There Will Be War

Ted Belman: Not included in the war buildup included below is this Debka item. Iran on war alert over “US and Israeli concentrations” in Azerbaijan and this item
Report: IAF helicopters unload equipment ‘meant for attacking a Muslim state’ at Saudi airport

Reza Kahlili, 06.21.10, FORBES

Last week, Iran’s opposition leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi canceled anti-government demonstrations timed to commemorate the anniversary of last year’s disputed presidential election. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton called the cancellation “regrettable,” but missed the larger point. The reform these two men offer is not what the majority of Iranians want: They want an end to the current Islamic regime.

One year ago, the Obama administration missed an opportunity to support Iran’s uprising. They mistakenly calculated that back-door negotiations with Iran’s clerics and promises made by its rulers would bring cooperation on the nuclear issue. The Americans were duped and now find themselves grasping for another chance to support an Iranian uprising.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has ordered a massive buildup of U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf starting with Carrier Strike Group 10, headed by the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier. Just last Friday an armada of more than 12 U.S. and Israeli warships passed through the Suez canal amid extreme security provided by Egypt. The ships are headed for the Red Sea and from there to the Persian Gulf. Another four U.S. warships will be making their way to the region to join the Strike Group. The Americans have also conducted joint air and naval strike practices with France and the U.K. under the command of American forces, while Germany is sending warships to the area, also under the command of American forces.

Both Israel and the U.S. have positioned nuclear-armed submarines in the region. Israel has conducted multiple tests on its missile defense systems to protect its citizens once war breaks out. U.S. and Israeli Special Forces have been deployed inside Iran to investigate potential targets and gauge the willingness of Iranians to overthrow the current regime. Russia–up to now a key backer of the regime–recently announced a freeze in sales of its S-300 missiles to Iran. Vladimir Putin confirmed this himself last week.

Iran, for its part, is also preparing for an all-out war in the Middle East. Before even a vote was cast at the U.N. on recent sanctions, Iranian leaders had ordered the Guards to build up. Reinforcement troops have been dispatched to the Iraqi and Afghanistan borders. Hezbollah has been armed to the teeth, and Syria was presented with missiles carrying larger payloads and longer range.

Meanwhile Iran is busy pursuing its nuclear bomb project and enriching its supply of uranium faster than ever before, with the hope of testing its first nuclear bomb. Accomplishing this will fulfill the prophecy sought by the radical members of the secretive society of Hojjatieh, particularly its leader Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, the person responsible for the initial election and fraudulent re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Hojjatieh movement impatiently seeks the end of times and the return of Imam Mahdi, the last messiah.

In my openion ,Iran people should find a way by themselves rather than invite US as their helper.I agree may be present government of Iran is not a people representative and manipulting their power f….

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26 Comments / 26 Comments

  1. Obama Derangement Syndrome. Yes, I know it well. The symptoms include voting for a totally unqualified community organizer and chanting “Yes We Can” like a mental patient.

  2. nice touch Ted, including the two DEBKA links to Khalili’s article. I post my dot-connecting insights elsewhere, which add in the Kurds, which DEBKA has good reason to omit. Too much ODS here 🙂

  3. Sis is 0 fer 2. Obama looks weird and without the prompter he can’t count to ten.

    No accounting for taste, you should see the schmuck she married. He plays in Woody Allen’s band

    My grandfather had a two year fling with Kirk Douglas mother. I always wondered if they had gotten married whether ….?

    My sister has two PhD’s but still a dumb ass. She is a good person though, if a wino asked her for change… She’d give him my shirt.

  4. Any further comment would be superfluous.

    My liberal sister would and has said, so what! “I don’t care if he is a Muslim, he’s good looking and smart”. I then asked her if she knew what time it was. She said, “Yes, but not right now.” My sister has a slight weight problem, I told her that smoking cures weight problems… Eventually…

  5. Obama’s Islamic Envoy: Obama Is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam”

    Rashad Hussain, America’s special envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Saudi-based body formed in 1969 to “protect” Jerusalem from the Israelis, announced a new title this week for President Barack Obama. According to Hussain, Obama is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam.”

    Hussain so designated Obama in a keynote speech Wednesday, June 23, at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The occasion was another “post-Cairo” conference, following on the event that welcomed Islamist ideologue Tariq Ramadan to Washington in April. Hussain also declared that Obama is “Educator-in-Chief” on the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which has produced diplomatic and political events around the capital for some years. Hussain affirmed with satisfaction that presidential iftar dinners, where the fast is broken after sundown, and which had formerly been limited to diplomats from Muslim countries, now welcomed American Muslims from throughout society.

    Any further comment would be superfluous.

