Trump: No Art to Dealing with Terrorists

By Shoula Romano Horing, AmericanThinker

President Trump was elected to lead the Western fight against radical Islam, but as president he seems to have lost his way, instead spending his energy and time in pursuing the ultimate peace deal between the Israelis, who have been fighting Islamic evil for generations, and the Palestinians, who embody this form of evil.

It was sad and disappointing that a few hours after a radical Islamist terror attack in Manchester which killed 22, and critically injured over 59, mostly aged eight to eighteen, Trump chose to meet in Bethlehem and discuss ”peace” with the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, the cofounder of modern Islamist terrorism. It was sad that President Trump discussed the terrorist attack in Manchester while standing next to Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority gives 300 million dollars every year to Palestinian terrorists and their families on a rising scale according to the level of their atrocities against innocent Israelis.

President Trump in his speech in Jerusalem made a clear distinction between good and evil in the world, and called on the forces of good to defeat the forces of evil. But in reality, he seems to forget that Abbas has been a major promoter of this evil and Israel has been a force for good fighting with the West against Islamic terror for the last 50 years.

Trump must know that he will lose the fight against Islamic terrorism if he believes that the Palestinian terrorists are different than the ISIS terrorists or those of al-Qaida or any other Islamist Jihadists. Would the United States have sat down and negotiated peace with Al-Qaida and their leader Osama Bin Laden, who was responsible for 9/11 and the murder of thousands of Americans or would Britain sit and negotiate peace with the Islamic State, and its leader Al Baghdadi, who claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack?

Europe, as well as the Trump administration, must wake up soon and acknowledge that a religious war is underway between radical Islam and the civilized, democratic, and free Western world, which includes Israel. Israel has no peace and has been victimized by Palestinian terrorists not because it “deserved” it, but because it represents the values that all Muslim Arab terrorists despise about the West. Israel has been in the forefront of the war on terror because it is a Western, democratic, and Jewish nation located in the barbaric, primitive, Islamist neighborhood where radical Islam originates.

History teaches us that after evil entities and ideologies kill the Jews, they then go after everyone else. The establishment of a Palestinian state or even the total destruction of the only Jewish state will not stop the jihadist cancer from spreading throughout Europe and the United States. This enemy is against the whole civilized world while Western nations foolishly focus on appeasing it in regard to Israel by scapegoating the Jewish state.

For many years, Israel has been trying to explain to Western nations, including the United States, Britain, France, and other European countries, that the root of the Israeli-Arab Palestinian conflict is extreme Muslim indoctrination to jihad, violence, and hatred against them. However, the West seems to dismiss this argument as an excuse, and insists that the roots and the causes of the anti-Israel terrorism and violence have been lack of a peace deal, the so-called occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel, the settlements, lack of economic opportunities and a sense of humiliation and hopelessness among the Palestinians.

However, Europe and the United States should know that pressuring Israel to agree to a suicidal peace deal which will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state and dividing Jerusalem will not save the West from radical Islam but will strengthen the radicals by weakening Israel which is one of the few countries successfully fighting terror.  Associating with, negotiating with, sympathizing with and granting concessions to the Palestinian Authority, only reassures ISIS that Europe and the United States is not serious about defeating Muslim terror and eventually can be weakened to embrace them too.

Trump seems to be as obsessed as the Europeans and is singlemindedly using his diplomatic efforts to solve the Palestinian Israeli conflict, instead of uniting world efforts to advance the cause of defeating the Islamic State, Iran, its proxies Hizb’allah and Hamas, and their sympathizers.

First, Trump has met Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, twice in the last month, honoring him warmly in the White House and in the City of Bethlehem. For those who do not remember, Abbas was for over 30 years the No. 2 to Yasser Arafat, one of the worst terrorists in history, responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent Jews.

Second, while visiting Israel, Trump refused to state that the Western Wall or Jerusalem are part of Israel to appease Abbas and convince him to enter peace negotiations. Moreover, President Trump decided to break his promise to Israel to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in order not to inflame Arab or Palestinian violence. Breaking promises to an ally and a democracy because of threats of terror do not increase the American deterrence power or lead to ultimate victory.  Undermining an ally while showing desperation for a deal with terrorists only strengthens them.

The motivation of the PLO and Islamic terrorists worldwide is clear. They are engaging in an end of days’ clash between the Muslim world ruled by Sharia law and the Quran, and the Western world characterized by individual liberties, equality, the rule of law, and value for life.

Europe has already lost the struggle against radical Islam because of political correctness and fear of rejecting it in all its forms. How much more blood must be shed for the United States and Trump to understand that even if there was a so-called ultimate peace deal and the creation of a Palestinian state, there would still not be peace for the West or Israel with radical Islam but an invitation to more terror?

