from them and either has to ignore or say no certain things the USA advocates.

    Really? Is this what Begin did when threatened with cancelling the US aid? To be certain, Begin’s actions were not always so wise as the statement which I quoted below, but the reality is that Israel has a great friend in the American people, but just as great an enemy in the American ruling elites. Hence, the realities which belie this dichotomy must be employed to benefit the Israeli people, rather than simply surrendering to accept the two day old plate of fish which your statement above calls to mind.

    Indeed, Israel’s salvation is not to be found in a binary choice between America or Russia, and that is the point which should be understood by all. Israel is a sovereign nation and it is as this which she should be acting, not as an America proxy, having to suffer the damaging effect which I have only enumerated a short list in this thread and which are also explained in Ted’s article above.

    Also, my world view does NOT see the USA as all bad, not at all. As I have stated the American people are our very great friends, and to appease these forces, their ruling elites will and do provide a great deal of rhetoric along with a marginal level of support to disguise the banality of their full actions undermining Israel. For example, as he was pushing forth the JPOA, Obama signed a massive aid package with Israel, keeping the control of resupply and parts squarely within the means of the US to control Israel’s ability to make any sizeable military response which is where things remain still to this day.

    Despite this fact, however, my world view recognizes the fact that America is enriching, empowering and nuclearizing Iran, and acted to empower the Pals before Iran. There is simply no greater existential threat than these, not just for Israel but also for her friends in America. This has nothing, NOTHING, to do with Russia. These are American policies, crafted and enacted over the past 40years in successive American administrations from both parties, and these policies progressed most acutely after the Russians took over the Soviet house as it were, when Russia no longer presented a threat to America, and America had the wherewithal to enforce their will as they chose to do. The sidelining of Israel in preference of the Pals and Iran is what the American govt, both parties, have pushed forward, and it is still the policy which America is advancing as they act to fund Hezbollah with Israeli gas proceeds, provide Hezbollah with rights to Israeli territory in the Golan, and integrate a nuclear Iran and Iran’s terrorists proxies into being the normative state of play in the region. This is not Russia doing this, it is the American govt.

    This, and so much more villainy enacted by US govts over the years, is what my world view is structured upon, and nothing else. Hence, we should not hold ourselves in such disdain as to think that we are helpless but to exclusively choose America or Russia, for each has aided us in our our of need, even as the hours in which they each have acted were mutually exclusive periods of time.

    Consequently, based on all that we know about America and the policies she has pursued in recent weeks, recent years and recent decades, the US cannot and should not be trusted, and this was the very premise put forth in Ted’s very well stated article. Israel needs to tap Begin’s description of being an ancient and proud people, capable of surviving against great adversities, but our fate must be maintained as our own to fashion, as this was the very purpose upon which the Zionist dream began. Recall too that the image of the ‘plucky Jews’ who carved the Burma Road out of a cliff side is far more inspiring to our allies in the American people than the image of needy Jews being forced to humble themselves and limit their objectives to gain support from the villains which run the American govt. These villains are powerful enemies, but not all powerful, even as we must never lose sight of the fact that our enemies they will forever remain.

  32. BEAR-

    Much of your exchanges with Peloni as just so much verbiage.

    As I posted yesterday, States do not have permanent friends, nor permanent Enemies, The have only permanent INTERESTS.

    This old dictum has survived until the present day, and indeed it was in effect for more than a thousand years before that. from thee time there were viable states.

    Whatever the US does, (and Yes you are right, it seems to regard Israel as it’s Court menial) there is a price attached, nothing they do is free.
    But, as I said the US is far more than amply repaid by Israel testing the latest weaponry in battle, the R&D, Intelligence, and the fact that supporting Israel, keeps the lid on the whole Middle East to a large degree.

    The Czechs were then Communist and their government would not move a step without the O.K from Moscow. That was a FACT Besides, the Cold War was going strong, and Russia could steal a march against the US this way. Not for love of Israel indeed. Staling hated Jews(. Remember the tragedy of the Jewish doctors.)… There were of course subterranean dealings by the Las Vegas Gangsters, and many other helping hands, who had NO axe to grind except either love of fair play, Israel and/or that they were Jews. People like Hillel Kook/alias Peter Bergson.

    But all that was over 75 years ago so it needs not to be brought up today-else we could find ourselves back to the story of Cain and Abel.

    I also went to Israel in 1975 and my cousin was an officer in the Intelligence Dept. I got the whole story enormously thrilling of the way the outnumbered and outgunned few tanks on the Golan held the Syrians by both daring deeds and subterfuge…and sheer
    plain luck.

    One hero had 9 tanks destroyed under him.

