Trump on CNN Townhall with the Nasty Lady

Pres Trump went into the lion’s den without preconditions.
The questions were fair.
The nasty lady was over-bearing and spoke over him to assert her answer.
“Who do you want to win the war?” Trump: “I want the killing to end. I will end the war in 24 hours”
“What will you do about inflation?” Trump: “Drill Baby Drill”
“Roe v Wade”. “I am proud of of cancelling it because it gave the pro-life people negotiating power.”
Jan 6 prisoners. “I will issue many pardons.”
“Sexual battery case.” Trump: “Entirely made up story. I didn’t testify because I didn’t want to give the story credibility. I stand by my decision”. “She named her dog “vagina” but Judge didn’t allow us to tell that to the jury.

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