Shoula Romano Horing is an Israeli born and raised attorney and is available for national speaking engagements. Her blog:

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Trump has surrounded himself with those who are possibly the strongest proponents of the long standing State Dept view of Israel being the problem that once solved will solve all of the problems the West faces with Islamic supersessionist hegemonic goals. Tillerson, Mattis and McMaster are all out of central anti-Israel casting. Those they chose for staff appointments seem to be even more anit-Israel. Yes Trump has some ususal court Jews for appearance but if you follow his thinking based on actions and reports he will be Obama on steroids. That portends very difficult days and months ahead for Israel. How BB handles this in the beginning may determine the end results and I have zero faith and confidence in BB.

  2. “Obama on steroids” is an interesting concept. Obama got nowhere. With steroids, I imagine he would have gotten nowhere fast.

    There is a way to quickly deal with Israel and its neighbors, to the relative satisfaction of all: Arbitrate, say “to hell!” with those living there, both Jewish and Muslim, and threaten force if they don’t cooperate. This has never worked in the past, mainly because most rank-and-file Americans were against it.

    Here are some ideas of mine, which seem good at first glance:

    1. The Temple Mount. Divide it, north of the Dome of the Rock. that allows plenty of room for a rebuilt temple, while leaving the main Muslim structures to the Muslims.

    2. Muslims vs. Jews: Separate citizenships. Jews can be “Israeli” citizens, and Muslims can be “Palestinian” citizens.

    3. Sovereignty. Worked out on a site-by-site and case-by-case basis, between Israel, Jordan and Egypt. To hell with the rest of the world.

    4. Police and Military. All three states should be allies, and they should allot responsibilities among themselves.

    Does everyone agree with this? Does ANYONE agree with this? No matter. Alle-jared the Kushner takes out his sword, cuts the Gordian knot, and it IS.

    Of course, this will never happen, except over a lot of people’s dead bodies; but it is a “solution”. Will it produce a Middle East Peace? I seriously doubt it, not for very long; and it could lead to World War III. Still, it’s a “solution”; and to people wanting to see a “solution” it probably has as good a chance of succeeding, for a while, as others.

    The other alternative, is to have the UN just take over the place. That’s called Zechariah 14. It also leads to nuclear war; but, “What the heck?” Right?


    If they wanted to succeed, they should have timed it to coincide with Ramadan, which is around now — I know this because the Korean Drama site, Drama Fever, wished its viewers happy Ramadan — and dramatically announced that they were going on a hunger strike from sunup to sundown.

    Well, I mean Ramadan is a kind of fake fast, anyway, like the rest or their so-called religion and culture, so why not do an authentic fake hunger strike?

  4. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    “Well, I mean Ramadan is a kind of fake fast, anyway, like the rest or their so-called religion and culture, so why not do an authentic fake hunger strike?”.

    Sebastien, I love this sentence. Very witty. Kol Ha Kavod.

  5. Michael S Said:

    The other alternative, is to have the UN just take over the place.

    Uh huh. Been there, done that, thanks.

    “Israel Cabinet Approves Measures Taken After Withdrawal of U.N. Troops

    May 22, 1967
    JERUSALEM (May. 21)

    The Cabinet today approved measures taken over the weekend by the Government in reaction to the withdrawal from the Gaza strip border of the United Nations Emergency Force and the massive troop build-up by Egyptian forces along the Israeli border. The Cabinet approved the measures, which included a partial call-up of the reserves, after the Ministers heard briefings on the tense security situation from Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, Foreign Minister Abba Eban and Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin.

    During the three-hour session, Acting Labor Minister I. Galili presented to the Cabinet a decree empowering the Government to call up and retain civilians for essential jobs and services to keep the economy of the nation running normally if a massive mobilization should be required. No such civilians have yet been ordered to essential jobs under the decree. No other details of the lengthy Cabinet session were disclosed by the Government spokesman.

    Mr. Eban sent special messages today to the foreign ministers of all major powers, stressing the dangers inherent in Egypt’s build-up of its military forces in the Sinai Peninsula. In his messages, Mr. Eban stressed that Israel is doing and will do all in her power to maintain peace in the Middle East area, but emphasized also that a situation might arise when Israel would be compelled to act in self-defense.

    A spokesman for the Israeli army officially confirmed here last night that Israel has called up into active service part of its army reserves. The spokesman said this was done “in view of the large-scale build-up of the Egyptian army in the Sinai, coupled with the withdrawal of the United Nations Emergency Force.” Declining to reveal the extent of Israel’s reserve call-up, the spokesman said only that the call was limited.

    There has been no cessation of Arab terrorism along Israel’s borders. The army spokesman said that, yesterday afternoon, two charges of explosives were discovered under a bridge on the Beersheba-Arad road. The charges were diffused by the Israeli patrol that discovered them, and no damage resulted. Footprints of two men were found leading to the nearby Jordanian border, the spokesman added.

    In general, Israeli sources noted here today, Israel is satisfied with the positions taken publicly regarding the UNEF’s withdrawal by the United States, Canada and Britain, all of whose leading diplomats have expressed dissatisfaction with the U.N.’s hasty agreement to Egypt’s request for UNEF’s withdrawal. Some sources here said they could not understand why France has, so far, remained silent on this issue, but it was understood here that the Paris Government, considered Israel’s staunchest ally, is working behind the scenes to help pacify the Middle East situation.