  33. @Peloni I do not know if Stalin had anything to do with helping Israel or not. Since I do not take the “Czech’s” selling weapons to Israel as something he was involved in or not. If he was great. I do not take Ted as a reliable source of viable information. If he was then that is fine. You want to hang your hat with Stalin and Russia currently as great friends of the Jews and Israel your prerogative.

    In your worldview (which I am not a subscriber of it) the USA is all bad, great your viewpoint. Hang your hat with the Russian’s. The thing with the USA is that Israel gets benefit from them and either has to ignore or say no certain things the USA advocates.

    So you approve of Russian’s support of the Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, I am reading in between the lines. If I am wrong about that feel to correct me. Or do you clone Ted’s thinking if the Russian’s are Israel’s enemies it is the USA’s fault.

    I prefer the far from ideal support by the USA but vital support nerveless to the Russian’s that is the bottom line. You appear to have the opposite view and that is your right.

    By the way many Russian Jews or former Soviet Jews have helped Israel immensely and contributed to it greatly. I remember how hard the Jews fought to get out of the Soviet Union. Again the antiSemitism in Russia is rearing its ugly head. The biggest anti-Russians and anti-Soviets are Jews from those locals.

  34. @Bear

    When the USA acts as a friend I recognize that.

    You seem unable to say something good about the USA when it does right towards Israel.

    Actually, your previous statement denying that Stalin was involved in providing Israel with arms with which to win its War of Independence would suggest that you are unable to say something good about Russia when it did something which no other great power at the time would do – save for France.

    You say that the USA has done something good and acted as a friend, but I would argue that the US govt has compromised Israel’s freedom of action in the same moment that you have suggested that they have done ‘something good’. Indeed, we should look at the content of what good the US has done.

    For instance would this include when Biden says we have the right to defend ourselves but not to kill our enemies which line the Gazan streets?

    Would it include the call for an end to Hamas while also supplying them with cash and food and water?

    Would this include the call for Israel not to harm the ‘inocent’ Gazan population while refusing to push Egypt or Jordan or any other nation to provide a safe haven from the harms of the battle which the US govt is simultaneously claiming is clearly justified?

    Without any doubt, the US has its own interests in this affair, and we should not be mistaken to believe that those interests are aligned with those of Israel, as they certainly are not. In fact, we are where we are because of the duplicitous Arabist agenda put forth by successive American govts, save for that of Trump, in a sea of abuses waged against the sovereignty of the Israeli nation and authority of the Israeli state to act in its own defense to provide the most basic level of protection from the terrorists held safe by American designs within Israel’s own borders. The American govt has treated Israel as its own pet House Jew, which can do what it likes to the limit of the American leash which has repeatedly restrained Israel from providing the Israeli citizens with the protections from the American designed intentions to destabilize Israel from without and within. What we saw take place on October 7 was the result of Israel having to knuckle under to preserve its friendship with America, a friendship which was well betrayed by the American governmental protections and funding which have been provided to the Iranian menace and their proxy forces. Also, the preservation and maintenance of UNWRA by American governmental largess has been a made-to-order recipe of the slaughter of poeple which we have only suffered a slight taste of the appetite for our destruction which has been boiled by this UN structured and American funded death cult. For all that Russia has done over the past more than 7 decades, she could never have shaped Israeli policy against Israeli interests as the US govt has achieved over these years, something which is still being pursued by US policy even as Israel receives weapons at the cost of its independence to use those weapons in its own defense.

    You say that the USA has done something right, but what you should detect is that what the US has done in recent weeks is to restrain Israel from doing what is necessary and still protecting its Iranian ally, which should be seen to be the greatest threat which Israel faces today. The Americans are inside the wire, capable of crippling sound policies and derailing necessary objectives to procure the safety and security of the Israeli people, and this they are continuing to do to this day. Russia is simply selling arms to Iran, but the US is actually giving Iran ready cash to make those same Russian purchases possible while also supporting the ongoing rise of Iran over the entire region.

    Mind you, these are NOT

    many error’s the USA has done over the years

    This is simply US policy.

  35. The destruction of Hamas is something many many people and governments do not want to happen.

    Not Iran—this is the first time their empire has been rolled back.
    Not anti-Israel people—because Israeli strength is bad and Hamas’s attack was worth celebrating.

    Not Russia and Turkey—which have respectively invested heavily in Iran and Sunni Islamism and can’t see them weakened.

    Not the far Left in America—who can’t handle Israeli strength or the defeat of those brave warriors who attacked the demon.

    David Hazony wrote the above and it was posted on Twitter
    He is a writer of many books and has Five (5) sons in active duty currently in the IDF.

