The US reverses itself on Trump’s Peace to Prosperity Document

Israel gets sovereignty over 30% of the land now and probably over the rest in 4 years.

By Ted Belman JAN 28/20

The Plan gives Israel about 30% of Judea and Samaria, including the Jordan Valley and the blocs, and permits Israel to extend Israel law to these lands. As sovereign, Israel can develope these lands as it pleases.

In exchange, Israel has agreed to freeze or hold the rest in trust for a potential Arab statelet for 4 years only.

The arabs have this much time to accept such a state providing they do a number of things: demilitarize the future state including Gaza, recognize Israel as nation state of the Jews, stop incitement and payments to terrorist, to name a few.

It is a fabulous deal for Israel because it allocates 30% of the land to Israel sovereignty now. The rest she must hold in trust  for 4 years to give that much of a window for the Arabs to meet all the conditions demanded of them. After the 4 years, Israel will be able to do what they want with the rest if the Arabs have failed to meet the conditions.

The US just reversed themselves.

Israeli deliberations about annexing parts of the West Bank should be part of discussions between Israel and the Palestinians on the Trump administration’s peace plan, the US State Department’s chief spokesperson said Friday.

By RAPHAEL AHREN, TOI Today, 8:18 pm

The comments by Morgan Ortagus, made during a phone briefing with Israeli reporters, came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a lightning trip to Jerusalem Wednesday for talks with Israeli leaders on a number of issues.

Pompeo did not specifically address questions during the trip about whether the US would support Israel unilaterally advancing annexation after July 1, as the coalition agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz allows the new government to do, but said Jerusalem has “the right and the obligation” to decide if and when it wants to annex.

“He [Pompeo] said that annexation is up to Israel,” Ortagus said, stressing that annexation was “certainly, by no means, the reason” for Pompeo’s trip. “We think these discussions should be a part of the peace process, part of President Trump’s Vision for Peace. So it should be part of discussions between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I don’t really have much more to say on it than that.”

Asked directly whether Israel still has a “green light” for unilateral annexation, especially since the Palestinians are proving “unwilling to consider the Trump peace plan,” or whether Israel should put annexation on hold, Ortagus did not give a direct yes or no answer. She said, rather, that the US administration has put out a “comprehensive” peace plan… We’re going to continue to push for this vision for peace that the president has. We have certainly by no means given up hope. In fact it will continue to be a major part of our foreign policy to press for the Palestinians to come to the table as a part of this peace plan, as a part of this process.”

She added: “There is a mapping committee that is led by Ambassador Friedman. And so I don’t have anything new to announce today other than just to reiterate the fact that all of these discussions relating to mapping and annexation we firmly believe should be a part of discussions between the Israelis and Palestinians working toward President Trump’s vision for peace.”

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. My advice: talk less; do more. Take all the steps to annex. Just call it something else. If challenged, respond with a straight face. Pick out trivial “difference” and elaborate vociferously and passionately about why these two are not the same thing. It’s the facts the ground that will count… Create the facts the ground. And then everyone’s next steps will use that new position as the starting point

    Take all the steps to free housing from the stifling. multilevel review and approval procedures that make you take forever to get final approval and get a house built. if you give communities the authority to zone and create standards for safety, health etc. any central authority is limited to the plan check and anyone who meets community zoning and the building standards and can get financing can build immediately.

  2. @ LIZ WATSON:
    Israel doesn’t really want to DO anything.
    This is the reason they always start screaming bloody murder so the whole world can hear about their “glorious plans” for settlement construction, “annexation”, etc., this is why they act like a colony of the United States, and this is why they have a complex bureaucracy to stifle their plans.
    They do it to provoke pushback and restrictions so they can take a deep sigh of relief and say “See! “They” won’t let us do it!”
    Same thing with aliyah.
    The Jewish Agency refers you to NBN, NBN refers you to its website. It would be nice to hear a bit of enthusiasm in their voices.
    Where there is a will, there is a way.
    Where there isn’t… there isn’t.

  3. I think this could be a smoke screen by the Trump Team. They want to make sure that the Israeli application of sovereignty (not annexation) is tied to the Trump Plan.

    They want to make sure Israel announces it as such.

    Israel should apply sovereignty to Jordan Valley/North Dead Sea and all the Jewish Towns in Judea/Samaria and indicated that they are willing to negotiate with the PA per the parameters of the Trump Plan. They should also say this does not mean Israel is foregoing the rights to apply sovereignty to any other area of Judea/Samaria. Israel should also indicate that they are willing to negotiate peace per the parameters of the Trump but that does not mean they have agreed to all of the plan.