    For the time being, except for alertness regarding the Middle East military situation, it was felt that the crisis is more political, rather than military. U Thant’s forthcoming visit to Cairo is going to be observed here with great care. There was just some likelihood, it was said here, that the U.N. Secretary-General might find it possible to visit also Israel after he had concluded his talks with Nasser and other Egyptian leaders in Cairo.

    Lt. Gen. Odd Bull, chief of staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, was believed to have been told by Israel today that Israel would not resume its participation in the Egyptian-Israeli Mixed Armistice Commission. This became known here after Gen. Bull conferred with Israeli officials at the Israel Foreign Ministry this afternoon.

    The proposal that Israel resume its participation in the EIMAC was made yesterday by U.N. Thant in his report on the current Middle East critical situation to the Security Council. It was the only positive recommendation made in that lengthy report by the U.N. chief. Israel has been boycotting the EIMAC since 1956, when during the Sinai campaign, it denounced its 1949 armistice agreement with Egypt. The Commission still maintains headquarters at Gaza, in the Egyptian-controlled area, but has no office on the Israeli side.”

    Oh, I see you were joking. You were joking, right?

    anyway, some “prophecy.” He was writing about events that had already occurred at the hands of the Babylonians 80 years earlier. God’s Miracle which he is celebrating here is the Persian (Iranian) King Darius allowing the Jews to return (I remember adenimajad praising nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian King.) Zecariah is writing at the time that the Temple was being rebuilt.

    “Zechariah’s prophecies took place during the reign of Darius the Great (Zechariah 1:1), and was contemporary with Haggai in a post-exilic world after the fall of Jerusalem in 587/6 BC.[1] Ezekiel and Jeremiah wrote prior to the fall of Jerusalem, while continuing to prophesy in the early exile period. Scholars believe Ezekiel, with his blending of ceremony and vision, heavily influenced the visionary works of Zechariah 1–8.[2] Zechariah is specific about dating his writing (520–518 BC).
    During the Exile many Judahites and Benjaminites[3] were taken to Babylon, where the prophets told them to make their homes (Jeremiah 29), suggesting they would spend a long period of time there. Eventually freedom did come to many Israelites, when Cyrus the Great overtook the Babylonians in 539 BC. In 538 BC, the famous Edict of Cyrus was released, and the first return took place under Sheshbazzar. After the death of Cyrus in 530 BC, Darius consolidated power and took office in 522 BC. His system divided the different colonies of the empire into easily manageable districts overseen by governors. Zerubbabel comes into the story, appointed by Darius as governor over the district of Yehud Medinata.
    Under the reign of Darius, Zechariah also emerged, centering on the rebuilding of the Temple. Unlike the Babylonians, the Persian Empire went to great lengths to keep “cordial relations” between vassal and lord. The rebuilding of the Temple was encouraged by the leaders of the empire in hopes that it would strengthen the authorities in local contexts. This policy was good politics on the part of the Persians, and the Jews viewed it as a blessing from God.[4]”

    Sorry, I have a hard time spelling all these foreign-sounding names. Why don’t all these people just learn English already. Sure, they lived thousands of years ago. Good excuse!

    I remember a temp job I had at in the Comtroller’s office in a hospital in Brooklyn 20 years ago in which I had resentfully tried to type ten syllable employees’ names into bureaucratic forms with the knowledge that my ancestors had struggled to make 3 syllable names into two or even one, in a desperate and, in the end always, inadequate struggle to fit in, in more than one country or century.

  6. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Sorry, I have a hard time spelling all these foreign-sounding names. Why don’t all these people just learn English already. Sure, they lived thousands of years ago. Good excuse!”


    Actually, Moshe is already Moses. Lots of others. Why not make Nebuchadnezzar, “Ned?”

    Kind of reverse political correctness. Not Mumbai, It’s Bombay. And not Beijing, It’s Peking, like the Duck, got it? Good. Live with it. And bring me back some take out, ok?

    Donald Duck der Nazi

    The Ducktators | 1942 | Banned WW2 Cartoon | Looney Tunes | Animated Propaganda Short Film

    “We want to apologize to the nice ducks and geese who might be watching.”

    Daffy – The Commando | 1943 | World War 2 Era Propaganda Cartoon

    Commando Duck | Donald Duck vs. the Japanese | 1944 | WW2 Era Cartoon

  7. Sebastien Zorn Said:

    Persian (Iranian) King Darius allowing the Jews to return (I remember adenimajad praising nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian King.)

    Sorry. Cyrus. Darius, under whom he was writing, consolidated it and allowed the Temple to be rebuilt.

  8. Trump: No Art to Dealing with Terrorists

    “Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.”

    “The PLO will struggle against any plan for the establishment of a Palestinian entity the price of which is recognition, conciliation, secure borders…”

    “Did the Palestinians revoke their Charter
    On altering the P.L.O. covenant, which calls for Israel’s destruction?”

    “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Say no more.

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