    His current book is
    Jewish Priorities: Sixty-Five Proposals for the Future of Our People

  36. @Peloni, I am aware of the arms deal with Czechoslovakia, in 1948.

    When I first arrived in Israel in the 1970s I made very good friends with a person involved in the Independence War on many levels. We spent hour talking. Mostly him talking and me asking an occasional question.

  37. @Bear

    The first arms deal with Czechoslovakia was signed in January 1948 – less than two months after the UN resolution creating Israel and four months before the state was actually established. Immediately after the Partition Plan was passed, Ben-Gurion began searching for sources to supply arms to the Israeli defense forces, but found that the legal sources in the United States and most European countries were closed off to the institutions of the Jewish state in formation. The only alternative seemed to be illegal arms acquisitions and an appeal to the Soviet bloc.

    Representatives of the Jewish Agency signed the deal on behalf of the Israelis, with the approval of David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet; and on the Czechoslovakian side, army leaders signed with the approval of Prime Minister Klement Gottwald and Defense Minister General Ludovic Swoboda, representatives of the Communist regime that had just been installed in their country [by Stalin].

    The Communists Who Saved the Jewish State

  38. @Ted I do not want to defend the many error’s the USA has done over the years nor the Israeli lefts errors in regards to Oslo.

    However unlike you who would probably blame the USA if a volcano erupts somewhere in the Pacific, Iceland or Italy. When the USA acts as a friend I recognize that.

    You seem unable to say something good about the USA when it does right towards Israel. Somehow ignoring that Russia acts as the partner of Israel’s enemies. In fact blame the USA for Russia’s enmity towards Israel. To be understated and with a great effort to be polite in my disagreement I think you are completely off base and wrong. Stop covering for the Russian’s Ted!

  39. @Bear. quite so but you ignored the very direct question. Could they have won without Stalin’s support.

    I would also like to hear your thoughts on why American embraced Arafat as she did for over 50 years..

    No one disputes that the USSR became an enemy of Israel’s. My article is about the US’s role. You keep changing the subject.

  40. It all started with the creation of a fictitious “Palestinian People” who allegedly demand political self determination. This collective noun was created by the Soviet disinformation masters in 1964 when they created the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the “PLO”. The term “Palestinian People” as a descriptive of Arabs in Palestine appeared for the first time in the preamble of the 1964 PLO Charter, drafted in Moscow. The facts in the preamble to the Charter were affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National Council, handpicked by the KGB.

  41. Sixty years ago, during Israel’s War of Independence, some 3,500 men and women from 44 countries around the world left the comfort of their homes and families to help the fledgling Jewish state in its struggle for survival as part of Mahal (the Hebrew acronym for “overseas volunteers”). Mainly World War II veterans with military training and experience, their contribution was decisive in helping Israel establish an army and win its fight for existence against an invading force of five Arab armies.

    The most famous Mahal volunteer was American Col. David (Mickey) Marcus, who was recruited to serve as prime minister David Ben-Gurion’s military adviser, and helped lay the foundation for transforming the pre-state defense forces into a regular army. His role in the construction of the Burma Road, which helped break the siege of Jerusalem, was critical. Killed by friendly fire in June 1948, Marcus was laid to rest at West Point, the only American soldier to be buried there who died fighting for a foreign country. Ben-Gurion called the Mahal volunteers “the Diaspora’s most important contribution to the survival of the State of Israel.”

    Full article at

  42. @Bear.
    Are you claiming that Israel would have won without Stalin’s help?

    As for Russia’s alignment with China and Iran against Israel, I blame the US for this too. It would never had happened had the US not pushed Putin into a corner and into the arms of Chna and Iran. The US should have accommodated Russian’s meager demands and kept Russian as part iof the West. It was pure folly to alienate her.
    Starting with the Rogers Plan of 1969, the US has been at the forefront of creating a Palestinians state and no amount of Black Septembers, plane high jackings, Munich Massacres and terrorizinhg lebanon and Israel from Southern Lebanon detered them. Then after Oslo, no amouint of intafadas could likewise deter the them.

    How do you explain that?

    Similarly, the US is ignoring the support extended to Hamas by the PA. The PA and Iran , it seems can do no wrong.

  43. Really Israel owes its existence to Stalin. The 6500 Jews who died and all those who fought I always thought were why Israel prevailed in the independence war.

    Yes we did get some Czech weapons including some small planes. Was that because of Stalin?

    Is this article to somehow make the current Russians the good guys even though they are allies with our enemies and arm them? If it is it, does not wash.