  4. Jason Greenblatt in an in-depth interview I24 indicated that the Trump would still recognize Israeli application of sovereignty on 30 percentage of Judea/Samaria if Israel does this per the Trump plan meaning that Israel actually is willing to negotiate peace with the PA and makes this clear per the parameters of the Trump Plan. It also means that Israel freezes construction beyond the 30% of Judea/Samaria. He indicated that Pompeo was saying this decision is up to Israel.

    So according to Greenblatt nothing has changed since January on the American side. He said, Netenyahu and Gantz in Washington had agreed to work from the plan. He said the plan is not a two state solution but a way for the Palestinians to get a state if they comply with the terms of the Trump Plan. If the Palestinians do not comply within four years of the plan then Israel would be free to do other things. Implied was building and perhaps extending sovereignty to other locations in Judea/Samaria. He however was not definitive on this.

  5. If the Palestinians are going to be part of the negotiation process, they must formulate some other position besides, “No”. The rest of the world is tired of this conflict. The world also sees that Israel has shown flexibility, (in some cases foolishly so), while the only response that has ever come from the palestinians is, “No”. With this approach, the palestinians stand to lose everything. Today, it may be 30% of the WB, in four more years, they could lose everything, ending their dream. It seems probable that they are trying to hold on until after the US presidential election. If the Democratic candidate wins, they will have a reprieve, but if Trump is re-elected, they will be forced to either negotiate what’s left, or fade into history. As for Israel, they have been handed an opportunity on a silver platter, to secure their ancient homeland. Those doors don’t stay open for long. If they want it, they better take take it NOW, before the election. If they don’t, their dream of having a homeland, with secure, defensible borders, may evaporate as well. Both sides will then be mired in a never-ending struggle that brings only heartache and pain. These next six months are crucial.

  6. @ Bear Klein:
    Whew! Thanks, Bear Klein, for your two comments. I think the headline and ending comment of this article are wrong. I don’t see how the U.S. has reversed itself on Trump’s peace plan, which doesn’t allow Israeli annexation of land belonging to another nation but rather allows Israel to extend its sovereignty to the Jewish settlements in 30% of Judea and Samaria as long as Israel is willing to negotiate with Palestinian Arab leaders (who, however, will probably never sit down to negotiate anything with Israel and will therefore lose their opportunity to do so in 4 years).

  7. @ Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld:
    I strand by what I wrote. Who’s Jason Grenblatt? He resigned 6 months ago.

    Read this article more carefully. The Plan itself says Israel can annex when they want providing they agree to there follow the Trump Plan.

    The state Dept now says “And so I don’t have anything new to announce today other than just to reiterate the fact that all of these discussions relating to mapping and annexation we firmly believe should be a part of discussions between the Israelis and Palestinians working toward President Trump’s vision for peace.”.

    So the Plan says clearly that Israel can annex ( extend sovereignty) before discussions with the PA whereas now, annexation must be part of those disucssions.

    The reversal is with respect to timing.

  8. @ Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld:
    You cannot count on “probably”. Accepting 30% of Judea and Samaria now and holding the rest of it (70%) “in trust” for the “Palestinians” is as good as signing on the dotted line that “We accept the two state solution and we agree to hand over 70% of our Biblical Land to the Arabs as soon as they are willing to take it.”
    And, believe me, they will take it or they will be forced to do it, anyway, by the US and the “world community”.
    Then the Jewish state will be immediately attacked by the Arabs in a replay of 1947-48, and the attacks will continue because the “Jewish state” keeps giving the Arabs hope that they can destroy it.
    This is the whole purpose of this “Trump’s peace plan”.

  9. @ Raphael:
    “to secure their ancient homeland” 30% of it, to be precise, and agreeing to NOT extend the settlements and to freeze the settlement construction forever (meaning the Jewish population is literally denied the right to expand which is a complete mockery).
    This means that the Jewish settlements are going to be mixed in with the Arab “settlements” and will have no security.
    This is going to be a permanent time bomb set up to explode repeatedly.
    There is nothing easier to defeat than separate villages and “shtetls” one-by-one.
    Why make it look to the whole world as though Israel is BEGGING the “Palestinians” to come to the negotiating table? “Please, please! Here, we are holding a nice piece of land for you!”
    It looks like Israel has no pride!
    There is NOTHING in it for Israel except acquiring another enemy state on its border wishing Israel’s destruction.

  10. A recent meeting took place between 3 Palestinian leaders from Judea & Samaria (for real peace based on facts) and Jewish leaders of the same region! Apparently a lot was understood and agreed upon from both sides.
    The claim that 2/3 of Palestinians want Intifada 3 is the result of political by the Palestinian fascists. manipulation

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