  6. With G-d’s Help The Big War Is Coming This Summer

    And if G-d doesn’t help?

    Do you still have your open airline tickets for Casablanca, Paris or Marseilles handy just in case?

  7. With G-d’s Help The Big War Is Coming This Summer
    If Israel Is Wise – We Shall Attack Iran Lebanon Syria Gaza Simultanously And We Shall Win
    If Not They Will Attack Us – And We Shall Win

  8. To call Obama a muslim, as the comment abover has done, is a display of stupidity or dumbness

    Davidstill if your going to hang out around here you need to remove the blinders.

    By the way he is not a Christian, he took that role for political expedience. Notice he hasn’t been going to church lately and it’s not because he is afraid rather sees no need to now. He attended Rev Wrights church as this was the place to be for black Chicago politicians and Wright was a radical to his liking. Notice he would not use his middle name until after the election.

    Bottom line I trust you recognize is nothing more than a Chicago community organizing pamphlet distributor, anti-Semite.

    By the way the clown is given the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at Washington Nationals on 3/29/10 wearing a Chicago White-Socks cap and when he was interviewed they asked him who some of the player he liked and he didn’t know any. No teleprompter to help him.

  9. Charles Martel? The name elicits fond memories. He was one of my very favorite Frankish military leaders of the early eighth century. Any grandfather of Charlemagne is a grandfather of mine. When is Louis XIV finally going to show up? I am growing impatient.

  10. To call Obama a muslim, as the comment abover has done, is a display of stupidity or dumbness. Obama, whatever he may or may not be, is not a Muslim.

    [translation] Who are you going to believe, me… or your lyin’ eyes?

    The man was born to a Muslim father, had a Muslim step-father, and attended a Muslim school as a child where he was registered as a Muslim. His pronouncements, sensibilities, loyalties, and public policies are entirely consistent with the political “wing” of the faith: obedience to the law of Zakat (payment of $400 million to Hamas), bowing to the guardian king of the holy cities, religious allegiance (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift…”), etc.

    If it walks, quacks, and pronounces “Qur’an” like a Muslim… it is.

  11. The only reasons obama would attack Iran is if for political expediency to help the demorats in the midterm elections as Samuel alluded to, or because the arab countries are lobbying for it.

  12. Obama is at the very least sympathetic to muslims, a cultural muslim, if not a religiously practicing muslim. Either way it makes no difference, it amounts to the same results of having a pro-muslim foreign policy.

  13. Davidstill you are the one that is wrong. Obama is a Muslim. He was born a Muslim ( to a Muslim father) and never converted to Christianity though he sat in a pew for twenty years.

  14. To David till: You are and have always been an idiot. Obama is a Muslim, a native of Kenya (Not an American citizen) and he is trying to play the Arab card that will give him the most power. Muslims have deep devisions amongst themselves, such as Sunni and Shia, various tribal affiliations, national interests and differences among Arab an non-Arab Muslim leaderships. He is playing the game of devide and conquer. This is a man (poor choice of the word) who has no compunction against harming America nor Israel except where it is to his benefit. He is a person who feels he can give advice to the military and he has never been involed in so much as the Boy Scounts. Liberal Jews and Left Wingers are responsible.

  15. To call Obama a muslim, as the comment abover has done, is a display of stupidity or dumbness. Obama, whatever he may or may not be, is not a Muslim. But the notion that a civil disruption is taking place in Iran a year ago and America should have enteed into this internal fray is naive, at the very best. You can not bring an entire nation–the US–in to a new war because there is civil chaos taking place in another nation.To condone such inteference would justify and legitimate all sorts of chaos on the international scene.

    ps: if Obama and the Democrats are so pro-Arab, why is there constant stock piling of arms being warehoused by the US with the borders of Israel?

  16. Will Obama attack Iran?

    Obama is a leftist who hates Jewish Israel and loves his fellow muslims. He would never attack Iran based on his personal beliefs and values.

    So the question comes: would he ever attack Iran if it brought him some brownie points politically? Obama is a wimp whom America perceives to be a serial appeaser of tyrants, and who is losing the war in Afghanistan, while being subservient to the UN.

    If he is really starting an American military build-up around Iran, it may be a show, to keep Jewish Israel away until Iran has its nukes. On the other hand, he could be planning a September surprise strike against Iran before the November mid-term elections, in order to regain some political momentum.

    He is so slippery that I don’t think anyone can predict it accurately.

    Notice how he has that in common with Netayahu. Netanyahu speaks the words of a rightist, but his actions are more centrist bordering on leftist. Will he lift the settlement freeze in September, or will he extend it? No one can predict this with any accuracy. But judging from all his past actions, Netanyahu will find a way to extend the freeze indefinitely (permanently?)