    Russians are supplying our (Israel) enemies weapons and the USA is supplying Israel weapons. So who is friend and who is foe? Clear to me but then not to some it appears.

    Do not misunderstand me I am very much against most of Biden’s policies but will take the USA weapons and diplomatic assistance while it continues. Yes they have stupid ideas like the two state solution which is contrary to Israel’s well being. The bad ideas should not be agreed to but the weapons and support accepted. The Russian’s are on the side of the enemy and it is black and white not matter how hard Ted tries to deflect from that.

  44. @Ted
    My very strong congradulations on an important work of immense research and careful consideration.

    The US has been too long allowed to direct Israeli policy, and Israel has not been better for the abdication of its authority to direct its own path according to its own interests. Even while Israel is still in the US pocket of manipulation due to her passing the production and flow of arms to America, Israel must not allow itself to be manipulated to be a passenger rather than the driver of its own fate. As Begin stated so very well,

    “Don’t threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid.”

    Israel can only be served by following its own principles, and chief among these principles is the preservation of the Jewish Homeland and the Jewish People. This was the very purpose for which the Zionist project began and yet it has been this very purpose for which the Zionist nation has been most challenged in recent years to pursue. The plots of foreigners to pursue the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of her people is something which should seem obvious to all that Israel can ill afford to bargain upon. As Bibi did yesterday when being challenged by the US to provide Hamas a respite from its utter destruction, Israel must become accustomed to telling the Arabist Imperialists in the US, the UK, the UN and the entire world, “NO”! As you previously stated in your brilliant Three Nos article

    With all the pressure Israel is under, it has no choice but to declare its own three nos; no to a nuclear Iran, no to the two-state solution, no to a bi-national state.

    Failling to make this stand permanent, once and for always, and in a voice of clarity and unwavering determination, will simply see the entire Zionist project collapse utterly to the ruin and devastation of our people.

    The raison d’etre of founding the Jewish state was to pursue the protection and preservation of the Jewish people without the need of any permit from any Goyish overlord. As daylight was introduced by the powerful US hegemon between the Israeli govt and the ultimate pursuit of this principle, Israel failed to hold the line, the very standard upon which Begin asserted that we would never surrender. Consequently, Israel must no more carry forward American policies, or those of any other nation or power, which part from her own interests. No matter the cost of making such a stand permanent, failing to do so will simply lead the slaughter which took place at the Gaza envelop to be visited to every locality, every city, and every corner of the whole of Israel and around the world as well. We must say NO! and keep saying NO! til the demands from our ‘allies’ for us to break ourselves wither from earshot or consideration even in the minds of those power barrons who have plotted so well and for so long to see us destroyed.

  45. During WW II there were over a hundred Soviet Jewish general officers – ground air and sea but none of them – nor their field rank juniors – turn up in Israel in 1948 or they would be in the Israeli memoirs literature. Any ex-Russians in 1948 Haganah were there from the inter war aliyot or from Aliyah Bet 1945 – 48 that included a battalion in the central battles after the First Truce cf Kimche “Seven Fallen Pillars”.

    Second the so called Czech arms Stalin let the Czechs sell to Israel were surrendered German weapons that became surplus to CZ as they reorganised as a Communist country on Red Army lines with Soviet weapons. There are 50’s IDF photos of Israeli jeeps M3 half tracks etc mounting MG 34’s and as late as 1967 reservists toting Mauser ’98 rifles and carbines.

    One of the lessons of the two WW’s was that if you put a big unit onto the battlefield you get a big casualty bill so during the Cold War at least Soviet battalions were small. I do not know if this filtered to Israeli infantry BUT certainly after 1967 Israeli tank regiments were small at 35 tanks probably out of debrief in the experience of 1956 and 1967.

    Missing in the article is reference to the US & UK Project Alpha – a 50’s pre Suez scheme to allow for triangles of Arab land to be carved out of the Negev to allow for Egypt – Jordan land transit through a “kissing point” midway as in the UN181 map. The US variant was small and North of Eilat. The British scheme was roughly just South of Beer Sheva and took much more 1949 Israeli land. The US actually hired an engineering firm to proof of concept level design a fly over for their proposal. It is all – with map – in Michael Oren’s book on the Approach to the Second Arab Israel War. The scheme was dismissed by Nasser as ridiculous cf “The Cairo Papers” by his pet journalist Haikal the editor of Al Ahram. The jesting possibility being an Egyptian sentry on the fly over would pee on Israeli traffic and that would spark an incident.

    None of this detracts from the basic idea that (great) powers are untrustworthy except when their interests coincide AND that Arabs start wars when they think they can win and yelp for UN ceasefires and international law when they lose.