Trump’s Unintended Consequences: Extreme, without Vision, and Fractured


The Democratic Party, that is.  I doubt it was Trump’s intent to make them into the broken, bitter, crazy, power-mad, yet powerless party they have become, but it happened.  He did not start the fissures; he did not start their downward spiral.  Humpty-Dumpty had already begun to split his eggshell, but when Trump won, Humpty simply jumped.  And shattered.  And none of the progressive horses, and none of their non-gendered genders can put him back together again.

One main attribute of Donald Trump was his willingness to break the code of political correctness.  That was who he was, and it helped him win.  Plain-spoken, he didn’t give a damn whether he upset the modern-day Pharisees’ tables.  He didn’t give a damn about current sacred cows.  He pointed them out, and the world still can’t believe it.

Neither party could handle his non-P.C. manner.  And for very different reasons.  The GOP couldn’t understand why their own voters, their own base flocked to him rather than to them.  The deepest, strongest group of candidates ever (according to GOP prognosticators) couldn’t touch him.  The Stockholm syndrome party, with its current timidity and kowtowing to Democratic P.C. talking points, had become the milquetoast party and was blindsided.  They could not understand this willingness to be blunt.  They still don’t know what hit them.

The Democratic Party fissures were already there.  A party comprising disparate (desperate?) one-issue groups, they ascended to electoral heights in 2008.  A greater con job may never have happened.  A hapless, Bush-McCain-led GOP blew off its party’s principles, and the GOP base simply stayed home.  An ever leftward surge by the Democratic Party set them up with two of the most extreme leaders ever, Pelosi and Reid, coupled with their most extreme (and unqualified) presidential candidate ever.

Bill Whittle of “Afterburner” fame said it well way back then.  He recounted how they had won with no substance and did not really have the pulse of America.  I remember him saying these Democrats “could be taken.”

Democrats had sixty votes in the Senate and a huge majority in the House along with the presidency.  They seemed invincible.  While they thought they were, they weren’t.  We had the most virulent, radical, fraudulent leftists ever in positions of power.  Without substance, they governed against the will of America.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  Okay, I stole that from Star Wars.  But it’s perfect.

It would not have taken much for the stupid party to point this out, but instead, they predictably rolled over and played dead – allowing the corruption and the terrible things Obama put in place.  After all, they wouldn’t want to be called racist.

Who could have predicted the insanity that happened to the left after Trump won?  It’s a huge bonus in unintended consequences.  Therapy dogs?  Crying rooms?  Free teddy bears?  Safe spaces?  The Russians?  Really?  Leftists had gone mad.  Their “rights” to lord it over the government had been stolen from them.  How dare Trump win?  There just had to be an explanation why the country chose him.

After all, everyone agreed 100% with them.  There is no alternative…

The Democratic Party, unbeknownst to themselves, were becoming prisoners of their own leftist P.C. madness.  They bought into it so hard that they turned blue from lack of oxygen.  They became captive to their own narratives.  For whatever reason, they could not stop pushing a product which extended way beyond its use-by date.  You name the issue, and they’ve beaten it to death and walked it over the cliff.  Race relations, gender, feminism, abortion, socialism, free speech, immigration, ecology.  Russia.  Whatever the issue, they hold to the extremes.  And they don’t understand why they are losing.

Yes, blue from reality starvation.  Captive to their own propaganda and extremist positions.  Examining two of their previously winning (for them) issues of race and gender, the problem becomes obvious.

First, race.  Democrats need to constantly play the race card to win.  Consider: They lost while Barack was playing the race card as hard as we have seen it played.  He campaigned non-stop, saying Donald Trump would be influenced by the KKK if elected.  So what happened in the end?  It didn’t work.  More Hispanics and blacks voted for the Republicans than expected.  A huge part of the old, solid working class, along with the conservative base, said no way were they going to put up with that outrageous demagoguery anymore.

Aside to the left: get a clue.  It’s clear that racism is a horrible thing.  Trump voters weren’t racist; they were rejecting the left’s version of racism and race-baiting.  As the Democrats continue to rely on the race card, they will continue to alienate their old, locked down blue-collar vote, lose black voters, and the backlash will probably get worse as they continue playing the card too much.  Yet if they don’t continue playing the card, they will lose their predictable, locked down percentage of the minority vote.  For a change, they are the ones imprisoned by demographics.

Then there’s that fake mess in Charlottesville.  All the attempts at smearing Trump as racist didn’t fly.  The media angst and outrage are not working.  There is enough evidence that the left was more responsible for the violence than the right.  The media ignore it, get beat up, and the country sees it.  Claiming that the problem is Trump’s racism is not working, and once the dust settles, the country will again reject this rage that has no basis.

Now let’s talk about feminism.  Stoking the gender card won for Democrats in the past.  But the bloom is off the rose (put this troglodyte writer in the stocks!).  Their strongest female candidate ever just outspent her opponent by two to one.  And lost.  The “gender gap” whereby Democrats get more female voters actually shrank from 2012 to 2016.  Hillary played the gender card.  And people didn’t vote for her because she was a woman.

Since she lost, the crazy women’s marches happened; outstanding women such as Madonna and Ashley Judd wore “pussy hats” and showed the world what a leftist feminist is.  One of their organizers has been busted as favoring jihad.  If you think a majority of women is being influenced positively by this, seek help.

To top it off, you have the Trump women front and center.  Melania and Ivanka.  Talented.  Thoughtful.  Intellectually powerful.  And likeable.  Add them to the list of so many prominent conservative women who are similarly proficient, and the Democrats have a disaster on their hands.  The real feminists, the women who have actually accomplished something, are mostly on the other side of the aisle.  When you compare the bitter visuals of Hillary, Madonna, and the marches, you can see they are imprisoned by what they thought was their issue.  When they play the gender card, they have no one compelling to point to.  Only victims – no winners, only whiners.  And if they don’t play the gender card, the rabid leftist feminist base will turn on them.  Imprisoned by victimhood, the issue has passed them by.  Conservative women have ascended, and the leading visual in all of this is the Trump family just being who they are.

…who, unlike hypocritical Democrats, actually paid women equally long ago.

Their extremism is why Democrats won’t put themselves together easily.  They daily ratchet up the absurd anti-Trump rhetoric, thinking eventually it will work.  They have become so unhinged in losing to Trump, they can’t control themselves.  They are so invested in being angry, so invested in dehumanizing Trump, in forcing a lockstep pogrom on anyone left of center to “resist” that they can’t see how they look to others.  Their vanguard, the media, is so vested in beating Trump down that they don’t have a clue how they have destroyed their own profession.  They have no idea the kind of backlash they are starting.  It’s a looming boomerang they cannot comprehend.  Overplayed, overstated, overused.  Add a lack of vision, and a bunch of Elmer Gantry-type hucksters as their leaders, and they are toast until further notice.

As Bill Whittle saw, they could be taken, and they were.  They are now unintentionally fracturing.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, enraged feminists, chicken-little enviros, all with toddler-like demands.  They are imprisoned by all their own issues.  Fissures blasting themselves open.

Trump is who he is: blunt, the anti-P.C. man.  The Democratic Party is captured by its own extremists.  The Democrats have no strong, substantive winning issue.  “Trump is bad.  Really bad” is not going to cut it.  Neither is Antifa – fascists pretending to fight fascism won’t work.  A visionless party with no ideas is in trouble.  It is fractured.

It’s a shame we have a GOP that is so dumb, so corrupt, and so frightened of its own shadow.  With a Democratic Party that is this hopeless, the GOP could forge an agenda that would change America for generations, and Americans would reward the party.

The question now becomes: who, or what, will move into this political void?

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  1. Well… How about this for a choice.
    As the false flag aggregate build around Obamatoids fronted by pseudo out of Africa violent thugs financed by Soros implodes completely, the RINO led pretend republicans may turn themselves in and become the new Democrats, anyway that is what they really are.
    A true Conservative American Party will then be the true Constitutional stalwarts.
    Easy done… 🙂